Windows 11 only lets you pin the taskbar at the bottom of your screen

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Key notes

  • Although most users are happy with the overall look and feel of Windows 11, some are not that pleased.
  • Many feel that the UI choices that Microsoft has made are not at all inspired, and totally outrageous.
  • Social media is buzzing with comments from thousands and thousands of displeased Windows 11 users.
  • On the new OS, users can only pin their taskbar at the bottom of the screen, with no liberty of rearranging the UI.
Pin the taskbar at the bottom of your screen

Even though everyone is more than excited to start using the new operating system from Microsoft, there are some that are absolutely enraged by one of the UI choices that the company has made.

It is not even that big of a deal for most of the users that first pointed out this restriction, but most have grown accustomed to certain UI styles and are finding it extremely difficult to change anything.

The Windows 11 taskbar has position restrictions

Although most of us are rejoicing and making serious plans to expand or renew our gadget family, to keep up the pace with the future of our operating software, some UI elements aren’t as flexible as they were in Windows 10.

Social media has been buzzing with the positive reviews, as well as complaints, that users have for the new OS. One complaint, in particular, has caught the attention of many.

Following a recent Reddit thread, you can instantly tell that the users that got together to comment on this Windows 11 feature, are more than displeased with Microsoft’s choice.

I know it’s not a huge deal, but for me, it’s kind of important. I use two displays on my desktop, and I have the taskbar pinned to the right side of the screen on my left display, and pinned to the left side of the screen on my right display. I’ve kinda grown accustomed to that. On my surface, I also pin the taskbar to the right side of the display as I’m right-handed, and it makes touching the start menu easy.

Forcing us to pin it to the bottom is unintuitive for touch displays, as I can’t touch that part of the screen easily since it’s right at the seam between the keyboard and the display.

Does no one else find that kind of.. stupid? Like, what good reason is there to not allow pinning the taskbar to other parts of the display like it was before?

And even though this is not a factor that affects performance in any way, we can all understand that certain accommodations that we made for ourselves in our favorite OS, will be kind of hard to bypass.

There is literally not one positive comment on this UI choice made by Microsoft, which automatically means that users are enraged that the company took away their ability to personalize their own UI.

Its still early, a lot can and will change

Keeping all these changes and new features in mind, remember that Microsoft only just released Windows 11 so its far from being a final version of the product.

A lot can still change, and as we know, Microsoft really prides itself on taking users’ opinions into considerations when changing OS stuff. This means that, if nobody is happy with this, the company will change it eventually.

So don’t worry if Windows 11 still isn’t what you imagined, yet. The operating system has just launched yesterday so we can all agree that we can still give it some time to grow into what we want and expect.

Remember that early Windows Insider builds are coming next week, for Windows 11, so be ready to become an Insider, if aren’t already one, and enjoy the new Windows experience.

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