8 Best Windows 10/11 Health and Fitness Apps

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Do you want to live a healthier life? Of course you do, as this has become everybody’s goal since it is so hard to find healthy meals and also since we all have such a busy schedule. Nowadays it’s really difficult to actually take a break, or to relax after having a busy day at work. At the end of the day, we are tired and we just want to prepare ourselves for the next day, which will basically be the same. So, when do we make something just for us? Or when do we have time to live a healthier life? I know that it is difficult even to give an actual answer to these questions, so because of that during the lines from below I will try to help you out.

How? Well, basically I will describe you the best Windows 8 health and fitness apps. In a few words, these Windows 8 apps can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone and tablet which means that you can stay in touch with your health and fitness program even when you are at work. Each time you have a break you can access the app and resume your “health or fitness program”. Of course, in order to do that you will have to own a Windows 8 based smartphone or tablet and also you have to be confident on the results.

Keep fit with these health and fitness apps for Windows 8

The apps which are being listed below are developed by qualified fitness instructors and nutritionists and can be used for those who are trying to live a better life. The best Windows 8 health and fitness apps will help you lose weight, stay in touch with your friends and with their results (there is no competition but you can anytime encourage yourselves), read the latest advices on how to manage your diet and exercise regimens and you will also learn how to eat, when to eat and what to eat for living a healthier life. Therefore, let’s get started; here are the best Windows 8 health and fitness apps that are currently available on Windows Store.

The apps presented here will be:

  1. Back Trainer
  2. Endomondo
  3. FitBit
  4. Running Mate
  5. Nutrient’s
  6. Diet and Weight Control
  7. Yoga
  8. Daily Workouts

1. BackTrainer

back trainer windows 8

We have already described you the BackTrainer Windows 8 fitness app (read the review by going here) during our recent posts. As you might know, BackTrainer is a dedicated app that can help you against your back pain. The program will teach you the right exercises that will take away the back pain, so after using this Windows 8 fitness app you will feel better and you will be able to have a normal life without dealing with stressful pains. You can anytime download BackTrainer from here, for only $2.49. You can also get the app for free for one day only – there is a one day free trial version available.

2. Endomondo

endomondo windows 8 app

Endomondo is another Windows 8 fitness app that has been detailed by our team – check the review here. Endomondo is actually a social fitness network with more than 12 million users worldwide. With this Windows 8 app you will be able to get an overview of your fitness training. You will be able to schedule different tasks, obtain real-time results and see how the exercises are helping you and how can you improve the results. Don’t forget that this is a social network, so you will be able to compare your results with the ones registered by your friends, who by the way can offer you precious advices. You can download Windows 8 fitness app Endomondo from here.

3. FitBit

fitbit windows 8

First, this Windows 8 fitness and health app is designed to be used with Fitbit devices. The app will let you sync your Fitbit tracker with the help of the wireless sync USB dongle. Now, with Fitbit you can view the results of your activity exercises along with a proper view of your health and fitness trends. You can schedule new activities, you can see the results you have obtained and you can learn how to lose weight without taking pills and how to live a healthier life. You can read our Fitbit review as soon as you access the link from here.

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4. Running Mate

Running menThis Windows 8 app uses a GPS connection in order to help you track your fitness workouts. Running Mate can be used for cycling, walking and running exercises; it is accurate and helps in improving your results. The app also tells you when you are skipping your workout and it motivates you in achieving new levels on your fitness program. Running Mate is priced $1.99 and can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store on your Windows 8 based tablet or smartphone.

5. Nutrient’s

Nutrient'sThis is a free Windows 8 health app that can help in you choosing the right alimentation. Along with a fitness program, Nutrient’s will teach you how to lose weight fast and how to feel better without eating meat or bread. Basically the app describes the nutrients that are present in different fruits and shows you how and when to eat fruits for getting the energy needed for your organism.

6. Diet and Weight Control

Diet and weight controlEveryone should have this Windows 8 health app on their smartphone or tablet. This is the best app to use when having weight problems or when trying to lose weight fast. So, Diet and Weight Control will tell you which diet to take in order to reduce your weight. You will learn how to eat properly and of course what to eat if you want to be relaxed and confident about yourself. This Windows 8 app can be downloaded for free from Windows store.

7. Yoga

YogaNow, this is the best Windows 8 app to use if you want to forget about your daily problems. Yoga will teach you how to be relaxed and how to enjoy your life. You will be able to learn more than 24 types of yogas (along with step by step process for each yoga exercise), exercises which can be performed right from your home. The tool has a user friendly interface and can be installed on Windows 8.1 OS. You can download Yoga from Windows store for free. As an extra app, you can also check out GymGuide app for Windows 8 that we have featured a while ago.

So, those were the best Windows 8 fitness and health apps that are currently available on Windows Store. Our selection was based on users review, but you can add more tools to the list from above anytime you want. You can feedback us by using the comments field from below and you can also point out your own Windows 8 health and fitness apps.

8. Daily Workouts

daily workouts windows 8 windows 10  screenshot

This is a great app that will be your personal trainer anywhere you will go. It is designed for all users, even for the laziest as it offers you daily exercises sets from 5 to 10 minutes. You don’t have to spend hours in order to learn some sophisticated exercises. You will have to choose between more than 170 exercises for all the major muscles and it is designed to give programs for both women and men.

If you struggle to learn some specific workout exercises, don’t worry: the app comes with videos for all exercises and explanations for the right technique. If these 170 exercises are not enough for you, you can purchase more. There are also some prepared routines that you can purchase and follow them in order to keep your body in a good shape.

If you are interested in more fitness and workout apps that could help you exercising daily, you can check our list with best apps for fitness. In case you are looking for some apps that can guide you for a more ‘bodybuilder program’ check these apps.

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