You can find the Windows Subsystem for Android app on the Microsoft Store

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  • A new listing for Windows Subsystem for Android, full of new details, has been discovered on the Microsoft Store by some users.
  • It’s free to download, but currently only pops up a blank window when you install and open it on Windows 11, proof that its only a test version.
  • Trying to do the same on Windows 10 will prove to be a futile effort, as the app won't even go through with the installation process.
  • The minimum requirements are shown as Windows 10 version 22000.0 or greater, which is the same as what we have on the Beta Channel currently.
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Windows 11 is now right around the corner, but as we found out a few days ago, the initial version will not ship with Android app support, a feature that Microsoft teased a lot when it announced the OS back in June.

With that in mind, a new listing for Windows Subsystem for Android has been discovered on the Microsoft Store, revealing a couple of interesting details.

Let’s dive right in and see what this situation is all about.

The Microsoft Store has an Android Subsystem page

As first spotted on Twitter, the Microsoft Store now contains a dedicated page for Windows Subsystem for Android.

But although it’s free to download, it currently only pops up a blank window when you install and open it on Windows 11.

Trying to install it on a Windows 10 device will yield absolutely no results because you can’t even do it in the first place.

However, this store listing also contains some details that most users interested in this field will find interesting.

First, the minimum requirements have been listed as Windows 10 version 22000.0 or greater, which is the same branch as what we have on the Beta Channel currently.

Even more important is the fact that it lists Xbox One as a supported OS too, something that has not been hinted at by the Redmond-based tech company before.

Supported architectures include ARM64 and x64 while the minimum amount of RAM required is 8GB. The recommended specifications are the same apart from RAM requirements, which have been bumped up to 16GB.

The above-mentioned store listing also asks users of the app not to take screenshots or leak other content. This is most likely an advisory for Microsoft employees testing the app internally.

And while Redmond officials have not revealed further details about Android app support yet, we do know that the tech company is partnering with Amazon and will deliver Android apps via the Amazon App Store.

Via this new update, users will be able to download and install apps such as TikTok, Pinterest, Kindle, and others.

Furthermore, these will act like Windows apps allowing users to pin them to the taskbar, snap with other apps, resize, and lots more.

It’s important to note that none of the details, especially support for Xbox consoles, mentioned in the Microsoft Store listing have been confirmed by the Redmond tech giant itself so it’s highly likely that they will change over time.

So we’re just going to have to wait and see what will happen in the coming months. Rememver that Windows 11 is scheduled for rollout sterting with the 5th of October.

Most likely, the native Android support will come to users early 2022. Are you excited about havig this feature on your device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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