WTFast Gaming VPN: Is it legit? How does it work?

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Online gaming is great, but issues such as high latency can completely ruin your gaming experience.
  • WTFast is a simple to use tool that can fix latency issues while gaming, and today we’re going to test it out and see what it can do.
  • We wrote extensively about all types of software in the past, and you can find our reviews in our Software section.
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wtfast review
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Simple user interface
Supports over 1000 different games
Can reduce latency and packet loss
Uses machine learning
Free trial requires your payment information

While gaming online, the biggest problems can be high latency or lag. These issues can drastically impact your experience and potentially ruin your game.

There are many tools that can help you fix this issue and one of them is WTFast. The software will pick the shortest route to the gaming server and thus lower your latency.

The software sounds great, so today we decided to take it on a test run and see how it works in action.

What is WTFast?

WTFast is a software that uses machine learning to choose the best traffic path for your gaming connection.

By doing so, the software will reduce your latency in-game and lower the number of lost packages.

To download WTFast, be sure to visit our in-depth WTFast download guide.



WTFast is a gaming software that will optimize your connection and reduce the latency and lag in online games.

Download now

Does WTFast work?

main window wtfast review

Yes, WTFast works, and it will improve your latency in certain games. The software can help you if your connection is taking a longer route to the gaming server.

If your latency is caused by a technical issue or by a limitation related to your ISP, then you might not see a drastic improvement while using WTFast.

Is WTFast legit?

Yes, WTFast is a Canadian company founded in 2009. The service has a number of satisfied customers, so we can certainly say that WTFast is completely legit.

What are WTFast features?

Reduce your latency

WTFast will select the best route to the gaming server, and by doing so, it will reduce the latency and lower the number of lost packages during gaming sessions.

Optimized traffic path

Thanks to machine learning, the software will take the optimal traffic path for your gaming connection. However, you can customize the path and pick the best server route at any time.

Real-time network analysis

WTFast provides you with real-time network analytics so you can keep track of your network data at all times.

Works as a GPN

Unlike a VPN, a GPN (Gamers Private Network) will just optimize your connection data and it won’t change your IP address or your network settings.

Supports the most popular games

WTFast works with more than 1000+ different games, and the developers are constantly adding new games to the list of supported titles.

All the latest multiplayer games are on the list, and it’s rather likely that your favorite multiplayer titles are supported.

Do you have to pay for WTFast?

setting wtfast review

Yes, WTFast requires a subscription, but you can also test it out for free. There are four types of subscriptions, monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly subscription.

Is WTFast worth it?

WTFast is a great tool, and with its simple user interface and more than 1000 different supported games, WTFast is one of the best gaming services that you can use.

If you’re experiencing packet loss or high latency while gaming, WTFast might be the right choice for you, so be sure to use it for the best lag-free gaming experience.

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