How to sync your Windows and Android clipboards across devices

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  • You can finally sync your clipboard between SwiftKey and Windows devices.
  • This awesome feature has entered its beta testing phase and it will soon be ready.
  • To use this feature, You must first enable it on your smartphone and your PC.
  • This is not only for Windows 10, as Windows 11 also supports clipboard syncing.
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Here’s some good news for the Windows 10 and Windows 11 users that actively utilize the OS clipboard for their daily tasks.

Although this feature is still in its beta phase, you can finally sync your clipboard between SwiftKey and Windows 10.

How can I sync my Windows and Android clipboard?

The Redmond tech company’s latest update to SwiftKey Beta allows users to sync their clipboard history between Android and Windows 10.

Know that you could already sync your clipboard between Windows devices, but the functionality now spans across multiple platforms.

In order to use Cloud Clipboard to sync across devices, you need to first enable it on your smartphone and your PC.

This new feature will apparently be rolling out in stages. For some users, despite already updating SwiftKey Beta recently, they still don’t see the option.

However, if it is available for you, follow these steps in order to turn the feature on:

  1. Open SwiftKey Beta.
  2. Select Rich input.
  3. Select Clipboard.
  4. Enable Sync clipboard history.

As we mentioned above, you also have to enable clipboard syncing on your Windows device, which can be done by going through these steps:

  1. Open the Windows 10 Settings app and select System.settings system
  2. Select Clipboard and turn the Clipboard history On.clipboard history
  3. Enable Sync across devices.sync across devices
  4. Set Automatic syncing to Automatically sync text that I copy.automatic sync

You will be pleased to know that Windows 11 also supports clipboard syncing, so the feature should work with Microsoft’s upcoming OS.

It makes total sense to have clipboard content sync, with so many services syncing across devices.

And this will prove to be very useful, seeing how people frequently continue conversations or workflows across devices, thus being able to copy text on one device and paste it onto another is a major improvement.

Microsoft had another form of clipboard syncing through the Your Phone app before, but having the option directly within a keyboard app may be a more natural option for people.

Are you excited to now use the Windows clipboard on your Android device as well? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.