Windows XP users can’t play WoW, Diablo III and Starcraft II starting October

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Blizzard recently ended support for Windows Vista and Windows XP, meaning that users won’t be able many titles on their PCs.

Windows XP is still pretty popular

Windows XP hasn’t received any security updates since 2014 but users continue to run it, ignoring the severe security risks that come with doing so. And as a result, more and more software developers are ending support for Windows XP and Blizzard recently joined the club. The company announced that it would shift its focus towards the newer versions of the operating system. Starting  October, games such as WoW, Diablo III, and Starcraft II will no longer run on Windows XP.

According to Blizzard, most gamers have already upgraded to one of the newer versions of Windows. There have been three Windows releases since Vista and the users have enough choices. Blizzard talked about ending support for Windows XP back in February, but it now confirmed the news.

Restrictions will be introduced gradually

The updates that will prevent games from running on Windows XP and Windows Vista will be gradually released. Eventually, all computers will be prevented from playing Blizzard games unless they upgrade to newer versions of Windows.

Blizzard will roll out the updates on a staggered schedule and the company will post further notices as soon as they become available.



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