Wndows 10 KB3120677 Update Issues Reported: Stuck Installs and Errors

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As we were telling you a few minutes ago, the new ISOs for Windows 10 v1511 Threshold 2 are once again available for download, after they have been pulled by Microsoft because of a bug that was changing privacy settings.

In order to fix this problem, many have already rushed to download update file KB3120677, but what do you know – there are various problems with this particular fix release for a bigger update, if I can put it that way. After issuing this update, your Windows version will be updated to 10586.14. So here’s what users have been complaining about:

One of the affected users says he has trouble loading pages in Chrome:

I just installed the latest Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64 (KB3120677) and the latest Chrome won’t load pages unless I disable sandbox again with –no-sandbox. Anyone else having this issue? It’s different than before, it just has unresponsive pages.

A few users say that KB3120677 failed to install:

Hello I’ve been using Windows 10 without any issues whatsoever. But When this update came yesterday after downloading it i rebooted my PC. It says preparing windows and reboots. After that it reboots twice and says rolling back changes and KB3120677 failed to install. Ive tried clearing the SoftwareDistribution folder and redownloading and reinstalling. Same Error. Please help.

I have two computers. In my main computer the cumulative update went fine through Windows Update on the first go. In my second, test computer. I tried 3 times through Windows Update and it stuck at 61% and then undo changes as it encountered some problem and could not complete. I even tried to do it manually by downloading it from Microsoft Update Catalog site. It stuck again. Before you ask I already tried to disable any third-party service, startup application and non-important devices.

Of the 3 machines, 1 of them failed to complete, the download is stuck at 45%.

One angry user says this update messed up his network:

Just got this update and I can’t believe it, but once again just after getting everything working perfectly on my network and homegroup with 3 days of my time and aggravation, this update messed up the network and my homegroup again.

Somebody is reporting a specific 0x8009310b error :

Thank-you for these links. I just might have to do a manual download, because upon checking for updates, I’m getting error 0x8009310b related to the kb3120677 update. Will go lookup that error now and see what I can find out about it.

A few had even trouble downloading it:

I can never get the Microsoft Update Catalog downloads to work. It just sits there with a blue IE window with the Microsoft Update Catalog logo top left.

Among the complaints coming from users we found bugs that are still affecting the airplane mode button and other functions. Of course, there were improvements, as well, with the users reporting faster start ups, louder sound and improved Edge speeds.

Has this particular update file once again brought more trouble than it solved? Sound off by leaving your comment below.

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I wasn’t able to connect to the internet anymore after this update : nor the ethernet connection, nor the wifi connection worked. Uninstalling this update and … all connected again 🙂 First time ever I had problems regarding an update.

I am continuing to be unable to install the kb3120677 update. I’ve tried all the recommended fixes Sfc /scannow, Update Repair, WUReset.Bat, I’ve also downloaded the update from the Update catalogue None of these seem to make any difference. I also tried booting up into Safe Boot but it will not run the standalone update in Safe Mode! I’ve spent hours at it now and don’t know what to try next. So if someone could help I’d be really grateful.

I installed this update last night on two Windows 10 computers. On one everything seems
fine but on the other there are numerous problems as follows:
(1) Windows apps including the start menu and PC settings no longer work.
I have gone back to using classic shell which works fine but does not list any
Windows apps as if they have all been kyboshed.
(2) Task manager now crashes whenever I try to open it.
(3) The computer cannot now find any other devices on my local network.
(4) Boot up time now takes substantially longer and longer to “settle down”
when it reaches the desktop. This computer used to run Windows 8.1 and
was never any trouble until “upgrading” to Windows 10.
This really is pathetic and I am starting to really hate the compulsory
updates in Windows 10 which are a very bad idea.