6 Best Games to Play With Your Cat on PC

Choose from touchscreen games to mouse games for cats

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Key notes

  • If keeping your Tommy entertained is your top priority, get the best computer games for cats.
  • The first option on our list is actually a complex one with 3 free games and other 3 in-app purchasable ones.
  • Simulating a fish tank for your cat can be an all-time hit, especially if you want to distract the cat from the real, life-size one.
What are the best Windows 10 games for cats

Technology is so invasive that it has taken over even the pets that surround us.

If exposing your kid to your Windows 11 tablets sound too dangerous, what about installing some games that your cat could enjoy on your computer?

We have a wonderful Tom, and we can surely tell you that he was delighted with our decision. There are a lot of iPhone, iPad, or Android cat games that you can install and entertain your little feline with.

The Microsoft Store has a nice collection of these games, but we will select only the best for you in this guide with a mixture of online games. These apps may be basic, but they will surely make an impression on your cat.

Can cat games be played on PC?

There are a series of games for cats your best buddy can play on your PC. The list of options available to be played on your computer is endless, from touchscreen games to mouse games for cats.

What’s more, there are online games to play without downloading and also apps you can download on your PC. So, you are definitely not short of options.

Quick Tip:

A great way for getting the best out of your cat games is using a dedicated browser like Opera GX.

This fast browser is specifically created for gamers that need optimized navigation for gaming. You can use the CPU or RAM limiters or the GX Corner to find entertaining cat gameplay.

Opera GX

Enjoy playful times with your dear cat using this gaming-oriented browser today.

What are the best games to play with your cat?

1. The game for pets – 3-in-1 cat game

the game for pets mouse chasing windows 10

This fully packed app is one of the best games you can download for cats on your computer. You have three other games inside this game that will keep your cat entertained.

You have a laser chaser, a Fish Pond game (paw at the fish), and Whack a Mouse (hunting mice). This app is tested on cats and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

And if you’re happy with the included games, you can extend the fun with three more games available for in-app purchase: Firefly, The Wiggler, and Creepy Crawler.

We’ve seen the best attraction for the whack a mouse game, where the kitty had a wonderful time clawing the virtual mouse.

Of course, no crawlers and animals were hurt in the process, and that’s the best thing about a virtual, visual game like this one.

Get The Game For Pets

2. Fish Game For Cats – Hunting game

A whole pond with colorful fish that can be hunted to their demise? It sounds like a good plan to improve your meowing creature’s hunting skill.

With a simple blue background, this is one of the most basic games for cats on a computer. Also, it can be played on Windows 10 tablets.

This app will be especially attractive if you have a real fish bowl and want to distract the predator’s attention to a more harmless activity.

This simple game works on all systems, including x86, x64, ARM, and ARM64.

Get Fish Game For Cats

3. Real Cat Sounds – Fun-filled game

real cat sounds cats games for computer

Real Cat Sounds isn’t a PC game per se, but it’s an app that’s bound to give you tons of fun hours with your cat.

We have been using the app on an Android smartphone, but it quickly downloaded on a Windows tablet immediately after it became available in the Microsoft Store. As it is available on tablets, you can use on some 2-in-1 computers.

You can use the 30 unique cat sounds to play with your cat, or, why not, with your dog, since we know about the rivalry between these two species.

The Cat Sounds game has many sounds, including an angry cat, a hungry one, meows, purring, silly, happy, hissing, fighting, and many more.

The sound effects are entertaining, and you can mix and match the sounds for fun. Cat Sounds can also be fun for kids.

Get Real Cat Sounds

4. Frisky! Game For Cats – Paid cat game

This game includes four mini-games for your cat and is customizable. You can double-tap on the screen to change the background color or objects.

The cat will desperately chase for hours until it hopefully falls asleep. The app is very light, so you don’t need to worry about the space on your tablet.

The options include mice moving on a cheese background, fish in a tank, beachballs on a sandy beach, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that this app isn’t free, but it’s so cheap that it is worth giving it a try and testing your cat’s agility.

Get Frisky! Game For Cats

5. Smash these ants! – Multipurpose game

smash these ants for cats games on computer

Albeit, Smash these ants! isn’t a computer game aimed at cats but for humans. However, the hurrying ants on your Windows tablet will definitely attract your cat’s attention.

And when your pet notices that it can smash them, it will just turn her on and keep her busy for a while.

There’s the Classic Mode, where ants move in a straight line, and the Crazy Mode, where ants move in a zigzag line.

The only problem is that the cat will not get the job done in protecting the food from the bottom of the screen, so you will need to refresh the game pretty often.

Get Smash the ants!

6. Cat App – High creativity

cat app games for cats on computer

This is an ant-smashing game that is sure to give your feline immeasurable excitement.

The gameplay is simple; your cat only needs to smash the moving ants on the screen. The sound and the squishing of the ants will surely make your cat enjoy the game.

The good thing about this game is that the developers are fully committed. They release frequent updates to improve the gameplay constantly. So, it is one of the games for cats on a computer you can commit to in the long term.

Get Cat App

How can you play with your pet on the tablet?

It’s only for a few years we discovered that there are apps for our pets, and even if it sounds unusual, they seem to work on many of our cats, anyway.

We’re not saying that you should leave your cat to play on the tablet all day long, but it can be fun and engaging for a few minutes at least. Here’s what you should look for.

1. Make sure your device is protected

First of all, ensure your tablet or device is safe. We are not telling you anything new, but we must remind you that cats have sharp claws.

And cats can also push your computer or tablet with their paws easily when playing games. So, make sure you have a scratch-resistant screen before starting the game.

Also, ensure that the tablet or smartphone is not on an unstable surface or in a position to drop or hit in any way.

A glass protection foil over the screen should do just great in protecting it if you don’t have a Gorilla Grass scratch-resistant screen already.

2. Look for moving objects apps

We provided a few examples of computer apps designed especially for cats, but we also have a point-and-click game intended for humans.

Any app with moving objects can be fun for your cat as they easily get distracted by any movement.

3. Make sure the cat is safe

As we already mentioned, you need to protect the cat’s eyes in the same way as you protect yours or your kid’s.

In other words, don’t leave your cat staring at the screen. Most of the time, they will naturally get tired and abandon the game but if they don’t, close the session after a few minutes.

After all, let’s face it, even though the games can be entertaining even for them, a tablet or computer is not for cats.

And while we’re on the pet subject, you can also look at our selection of the best virtual pet games online for your or your kid’s entertainment.

What about your cat? Which is her favorite computer game? Tell us all about her crazy moves in a comment below.

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