Best Windows 8, 10 Indie Games to Download From the Store

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Feed The Zombie

The Windows Store is said to be competing with Android’s Google Play, though for now we must admit that there are less opportunities when coming to software apps on Microsoft than on Google. But Windows Store is catching up as more and more developers are being “invited” to bring new platforms and apps for the Windows 8 users and fans. In that matter we can notice that for example the number of indie games apps which are available on Windows Store has been significantly increased lately. Due to same reasons, during the lines from below I will try to point out the best 10 Windows 8 Indie Games available for your tablet or laptop.
windows 8 indie games
But what is an indie game and how can we differentiate such app from a classic one? When referring to indie games we think towards independent video games. Basically an indie game represents an app developed by individuals or small teams that has no official financial support. Thus these kinds of tools are made by passion and by users who want to share their passion with the Microsoft community. Unfortunately, as you could notice, on Microsoft and especially on Windows Store we have limited possibilities when coming to independent video games. This is also the main reason why Windows Store has less apps compared to Google Play or iOS, where most of the tools provided are developed by individuals and not by official video games publishers.

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If you want to test the best Windows 8 indie games that are currently available, then don’t hesitate and check the review from below. I will try to describe only the games that received ratings of 4, or above, stars and apps that impressed me and also my colleagues. The list is randomly completed as it is really hard to say which game is the first on a top 10 list. But, since most of the tools are free distributed ones (or there are trial versions available for each app), test them in order to make a proper idea about the same.

Doom and Destiny

Doom and DestinyThis is one of the most popular indie games available on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 platform. The game has been recently introduced on Windows 8 and currently is having 5 stars ratings on Windows Store. Doom and Destiny is a fun to play game on which you can spend many ours in playing single player campaigns. You will be fighting more than 300 types of enemies while gaining experience and learning new combat skills. The graphics are of course decent but not outstanding, as after all we are talking about a 2D video game, developed by independent users. If you want to try it, you can download a free trial variant or you can buy Doom and Destiny from Windows Store for no more than $3.49.

Griff Dangers

Griff DangersGriff Dangers in Mettle vs. Metal is a great and awesome indie game released recently on Windows Store. This is a side-scrolling action game where you can control a funny robot that needs to fight with its enemies. Your opponents will grow stronger during each play session, so your combat skills will be hardly tested. You will definitely find this game fun to play and also addictive as there are many missions to complete. You can download Griff Dangers from Windows Store for $1.49, while a free trial variant of the app is also available.

An Indie Game

An Indie GameAs the name suggest, we have another indie game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users. An Indie Game in an addictive auto-runner app where you can run, jump, shoot and swing as you try to eliminate all your enemies. The game is pretty cool as it features great graphics and an easy to manage game play. You will spend many ours trying to beat your own high score and also for unlocking new items, skills and worlds. You can install An Indie Game on any Windows 8 based tablet or device via Windows Store for only $1.99.

Soul Runner

Soul RunnerAn indie game that is quite similar with the previous described app is Soul Runner. So, if you like to run without doing anything else in particular, this app will be perfect for you. The game is somehow stressful as being an auto running kind of tool you will be constantly trying to out-best your performances. So establish new high scores, share it with your friends and try not to spend too much ours on this game. Soul Runner is available for free on Windows Store.

Road Runner Escape

Road Runner EscapeDo you like old fashion cartoons? Then, this game will be perfect for you. Road Runner Escape is a funny game to play on your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, the app being suitable with all users – with little ones or of course with elder ones. Basically, on this tool your goal is to help Road Runner escape from Wile E. Coyote – how? By running of course; therefore try to use tricks in order to see how Wile E. Coyote is one more deceived and establish new high score on each run. You can download Road Runner Escape for free from Windows Store.

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Crush-A-ZombieAnother addictive game, similar with the ones described above is Crush-A-Zombie. Even though Crush-A-Zombie is age restricted (16+) you have nothing to worry about as your task is in smashing zombies by taping on each creature. So, you need to try to whack as many zombies as possible for obtaining new high scores. If you miss more than 3 zombies you will have to start all over from the beginning, so this game is quite similar with auto-runner apps in term of self-motivating operations. Crush-A-Zombie can be anytime downloaded for free from Windows Store.

Indie Bingo

Indie BingoThis is a very simple Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 indie game which can be downloaded for free from Windows Store. You can try this game if you want to play something different in matter of using your own judgment and not your ability of taping for running faster or for smashing zombies. Indie Bingo is therefore somehow similar with Sudoku as you need to pay attention and think on which you next move will be. You will play against the computer, the winner being the one who is first to cross out 5 rows, columns or diagonal.

Falling Sky

Falling SkyFalling Sky is a 5 stars rated arcade game in Windows Store. The game features a simple game play, with basic graphics. Your goal will be to get as high as you can by jumping / climbing the falling blocks – thus this is platform / puzzle game with an endless game play. Also you can play it by using the keyboard or the touchscreen of your Windows 8 tablet or device. Falling Sky is available for free, so you can anytime download it from Windows Store.

Don’t Stop Running

Don't Stop RunningIf you want to play an addictive game, then Don’t Stop Running might be the perfect solution for you. The game features infinite runner game play (which is basically about clicking or tapping the screen to jump up and avoiding in falling into the lava below), so there is not much to say about it. Don’t Stop Running is highly appreciated by the users who have tested it, as the app received 4 stars from the Windows 8 community. Test it on your own and try to out-best the existing high scores – do it for free by heading to Windows Store.

Feed The Zombie

Feed The ZombieThis indie Windows 8 game can be played by the whole family. Don’t worry, it is not age restricted and the graphics isn’t showing inappropriate content like blood or other similar stuffs. You just have to help your zombie in finding its food. In order to do that you need to tap on, or towards the direction of your zombie’s food to help him find it. You have 30 seconds to feed the zombie as many mice as you can. If you like it, then you can download Feed The Zombie from Windows Store; the game is priced at $1.49.

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Those are the most appreciated Windows 8 indie games that are currently available on Windows Store. Test the games from above and then try to complete the list with your own favorite apps. Also, use our previous reviews for learning which are the best Windows 8 RPG games, or which are the best Windows 8 tablets on which you can play these games.