Top Five+ Windows 8, 10 Game for Cats to Play

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Technology is so invasive that it has taken over even the pets that surround us. If exposing your kid to your Windows 8 tablets sounds too dangerous, then what about installing some games that your cat could enjoy on a Windows 8 tablet? I have a wonderful tom and can tell you for sure that he was delighted with my decision
windows 8 cat games
There are a lot of iPhone, iPad or Android cat games that you can install and entertain your little feline with. In the Windows Store, alas, there are not so many cat or dog oriented games and apps that we could download and install. We managed to find only 5 such Windows 8 cat games, so if you know more or, better yet, if you have developed one, do let us know and we’ll have a look. These apps are very basic, but they will make an impression on your cat, I can assure you of that.

1. The game for pets

the game for pets mouse chasing windows 10

This is an amazing app that works perfectly on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Inside this game, you have three other games that will keep your cat entertained. You have a laser chaser, a Fish Pond game (paw at the fish) and Whack a Mouse (hunting mice). This app is tested on cats and it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

2. Game for cats

game for cats windows 8A mouse pointer that moves on the screen of your Windows 8 tablet as your cat desperately tries to catch it. What can be more fun than this, right? With a background reminding of soap foam, this is a very basic cat game to be played on Windows 8, but one that will be enjoyed by your feline, no doubt about it.

3. Real Cat Sounds

real cat sounds windows 8Real Cat Sounds isn’t a Windows 8 cat game per se, but it’s an app that’s bound to give you tons of fun hours to be spent with you and your cat. I have been using the app on my Android smartphone and have rushed to download it on my Windows 8 tablet, when finding it in the Windows Store. You can use the 30 unique cat sounds to play with your cat, or, why not, with your dog, since we know about the rivalry between these two species.

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4. Cat Game

cat game windows 8Another very, very basic game to be downloaded on your Windows 8 tablet. This time, instead of a mouse pointer there’s a blue square that your cat will desperately chase for hours until it hopefully falls asleep. The app has a ridiculous small size of 0.1 megabytes.

5. Ant Hitter

ant hitter windows 8

Albeit Ant Hitter isn’t a game that is aimed to be played for cats, but humans, the hurrying ants on your Windows 8 tablet will definitely attract the attention of your cat and we’ll your pet will notice that it can smash them, it will just “turn her on”. There’s the Classic Mode where ants moves in straight line and the Crazy Mode where ants move in zigzag line.

6. Cat Laser Pointer

cat laser pointer windows 8

Alright, we had a mouse pointer and a blue square, and now we have a red laser pointer. Red is a color that drives my orange tom mad, so this game was the one that he liked the best. What about your cat? Which is her favorite Windows 8 game?

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2013 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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