Zoho Books Accounting App for Windows 8, 10 Released, Download Now

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The official Zoho Books app has been launched on the Windows Store a few days ago, but this is only for accounting purposes, but more “sister” apps are expected to make their way, as well.
zoho app windows 8
Zoho has launched its official app for Windows 8.1 and RT users on the Windows Store, and those of you who have been waiting for the app to get released can now go ahead and download it by following the link at the end of the article. The Zoho Books app is an accounting software which can be used on touch devices, but also on the regular desktop or other non-touch Windows 8 devices. By using Zoho Books, users can create and mail invoices with custom notes and easily manage multiple expenses.

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Your Windows 8 tablet becomes an accounting tool with Zoho Books app

Zoho Books app for Windows 8 comes with interactive expense charts which allow to identify where the most of your spendings go. Also, by using Zoho’s proprietary Instant Cash flow graphs, you can get a compelte view of your cash flow, with exact details on incoming and outgoing cash. You can even attach expense receipts to expenses for future and by using all of these apps, you can definitely improve your business overall.
zoho books app for windows 8


Our take on Zoho Books for Windows 8

What I first noticed after downloading the app is how incredibly fast everything is, and the app itself is only 2.4 MB, as well. While I don’t need at the moment an accounting software, I did play around with some features and I was impressed by the smooth design and well-crafted user interface. I tried to create an invoice and I was able to select an online payment gateway of my choice. Also, it’s possible to view and add comments to a specific invoice, as well as view payment history for the invoices that you’re interested. So, if you’re an accountant with a Windows 8 tablet, then this is a must-have and it will be the first app in my mind when I’ll have some accounting to do, as well.

zoho books app windows 8

Zoho Books is the best accounting software for small businesses on cloud. Zoho Books helps you manage your business expenses and invoice your clients on the go. Easily manage your expenses and categorize them by type. Create and maintain your business contacts capturing all necessary details like currency, email, phone, billing address, etc. Maintain both products and services with predefined rates to save you time from typing it every time you create an invoice. Get answers for your queries from our support team. Zoho is trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide.

Download Zoho Books app for Windows 8 


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