WWE 2K16 arrives on Windows PCs via Steam for $50

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2K just announced that one of the most popular fighting games in the world, WWE 2K16, has just arrived on Windows PCs after originally being offered to consoles only. The game is available to purchase on Steam and it costs $49.99.

As WWE says on their official website, WWE 2k16 for PC brings all the aspects and features present in its console counterparts. That includes the largest playable roster in the history of the franchise as well as some other interesting additions, like the ability to play with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator.

“We are always looking to expand WWE 2K’s offerings on additional platforms and were encouraged by last year’s PC franchise debut,” Greg Thomas, President at Visual Concepts, said. “WWE 2K16’s power-packed features and free downloadable content are a great combination for the PC platform and help us reach even more WWE 2K fans around the world.”

The game will feature new signature moves for some wrestlers as well as the Legends (Big Boss Man, Dusty Rhodes, Lita, Mr. Perfect, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Trish Stratus) and Future Stars (Samoa Joe, Diego, Fernando, Blake and Murphy) packs. Also, all previously released DLC content will be included in the game.

“I’m a bit of a WWE historian myself, and one of the things I’m most excited about is being able to play as the past, present and future of WWE,” said WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. “Every year, the WWE 2K franchise gives a sample of that through downloadable content, whether it’s great WWE Legends and rivalries of the past or the latest additions to the NXT roster. If you buy WWE 2K16 on PC though, you get all of that awesome DLC content included free of charge. Yeah, you read that correctly: the DLC is free.”

WWE 2K16 is the third game in the franchise under the 2K banner, with its popularity having experienced a spike since 2K Sports put its logo on the box. However, the entire franchise is made up of more than 20 games, making the WWE one of the most successful fighting video games franchises ever.

Will you purchase this game for your PC? What is your favorite wrestler of all time? Tell us in the comments below!


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