Windows 8.1, 10 Slow Boot Time After Upgrade with Laplink PC Mover

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A frustrated HP user is saying that his laptop currently running Windows 8.1 is having a terribly slow boot and reboot times, after he made the Windows 8.1 upgrade with the Laplink PC Mover software. Below are more details.
laplink pc mover windows 8.1
Slow boot times and problems with slow performance  have been reported before in Windows 8.1. Here are few of the issues that we have covered in the past – Slow USB 3.0 Problems in Windows 8.1, Lag and Slow Performance for Yoga 13 Users, Slow Search Charm Bar. Now, according to a HP user, he is having a slow boot time after upgrading to Windows 8.1 using the Laplink PC Mover software. Here is what he said:

I bought a new HP Envy installed with 8.0. I upgraded to 8.1 before transferring old Vista computer files to the new computer using Laplink PC Mover. Everything seemed to be great. However, once the transfer was completed, it now takes 4 minutes to reboot. I am wondering if I may have transferred some settings or drivers that are causing the problem.

What I’m afraid of is that I may have transferred some outdated data or driver that is causing the problem.  On the other hand, when I search for slow boot times in 8.1 there are plenty of complaints. So maybe it has nothing to do with the transfer at all. GeekBuddy from Comodo disabled the start-ups for some programs on the new computer, but the boot time after they were done is still a solid 4 minutes.

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We’re reaching out to LapLink with this post so that they could provide an explanation or at least some helping tips. A clean install of Windows 8.1 is the right way way to choose when setting up a new operating system, but if you want to take with you all the previous apps and settings, then it’s understandable why one would choose Laplink. Have you experienced any similar issues?


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