How Many Windows 8 Copies has Microsoft Sold?

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Either we hate or love Windows 8, we are still curious about one thing – just how many units did Redmond manage to sell? How many Windows 8 copies are out there in the wild? We’ve seen many estimates and wild guesses, but everytime something was wrong – either upgrades from previous versions were included or entreprise licenses were also included. And obviously, we’ll have to update this article as soon as we get new information, so come back in order to know how much Windows 8 has grown.

The previous estimate that we had was this – 60 (sixty) million Windows 8 copies, according to Tami Reller, who is Chief Financial and Chief Marketing Officer for Windows. He informed us about this number at the JP Morgan Tech Forum which actually took place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – January 8. Microsoft said that by the end of November, they have sold 40 (forty) million Windows 8 copies, but there are still questions that remain unanswered.

Read on lower to follow the updates on the copies as we get more information on the subject. Do bookmark the article if you’re interested in the progress.

Windows 8 sold units – how many?

windows 8 sold copies

But now we have an official number, right from the CeBit show that is taking place in Berlin – Microsoft has officially informed us that the number of sold Windows 8 copies has risen to 60 millions. Microsoft goes on by saying that Windows 8 has actually a better start than Windows 7 did but there’s a logical explanation to this – the upgrade to Windows 8 was very cheap in initital months. However, this number (60 million Windows 8 units sodl) does not include Enterprise Agreement/volume license sales.

However, a big quest arrives – what about Windows RT? We know that there might not be a lot of Windows RT units out there, but there are definitely at least a few millions. Let’s hope Microsoft will publish a more detailed response which will answer all our questions.

Updated progress on the number of copies sold by Windows 8

We are not sure how many years will Windows 8 live, thus, we can’t even make an estimate on how many copies it will be able to sell. The thing is that more laptops, tablets, ultrabooks, hybrids will come with Windows 8 pre-installed. And Microsoft will cash in from these sales. The consumers are not even ready for a mass adoption of the Windows 8 OS, some of them don’t even know how to use it properly. But Microsoft has thought and planned ahead of time, so don’t be surprised if Windows 8 usage will start to pick up stronger than ever.

Update:  The latest information on this subject have surfaced almost one month ago, but we have waited silently because we knew the number was just too big to be true. The same Tami Reller, Microsoft’s Windows marketing chief, has informed us that Microsoft has sold so far already more  than 100 million copies of Windows 8, which is quite an achievement. However, many of these copies were the result of a cheap upgrade from older versions of Windows 8. We will keep updating this post as we will get more information on the subject from solid sources.


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