Word Online App for Windows 8.1, 10 Available; Download from Windows Store

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Do you want to have a web-based version of Microsoft Word on your own Windows 8 tablet? Well, if you do, then now you can safely download the Word Online app from Windows Store. Even though the app is not official (it is developed by third party devs, so we are dealing with a third party app) Microsoft Word Online is running without lags or other issues on any Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 powered device.
Word Online
As mentioned, the app is not provided by Microsoft, so we don’t have an official release of Microsoft Word online for Windows 8 devices just yet. Currently, Microsoft isn’t offering a dedicated and touch-optimized Office app for Windows 8.1 tablets and portable devices, so Word Online should be a perfect alternative for most of the users who need to create, view and share documents without using their laptops or desktop computers. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get pulled off by Microsoft itself.

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Word Online app for Windows 8 lands by third-party devs


word online app windows 8Office Online combines commonly used Office features and real-time co-authoring capabilities so you can collaborate for free with friends and family on shared documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and notebooks.

Word Online is quite similar with the Office app that we all have installed on our computers. Thus Word Online can be safely used for writing texts, for editing documents, for creating presentations (by using Word Templates) and also for sharing docs with your friends, family or with your work colleagues or business partners.

With Word Online for Windows 8 you will also be able to insert images or charts in text, you will be able to format your page depending on what you have to achieve and also you can work with tables. From what I have noticed while testing this app, everything is working great and there are no stability issues. For now the supported language is only English, but further updates will probably add more languages and more options and dedicated features.

The best is that Word Online is feature a modern UI that can be easily used by any type of user, whether we are talking about the business field or even if the app is used just for fun. Word Online has been developed by third part apps and can be downloaded for free from Windows Store. Hopefully, Microsoft will soon release a touch-optimized Office app for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 powered devices, though until then we can anytime use third party apps that work just fine.

Download Word Online app for Windows 8


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