6tin app update for Windows Phone fixes Facebook login issue

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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6tin is the unofficial Tinder app for Windows developed by Rudy Huyn. It seems that the developer is working feverishly on this 3rd party application as new versions of it are released pretty frequently and we really like all the changes that the developer is bringing to the application.

The latest version of 6tin was recently released for Windows Phones. Its developer noticed that many users were complaining about a Facebook Login issue on his app and as soon as he noticed how serious the problem was, he replied via his Twitter account saying that he is currently working on a fix. Twelve hours after Huyn posted that tweet, the new version of the application was reviewed and published on the Windows Store. You can now download version 3.3.2 of 6tin from the official Microsoft Store and install it on your Windows Phone.

It seems that the new 6tin only fixes the Facebook login issue and doesn’t come with any new major changes or features. However, we’re sure the developer will keep on working on this application and bring some new features and options sometime in the near future.

Since Huyn is very active on his Twitter account, we suggest you leave suggestions and you may see some changes brought to the application thanks to your feedback.

TIP: Always keep the 6tin application updated in order to make sure that all features and options are working without any problems.

Have you updated 6tin to version 3.3.2 yet? Tell us your thoughts about this popular 3rd party application.


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