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Do you want to forget about your daily problems and worries? Or maybe you just want to relax on your couch while enjoying a great evening along with your family? Well, the best way in which you can do all that is by using a White Noise app right on your Windows 8 device.
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What is white noise? Well, as the name suggest, it is a noise, or more likely a sound that is relaxing and confortable for your ear. By listening to white noise music you can relax your senses and you can forget about your problems. A white noise sound can be played also when you are sleeping as it will be a real “Sandman” for you. Anyway, if you want to create a great ambiance and atmosphere on your own home, then you need to read the lines from below.

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During the present review I will tell you which White Noise apps to use on your Windows 8 tablet, laptop or desktop. Most of the tools are free distributed, so you can anytime test the software in order to see if the white noise sounds are helpful or not.

Best Windows 8 White Noise Apps that are currently available on Windows Store

White Noise

White NoiseAs the name suggest, White Noise is if you want, the classic white noise app available for Windows 8 devices. Among other features, White Noise include more than 10 popular sounds to help you sleep and relax. You can try this app for free as you can anytime download it from Windows Store.

White Noise FREE 8.1

White Noise FREE 8.1An improved and better white noise app compared to the up mentioned one, is White Noise FREE 8.1. With this tool you can adjust the spectrum to generate other types of noise. This app is also free on Windows Store, so don’t hesitate and install it on your Windows 8 device.

Sleep Bug

Sleep BugA great Windows 8 app that can relax you is Sleep Bug. The tool is featuring more than 24 scenes, 83 different sound effects and more than 300 different sounds, which will be perfect for anyone who wants to listen to white noise sounds. Sleep Bug can be downloaded for free from Windows Store.


SerenityAnother free distributed white noise app available for your Windows 8 device is Serenity. Basically the software is featuring a variety of very carefully hand-picked sessions with the most relaxing sounds. Thus relaxing by using Serenity will be achieved with ease, but test the app by downloading it from Windows Store.


CozyAs the name suggest, Cozy is just great especially when you need to relax. You can enjoy this app alone or with your friend or family, as you can play different smooth sounds and white noise music. Cozy is priced $1.49 on Windows Store, which is a fair price if you ask me.


SereneThis white noise app for Windows 8 lets you custom-tailor ambient nature audio experiences, from rain and thunder storms to peaceful forests and farms. You can play a vriety of sounds and ambience music that can really make you day better. Serene can be downloaded from Windows Store for only $1.49.

Vintage Synth

Vintage SynthEven though this white noise app might seem a little bit too expensive for you (the tool is priced $3.99 on Windows Store), Vintage Synth might be the perfect choice for you, especially if you want to create your own sounds and music. Create unprecedented sounds by using the numerous control knobs and enjoy many other dedicated features with this great white noise app for your Windows 8 device.

Perfect, now you know how to enjoy great time with your family, or why not, alone. The White Noise sounds that can be played by using one of the apps from above are also good for your health and for your spirit, as you can relax and think in perspective for finding better solutions to your problems. Thus, do try the white noise therapy and then share your experience with us and with our readers by using the comments field from below.

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