Twitter leak shows that Windows 11 wallpaper stickers are on the way

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Were you waiting for new additions to be introduced to your new favorite operating system?
  • A Twitter user shared an interesting post over the weekend, showing some upcoming features.
  • The most exciting one is wallpaper stickers, followed by some Settings panel modifications.
  • And, there is even talk of a tabled mode coming to Windows 11, although we're not sure when.
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If you’re among those who decided to leave Windows 10 behind and upgrade to the new operating system, you’ll surely be pleased with what we’re about to show you.

Of course, we are all waiting for Microsoft to implement new features for Windows 11, and some photos leaked on Twitter revealed just that.

We’re talking about an alleged tablet mode taskbar, some notification settings, and believe it or not, stickers.

New features cming to Windows 11 soon

It looks like the tech giant listened to its user base and, thus, Windows 11 will get new visual additions to personalize your desktop in the form of stickers for your wallpaper.

Therefore, we will have options to either add stickers to our existing wallpapers or edit the stickers, if we feel like something is not quite as we envisioned it.

This is obvious from one of the photos leaked over Twitter, which got everyone more than excited about the ability to really make your desktop your own.

But that’s not all that’s new, according to the Twitter user that exposed the Redmond-based tech company’s upcoming plans for Windows 11.

There are also some changes coming to the notifications we receive on the OS. The new Set priority notifications option, which seems to be separate from Focus Assist, is among the future features.

Furthermore, Focus Assist has now been renamed Focus. As announced by Albacore on Twitter, the upcoming Settings panel changes include:

  • Sustainability: better energy consumption and device recycling awareness
  • Focus Assist is becoming Focus, now schedulable through Outlook & sporting more granular options
  • Notification priorities no longer tucked away in UI

And, last but not least, the user has also shared information about an alleged future tablet mode coming to Windows 11, which is a taskbar setting labeled Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet.

Redmond officials did say that 2021 will be a year of great changes and improvements for Windows 11 and we’re most likely witnessing the start of this new tech era.

However, these changes will most likely be put through a trial run among Insiders before being released to the general public, so if you are not a Windows Insider, the wait will be a bit longer.

Which of these upcoming changes is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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