How to fix Outlook error 0x800CCC13 on Windows PCs

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by Radu Tyrsina
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Outlook error 0x800CCC13

Outlook is a versatile email client that was created by the tech titan, Microsoft. Besides its email service, the application features tools that makes it easy for users to create appointments, meetings, and execute various other tasks.

Despite being top of the line and reliable, the email application is not invulnerable to errors. In fact, users may come a cross a common malfunction known as “Error 0x800CCC13 Outlook” when they are trying to send or receive emails on the Microsoft application. If you have this issue with Outlook, then the instructions in this article will help you fix the error. Below, you will find information on what causes this error as well as several possible fixes for it.

What causes error 0x800CCC13 in Outlook?

Unfortunately, there are several different possible reasons why users get this error on Outlook. Knowing the origins of the issues can significantly help users find a solution for the problem.

1. PST file corrupted

The primary cause of the error 0x800CCC13 Outlook is a corrupted PST file. Outlook will attempt to access this file when you receive messages or send them. So, typically this error occurs when you are handling your emails.

2. Improper termination of the application

Not closing your Outlook application properly can cause damage and corruption to your PST file. For example, if you were using Outlook and your power suddenly cut out, then you may find some corrupted files the next time you log in.

3. Viruses

It is not entirely impossible that a virus has corrupted files in your Outlook program. Virus can infiltrate your computer through scam websites and infected external hard drives. It is advised to initiate a scan or update your firewall.

4. Hard drive issues

It is uncommon, but your hard drive may be physically damaged which will in turn corrupt files in your Outlook application. If you have doubts about the structural integrity of your HDD or SDD, then you will want to take your computer to a shop or buy new hard drives.

5. Out of date software

Supposedly, the error 0x800CCC13 Outlook has been fixed in an update released November 10th, 2015. While, there are still cases where the issue persisted after the update has been used, it is still highly recommended to ensure that your software is completely updated.

6. Upgrading from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10

Upgrading your PC to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or Windows 7 may cause some files to become corrupted. These corrupted files in turn causes the error to appear when you use Outlook. The files commonly corrupted in this process are ‘Windows.Media.Speech.UXRes.dll.mui‘ and ‘mlang.dlI.Mui’. Surprisingly, these files that are causing this problem are files related to language translation.

How do I fix Outlook error 0x800CCC13?

Since there are multiple factors that cause error 0x800CCC13 Outlook, naturally there will also be multiple solutions to fixing the problem. Below, are the most common fixes to this common error.

1. Repair corrupted Outlook files

You may notice in the section above that most factors causes the files in Outlook to become damaged or corrupted. Therefore, repairing corrupted files of the application will most likely fix the error. Here is how you fix damaged files:

  1. Make sure that the Outlook application is completely closed.
  2. Open command prompt (Admin) . You can do this by either right clicking on the windows icon and finding it on the list that appears or by pressing the window’s key and typing in ‘command prompt’ in the search. Alternatively, if you have Windows Powershell Admin (a more powerful command line application), then you can choose to use that instead. You can access Windows Powershell (Admin) by also right clicking on the Windows icon in your task bar and locating it on the list that shows up.  Remember, to use the application that has ‘admin’ next to it.
  3. Once you enter the command prompt dialog type in this command: sfc /scannow. Press Enter.
  4. You will need to wait for the process to finish. If you have a SSD, then the process will finish much faster.
  5. After the process is completed, you will need to restart your computer.

2. Create shortcut and run as administrator

There are several workarounds that you can use to fix the error 0x800CCC13 Outlook. One workaround is to create an Outlook shortcut on the desktop. Right click on the new shortcut and locate ‘Run as administrator’ on the list. Once the application opens you will need to see if you can send or receive emails without getting the error.

3. Clean boot slate

Another workaround you can use is to start your computer in a ‘Clean Boot State’. A Clean Boot State is basically an advanced version of Window’s Safe Mode. It is designed to help users identify and isolate a problem. Here is how you perform a Clean Boot Slate:

  1.  Press the Windows button and type in misconfig. Press Enter. If you have Windows 10 your dialog should look like this.Outlook error 0x800CCC13
  2. Go to the General tab.
  3. Select the ‘Select startup’ option.
  4. Uncheck Load startup items and make sure Load system services and Use original boot configuration are checked. Outlook error 0x800CCC13 fix
  5. Now, go to the Services tab of the System Configuration dialog.
  6. Check the box near the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option located on the bottom left of the dialog. Next, click on the Disable all option located on the bottom right side of the dialog.
  7. Do not forget to click on Apply and OK.
  8. Restart your computer.

If this solution fixes the problem then you will need to find the program that is wrongfully interfering with Outlook, and disable that program.

4. Open Outlook in safe mode

Open the run dialog by pressing the Windows Key and R at the same time. Once the dialog is opened you will need to type in Outlook /safe. If opening Outlook in safe mode fixes the error, then you have an add in causing the issue. To fix it follow these steps:

  1. Click the file menu on Outlook
  2. locate options on the list.
  3. You should see a section for ‘Add-ins’
  4. Try to find the add in that is causing the issue.


With knowledge of the main causes and fixes of the error 0x800CCC13 Outlook, you should be able to remedy the problem. However, if you still receive the error message after these fixes, then you may want to consider reinstalling the Outlook application.

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