Windows Hosting With Plesk: 5+ Best Providers

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  • If you want an intuitive and graphical panel to manage your Windows hosting account, you need the best providers on the market.
  • Find here a provider that offers 24/7/365 support and full management for dedicated and cloud servers.
  • Another hosting solution lets you choose between three high speed packages.
  • You can also choose a great hosting provider with an easy-to-use dashboard.
Windows hosting with Plesk

Windows hosting comes with a host of features and benefits such as simplicity, seamless integration, and ease of use, but most users are also looking for Windows hosting with Plesk.

Plesk is an abbreviation for Parallels Plesk Panel, and this is basically a control panel for web hosting. It is an intuitive and graphical panel from which you can manage your Windows hosting account, whether you’re a novice or a pro at it.

It also eases site management, as well as your databases, email, files, and other components, plus you can use it to automatically install most used software platforms including WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, among many others.

Having your own control panel within the Windows hosting platform is important as it gives you the freedom to manage your website, plus saves you time and costs if someone else had to do it for you.

For Windows hosting with Plesk, you get a variety of tools and features such as support for MySQL, C#, phpMyAdmin, site builder tools, Power Pack for social media integration, smartphone monitoring, Kaspersky antivirus, and reseller tools, among others.

Plesk can only function online with a working web server, which means if something happens to your site, Plesk will stop working altogether, and you may have a hard time getting back up, thus you need a Windows hosting with Plesk provider, for such difficult times.

Finding a Windows hosting with a Plesk provider isn’t hard because there are many, but choosing the best for your website can be confusing because every one of them seems to have the same thing.

Before settling on a Windows hosting with a Plesk provider, check also the other features you want and those that must be included in the host’s Plesk panel.

We checked out most of the top web hosting names and bring you our top picks for the best Windows hosting with Plesk providers.


Providers offering Windows hosting with Plesk

Windows hosting with Plesk

This is the only Windows hosting with a Plesk provider that backs the Plesk control panel with 24/7/365 support and full management across dedicated and cloud servers.

Some of the tools you can expect on this user-friendly control panel interface include whole server protection with ServerShield by Cloudflare, protection against brute attacks with Security Core, blocking worms, Trojans, and viruses with the Premium Email antivirus, and fully integrated developer tools including Ruby, Node.js and Git.

You can choose between Web Pro if you’re running a small business or web agency, and Web Host for reseller accounts.

Other features and tools you can benefit from the Plesk panel on Liquid Web host include automated server administration, protection for up to 14 mail accounts, installation, configuration, and management of WordPress from a single interface with control over your server, site development tools, access from other devices, and Multilanguage functionality.

Liquid Web prides itself in being a platinum hosting partner with Plesk so that means they get the latest releases before any other Windows hosting with Plesk provider.

You also get the phone and live chat support, with a guarantee of at most 59 seconds to reach the support team at their data centers.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is one of the world’s leading web hosting services providers. Try it now!
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A2 Hosting

Windows hosting with Plesk

This web hosting provider isn’t just rated as the top host for its blazing-fast features and fine-tuned servers, but also for extra features such as Windows hosting with a Plesk control panel.

With A2 Hosting, you get a high-performance, Plesk hosting service with blazing fast page load speeds. Your Plesk control panel, sites, files, and databases are hosted on the SwiftServer platform, backed by a 99.9% uptime commitment from the host.

You can choose between three high-speed packages: Lite, Swift, or Turbo, each tailored to suit your needs.

A2 hosting also offers user-friendly, high performance, and reliable Windows hosting with a Plesk environment compared to most competing Plesk hosting providers.

In addition, this hosting service offers efficient domain registrations and management for your websites. It’s possible to create your web domain with various hosting options.

For example, you should best use the super-sonic hosting provided by A2 Hosting and benefit from Plesk hosting or WordPress websites without much effort.

A2 Hosting

Get unlimited data storage and free site migration at a very affordable price.
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This hosting service is perfectly created to integrate with Plesk hosting service for managing multiple servers or websites in one view.

With this reliable data center software, you can successfully deploy your hosted apps or websites using Plesk hosting. Plus, with the cloud orchestration tools, you have a complete data center to manage your websites.

Using the intuitive dashboard of Vultr, you assure functional websites and access web statistics or run security updates regularly. Besides, you manage all your websites from a single place.

It’s good to know that you benefit from the flexible license options and deploy three versions of the Plesk service. More exactly, you can deploy Web Admin SE edition, Web Pro edition, or hosting edition using Vultr license activation.

You can thus use Plesk hosting services using Pro or Host licenses for 30 days and manage your web applications without any risks.

Vultr offers qualitative servers management tools and a worldwide network to develop low latency site infrastructure and grow potential business regardless of your location.

In addition, you should create and manage web platforms with Plesk hosting to grow your websites and edit web elements or pages effortlessly.


Develop your Plesk-hosted websites using this cloud infrastructure tool and manage multiple web platforms.
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Windows hosting with Plesk

Hostgator makes Windows hosting simple and easy for you to use. Its features include the Plesk Control Panel so you can control your hosting account easily (like you would using a WordPress back end).

It offers the Plesk control panel that is developed and maintained by Parallels but is called the PowerUser Panel in HostGator and combines the Admin Panel and Control Panel modes on the hosting platform.

While on Plesk in HostGator, you can see only accounts that are directly under Admin user or added to its web space.

Other features you can find on HostGator for Windows hosting include site-building tools, over 4000 free website templates, MSSQL Server 2008 R2, MySQL, Access Databases, FTP accounts and email addresses, administrative tools, one-click installs, and programming features including ASP and ASP.NET.

You also get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, plus free stuff with each hosting plan including a free website builder from HostGator, 4500 free templates, free website transfer, domain transfer, MySQL transfer, and script transfer, plus 38 free scripts that can be installed on your account instantly.


Manage your hosting account simply with this complete web hosting platform for Windows
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Windows hosting with Plesk

This is one of the top services and recognized Windows hosting with Plesk providers available in the market.

With OVH, you can build and maintain your websites using the simplest, most intuitive, and graphical control panels – Plesk – that comes pre-installed so you can run and scale your web applications.

You can select from the VPS Classic 1, Classic 2, or Classic 3 options, which come with unlimited Plesk accounts and reseller licenses, or the Pro 1 and/or Pro 2, which also have the same features, but offer unlimited domains as well plus copious storage capacity of up to 800GB.

Manage your web projects without needing a web specialist or developer, or even the need for terminal and command lines to manage websites, databases, or email. All this for just a few clicks.

Other benefits include a user-friendly panel, easy server management, interface customization, and for the reseller option you get customer sub-account management. It also comes with a WordPress toolkit and SpamAssassin software.

Additional services from OVH include unlimited traffic, guaranteed bandwidth, 99.95% uptime, and unlimited domains.

Focus on your business, instead of focusing on your server, by switching to OVH Windows hosting with the Plesk control panel.


TMD Hosting

Windows hosting with Plesk

This Windows hosting with Plesk provider promises blazing fast hosting, because speed, security, and scalability are a priority.

You get to enjoy the superior performance in an environment that supports the latest ASP .NET framework, Windows Server 2012 R2, and MSSQL server.

Its features include dedicated technical support, daily automatic and constant backups of your site’s database and files with free restoration, up to 20 times faster load time owing to the use of Solid State Drives on all servers, unlimited email accounts, and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installation in one click on your Plesk panel.

It also offers a high level of security updated daily with a web-based firewall to ensure your site is guarded against online threats.

Plus, 99.999% uptime, anti-spam protection, and a dedicated yet isolated VPN for better monitoring, connectivity, and speed.

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Miles Web

Windows hosting with Plesk

If you’re looking for the best Windows hosting provider that offers all the features at a comfortable price, this is it.

Its features include the Plesk Control panel, multiple domain hosting and databases, unlimited emails, 24/7 uninterrupted support, unbeatable reliability, and 99.95% uptime needed to run your website at any point in time.

Set up your account instantly with Miles Web and enjoy affordable rates at superfast speeds and the best uptime, which you will need in case your site breaks and Plesk is affected.

Hence, if you want to start an online store or manage a business online domain you should rely on this hosting provider for websites of every size.

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Windows hosting with Plesk

If you’re not okay with managing your VPS from a command line, then Blacknight solutions offer you the Parallels Plesk Panel system to help you manage it from an easy graphical interface, with a simple click.

Plesk is the leading multiplatform control panel for a simple, convenient way to manage your web services, and it is available on this web hosting provider with Windows hosting.

Some of the key features you will find with using Plesk on Blacknight include a user-friendly interface, a migration manager to quickly migrate accounts, and a customizable repository of site applications with the ability to add, deploy, configure and remove apps for any domain with one click.

You can also install WordPress or Drupal, and forum software with one click in Blacknight’s Windows hosting with Plesk.

Get Blacknight

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these Windows hosting with Plesk providers. Which one do you prefer, or which one have you used before? Share with us in the comments section below.