Learn How to Live Healthier using iYoga on Windows 8

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Yoga exercises are recommended for all those who wants to live healthier and also for those who tries to discover their inner peace. So, if you want to be more relaxed and if you want to be an active person, then try iYoga on your Windows 8 device.iyoga windows 8
Living healthier implies in scheduling your daily activities and also in following a strict diet. I’m not talking only about what, how and when you are eating as it is quite important to have an active life and to do as much physical exercises as possible too. Practicing Yoga is more than recommended as these types of exercises will relax your body and will free your mind from gloomy thoughts.

Therefore, installing iYoga on your Windows 8 is a must, especially if you also use other similar workout apps – for more info related to this subject you can read our following reviews: “Top Windows 8 Workout Apps for a Trained Body”, or “Top 8 Windows 8 Health and Fitness Apps”.

iYoga: the best way to relax after a busy and stressful day

iYoga is one of the most popular Yoga apps, the software featuring a variety of top quality Yoga poses (asanas); these poses are indicated for those who are having problems with burning fat, or reliving stress, iYoga bringing a strong balance between your body and your mind.

The Yoga poses are divided into categories, each position being exemplified by a Yoga expert. Basically you will learn various training methods that include poses from the following categories: Standing, Sitting, Knee, Supine, Prone, Balancing, Essential, Closing and others.practice yoga

In case you want to try this new app on your Windows 8 device, you should know that there is a limited discount offer for the same – the tool is priced at only $2.49 (the offer is up until the end of July); moreover iYoga is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT platforms so you can try the same on any handset you want.

Download iYoga from Windows Store.


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