Windows XP standing the test of time despite no support from Microsoft

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Windows XP is a strange operating system, one that seems to have no intention of venturing to the operating systems graveyard. Despite the fact that Microsoft is no longer supporting this 15-year-old gray beard, it is still one of the most popular operating systems to-date.

We’ve long known Windows XP to be a special operating system, and that Windows Vista only solidified that claim. However, in our minds, Windows 7 has surpassed Windows XP I every way imaginable, so why are computer users still stuck in the past?

Since the launch of Windows 10, the Windows XP operating system has been sliding and reviving on a regular basis. A few months the operating system will slide a few percentage points, then after that, it would recover slightly.

When compared to March 2015, Windows XP has only lost 4.5% of its market share. As it stands right now, Windows 10 is ineffective when it comes down to moving computer users away from the popular operating system, and we expect this cat and mouse game to continue for many months to come.

How can Microsoft get users to upgrade to a newer version of Windows?

Tough question there because we view Windows 7 as Microsoft’s best work when it comes down to operating systems. If folks are still hell-bent on using Windows XP despite it being old and no longer being supported by the giant from Redmond, then there’s honestly not much we can say.

The best thing the company can do at this point, is hope all major software developers end support for Windows XP. Chances are, if folks can’t use their favorite software, then they will be forced to move away to a newer operating system.

It will then be up to Microsoft to convince them that Windows 10 is the perfect choice for a new operating system. However, due to how the company is acting right now with the forced upgrades and several privacy issues, Windows XP users might decide to go elsewhere.



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Nothing wrong with XP. If you don’t want to change the software you’re running there’s no point in ‘upgrading’.'

If it works, why fix it? And why would I install Windows 10, which even Microsoft declares is spyware? My files belong to me, Microsoft, not you.'

The only problem I have with XP is drivers. Now even 7 is getting harder to load on more modern systems. Fortunately its possible to stop 10’s spying using a host file which sends traffic to/from specific addresses to the bit bucket. Personally I am a die hard Ubuntu user as it provides all my needs but I know some people prefer windows.'

Drivers for XP aren’t hard. Dell and HP still supports 90% of computers they built 10-15 years ago.'
“However, in our minds, Windows 7 has surpassed Windows XP I every way imaginable” This speaks volumes, and calls into question the health of your imagination. I have read the WinXP EULA and the Win7 EULA. Have you? Unless you consider MS manifest destiny better for end users, I’d say your imagination has failed. Have you ever installed a clean XP and a clean 7 and compared the install footprints? I’d say your imagination has failed. Have you ever wanted to associate a program with a file in Windows 7 that required special handling (eg. cmdline switches)? The tool that… Read more »'

Can’t agree with you more! Great argument.'

I too at one time fell for the XP End of support horror stories, But then i started doing research and testing XP online, and found out you pretty much have nothing to worry about, as long as you don’t visit shady sites. And the average home user has an extremely low chance of getting hacked.'
The point that many seem to miss is the fact that users have a lot of money invested in software that would cost a great deal of money to upgrade to something that runs on Windows 7,8,10 or whatever they come out with next. And of course they will probably need to upgrade their hardware as well. In my opinion, treasured as it is by only me, what MS needs to do is ensure that whatever they come out with next will run anything that runs on XP. That is not the case with Windows 10. Windows 7 is better… Read more »