Windows Key Not Working on Windows 11? Fix it in 6 Steps

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  • The Windows key not working error in Windows 11 can be solved in a plethora of ways.
  • One of the solutions is to update your keyboard drivers, either manually or automatically.
  • Another approach is to disable Game Mode in order to allow background processes to run.
keyboard-troubleshooter windows key not working windows 11
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The Windows key is an essential component of the navigation experience. It’s primarily used to open the Start menu, but it’s also required for certain keyboard shortcuts, such as opening the Settings app, thus we will show you how to fix the Windows key not working in Windows 11 error.

Either a hardware issue or a software one could cause the keyboard to malfunction. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to troubleshoot a Windows key not working issue.

What can I do if my Windows key is not working in Windows 11?

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1. Check your keyboard

As a first solution, you can try to clean your keyboard. Remove dust particles from the keyboard with compressed air. If you have a mechanical keyboard with detachable keys, use the key puller to remove the Windows key and clean it inside as well.

If you have an extra keyboard laying around, you can connect it to your PC to see if the key still doesn’t work. In the case it does, then your previous one might be broken and will need to be changed.

However, if it works, then the Windows key not working error is caused by your software and you can continue to use your first keyboard.

2. Unlock the Win Lock button

Depending on the type of keyboard you have, it may feature a Win Lock button or switch. This is a typical function found on mechanical gaming keyboards that helps you prevent crashing out of your game.

In the upper-right corner of the keyboard, look for a Win Lock key. It could possibly be a mechanical switch on the keyboard’s side. Check the manufacturer’s support documentation if you’re unsure whether you have a Win Lock key or how to disable it.

3. Update your keyboard drivers

  1. Right-click on the Start icon from your Taskbar and choose Device Manager.device-man windows 11 error system thread exception not handled
  2. Expand the Keyboard section and right-click on each option to choose Update driver.keyboard-driver-update windows key not working windows 11

If you are tired of manually updating your drivers, check out DriverFix. A software tool that searches and installs all of your outdated and missing drivers on your computer automatically. Issues such as the Windows key not working can be avoided by using the software.

Get DriverFix

4. Run the Keyboard troubleshooter

  1. Open Settings and go to System followed by Troubleshoot.system-troubleshoot windows key not working windows 11
  2. Now click on Other trouble-shooters then look for the Keyboard one and choose Run next to it. This should fix the Windows key not working in Windows 11 error that has been bothering you.keyboard-run windows key not working windows 11

5. Turn off Filter keys

  1. Open Settings and navigate to Accessibility followed by Keyboard.accessibility-keyboard windows key not working windows 11
  2. Now turn off the toggle next to Filter keys.filter-keys windows key not working windows 11

6. Turn off Game Mode

  1. Open your Settings app and go to Gaming followed by Game Mode.gaming-game-mode windows key not working windows 11
  2. Now turn off the toggle next to Game Mode in order to stop your computer from switching off background windows key not working windows 11

We’ve gone through almost all the ways in which you can fix the Windows key not working error in Windows 11.

However, if you still need help, check out our post on how to repair the Windows Key not working and try out the solutions we provided in there as well.

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