How to report a problem in the new Xbox dedicated app

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  • Xbox has released Report a problem as an independent app.
  • This way, Xbox makes it easier for users to provide feedback for their gaming experience.
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  • Should you experience issues with your console, our Xbox Troubleshooting section offers helpful advice.
new xbox report a proble app

Xbox has launched the Insider app to the general public; the event also marks the separation of the Report a problem feature, now also released as an independent app.

This is the result of months of testing , coding and feedback offered by thousands of users that have joined the Insider program.

On this occasion, Xbox acknowledged the huge contribution users had in the development of these apps.

How to get the new Insider and Report a problem apps?

xbox report a problem app

Both apps can be installed on Xbox One and Xbox Series X generations of consoles.

Although the Insider app was meant only for those enrolled in the same-name program, with this launch, it becomes generally available since the two apps can only be downloaded and installed together.

Those who haven’t used the Insider app before should look in the store for the Xbox Insider bundle. This installs both apps. On PC, just search for Xbox Insider.

How to report a problem on Xbox?

The main change is that problem reporting used to be a feature of the Insider app. With the recent separation, Xbox aims for a more precise follow-up on both features, plus bug separation and coding.

Here’s how to report a problem in the new app:

  1. Access the Report a problem app from the main Xbox menu.
  2. Enter a subject for the problem.
  3. Search through the category and subcategory drop-down menus to find the right ones.
  4. Describe the issue.
  5. Click Submit.

With the new changes, categories and subcategories no longer load horizontally, plus your most recent games will load faster and on the first positions.

Similarly, the Insider app user interface has been simplified and the options have been grouped to come in more handy. Xbox eliminated horizontal scrolling and introduced previews and the option for any user to offer feedback.

So, have you used any of these apps so far? Give us your take the changes that Xbox has introduced.

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