Microsoft acknowledges AMD Ryzen performance issues on Windows 10, fix incoming

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If you’re planning to buy an AMD Ryzen computer and run Windows 10 on it, think again. Recent reports confirm that AMD Ryzen’s performance is severely crippled on Windows 10, and there’s not much that you can do about it.

Ryzen is AMD’s first processor model to sport simultaneous multi-threading technology. According to AMD, Ryzen is 40% more efficient, consuming less power than its Intel counterpart. However, it seems that Windows 10 doesn’t really like it.

AMD Ryzen low performance on Windows 10

The Windows 10 scheduler is not able to correctly identify Ryzen’s principal core threads from virtual SMT threads. Actually, the OS believes that each CPU thread of a Ryzen processor is a real core with its own L2 and L3 cache.

As a result, Windows 10 doesn’t assign the tasks to a principal core thread. Instead, it schedules many of them to a virtual SMT thread, which of course, reduces the overall CPU performance.

There are many users who aren’t ready to give up on their AMD Ryzen-powered computer and hope that Microsoft and AMD will somehow fix this problem.

I just want MS/AMD to address the bug. I am not worried about how much it affects the improvement in games. We ought to  be able to use the software and hardware we bought with hard-earned money properly in all fields, not just games. AMD/Microsoft please fix this asap

Microsoft has officially acknowledged this issue and confirmed is working on a fix. This means that the company will soon roll out a patch to address this compatibility issue. At the moment, Ryzen is not unusable, it’s just that it’s not as good as it could be. Let us hope that Microsoft sorts out the scheduler and cache issues as soon as possible. Maybe the upcoming Patch Tuesday update scheduled for March 14 will bring this coveted patch.

However, this doesn’t offer AMD a good excuse. The company should have conducted more in-depth tests on Windows 10 to discover and fix potential issues before launch day and avoid being taken completely by surprise by these issues.



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A couple of misleading statements for sure. The performance is not “severely crippled” by any stretch of reason. In fact, with the exception of some gaming benchmarks the performance is doing very well. A better description would be to say that even more performance gains can be expected when the software is optimized to work with the new architecture. In fact, the simple idea that AMD didn’t notice the error in Windows software implies that they were satisfied with the performance even with the windows bug in place. Benchmarks have been pretty impressive for the new processors and if AMD… Read more »'

@ Mobius: Well said, this is the type of article description that is misleading consumers, when considering Ryzen purchases. It also shows how irresponsible the author is, many readers, will probably not read past the first paragraph, and by then the damage is done, I’m not sure if it is intentional, hopefully not.'

“Low performance” is a bit harsh. More like “lower than it could be” because it’s still much faster than any previous AMD CPU.'

Wow there are so many false statements in this article I don’t know where to start. It’s a badly researched, incorrect, and misleading article.'

Remember – Intel money affects many “reviewers”.'

What a load of rubbish, nearly every review of the Ryzen has said the Ryzen CPU’s are exceptional when it comes to productivity and not so good when it comes to games or just lagging behind in games. The Ryzen CPU’s were tested on windows 10. I would buy a Ryzen CPU any day of the week over Intel Kabylake because I don’t just want to game on my PC. It’s a new architecture obviously it will improve and developers will optimise their programs and games to improve performance.'
The scheduler myth has been busted. Multiple sites show it as false information after extensive testing with their own built apps. This is just AMD paying Microsoft off to take the fall whilst they both come up with a some short cut quick fix to increase performance by a few percent. “We have investigated reports alleging incorrect thread scheduling on the AMD Ryzen processor. Based on our findings, AMD believes that the Windows 10 thread scheduler is operating properly for ‘Zen,’ and we do not presently believe there is an issue with the scheduler adversely utilizing the logical and physical… Read more »'

Yeah sure I believe these sites over intel, I’m sure they’ve had experience building an OS for decades. AMD is directly competing against intel, if it was about money I don’t see why microsoft would bother to acknowledge there is a problem and spending time and money to fix it.'
The bottom line for me is AMD has dropped the ball. I am currently running an AMD Athlon 64 x2 6400+. This system has lasted me 10 years as a solid dependable performer. I am an AMD fan. I am looking to build a new system to do the same. So do I go with the AMD Ryzen (my preferred) or the Intel i7? The last generation AMD CPU’s are only a step above what I have. Ultimate performance is not so much an issue for me, rather value for performance and longevity are very much the issue. On paper… Read more »