A Juggler’s Tale: How to get all the achievements

by Robby Bisschop
Robby Bisschop
Robby Bisschop
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  • A Juggler's Tale is a cinematic adventure told entirely in rhyme.
  • You play as Abby, a young girl in a puppetry world.
  • It takes around 3 hours to get all 18 achievements.

A Juggler’s Tale is a narrative side-scrolling adventure, about a young puppet girl who escapes the circus and runs off in search of freedom. It’s set in a fantastic-looking world full of strings and props to make it look like a puppet show being shown to a captivated audience.

The game has a quick-loading chapter select, available from the menu screen, so it should be easy to load the exact act and chapter you need.

If you’d like to learn more about the game and what we thought of it, be sure to check our review!

🏆 Amount of achievements: 18 (3 secret)
⏲️ How long to beat: around 3 hours
🎮 Platforms: Windows, Steam, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch

Bullseye – 25G

Practice your throwing skills – left and right!

At the very start of the game, you’ll be given instructions on how to throw objects. Simply hit both targets (left and right) three times each and the Bullseye achievement should pop.

An Apple A Day… – 50G

Make sure the bear is well fed.

Keep running right and you’ll be forced into a staged fight. The game wants you to throw the apple over the bear’s head so you can grab the ringmaster’s hat, but instead of doing that, throw 8 apples straight at him. As soon as he’s consumed the 8th apple, the achievement is yours.

On to adventure

On to adventure – 100G

Finish Act I.

This is story-related and unmissable. At the end of the first act, you’ll get the 100G.

Lunchtime – 25G

Enjoy your newfound freedom.

At the start of the second act, you’ll walk by a bench overlooking some gorgeous fields. Take a break by pressing the action button near the bench and you should get the achievement. Easy, right?

Animal Friend – 50G

Free the wolf. (Secret)

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You’ll encounter a wolf who’s been roped down to a pole. Simply pulling at it won’t be enough, so we need to enlist the aid of something heavier. Keep going to the right and let down the bridge. Drag the cart back to the left, over the bridge. Use the action button near the wolf when the cart’s hook is close to it and Abby will attach it.

Wait for the bridge to lift again and push the cart off the edge, cutting the wolf free in the process. Good news: by freeing him you get to ride on its back near the end of the game!

Scaredy-cat – 50G

Leave the wolf to his fate. (Secret)

Instead of freeing the wolf, simply ignore it and continue onwards. This can’t be achieved in the same run as Animal Friend but you can simply load this chapter from the menu. At least the 50G you earn will ease your conscience… somewhat.

On Dry Feet – 50G

Play through Act II without falling into the water.

This is possibly the hardest achievement in the game, but very doable if you just pay attention. You have to avoid falling in the water for the entire Act II. If you do fall in, be sure to hit the menu button and start over from the first chapter.

There are some rivers you’ll need to cross, most of them can be done simply by jumping at the last minute and there is one part where you’ll need to alternate between two wooden planks to jump on. This is required by the game to proceed, but very likely that you’ll have missed this and will need to try again in a new run.

After the double wooden board part, there is a long section in the rain and with torches, and afterwards, there will be a few more jumps, so be sure to take this nice and slow so you won’t have to start over.

The achievement should pop as soon as the chase sequence with Tonda and his thugs starts.

Upside Down – 100G

Finish Act II.

This is story-related and unmissable. At the end of the second act, you’ll get the 100G.

Childish – 50G

Play fetch with the dog until he is happy.

At the start of Act III, you’ll encounter a dog. You need to throw a stick to distract it and continue onwards. After the first stick throw, he’ll become friendly to you and if you throw it a few more times, he’ll start wagging his tail as the achievement unlocks. (Just throw it once more, he’s been such a good boy!)

Troublemaker – 25G

Really get on a villager’s nerves.

Not long after, you’ll encounter a bell. Just ring it three times and at the third chime, the achievement is yours.

Close Call – 25G

Attract the attention of the bandits three times without getting caught.

There will be a few sequences where guards shine their lanterns at you. Just get closer to the light a few times to alert them (their light should shine brighter) and then quickly run back so you won’t get caught.

It’s very likely this achievement will pop during regular gameplay, without trying to get it specifically, but if that’s not the case, simply reload this chapter from Act III.

Changing your fate – 100G

Finish Act III.

This is story-related and unmissable. At the end of the third act, you’ll get the 100G.

Riot – 50G

Riot on the stage of the fourth act.

At the start of the fourth act, there will be a siege tower with some heavy stones. Press the action button to pick one up and run all the way back to the left, to the start of the act. Aim the stone at the piece of grass hanging to the left and throw it down. The achievement will pop and you’ll get some comments from the puppeteer who’s not too happy with your rebellious actions.

Worth a try – 25G

Annoy Tonda and the bandits.

Keep playing and you’ll come near a ballista. Simply press the action button near it and Abby will fire it at Tonda’s thugs. It won’t help you one bit, but at least it gave them a good scare. (and earning you an achievement!)

Plumber – 25G

A few more barrels than necessary….

When Abby escapes from the fisherman’s village, she will be blocked by a giant whirlpool. You can stop it by bumping a barrel into the hole, but be careful that you don’t get sucked in as well. To unlock the achievement, you’ll need to let three barrels get sucked in, so rinse and repeat.

Tip: it’s easiest to do when you angle your boat slightly, this is physics-based so use your brain.

This is how it works – 50G

Free Tonda from a thread. (Secret)

Near the end of the game, you’ll get to finally fight back! When you get to the location depicted below, grab the scythe and put it on the platform. Then pull the lever and have Abby ride the platform up (with the scythe). Grab the scythe again and walk to the edge of the platform, then press the action button to place it down.

You might need to angle the tip of the scythe up to make sure it doesn’t hit the stone platform. Once it’s in place, you can walk across. Pick it up again and walk to the left until it hooks behind Tonda’s threads. Walk to the right to cut the first thread and earn your achievement!

Triumph – 100G

Finish Act IV.

This is story-related and unmissable. At the end of the fourth act, you’ll get the 100G.

Together we are not alone – 100G

Finish Act V.

This is story-related and unmissable. At the end of the fifth act, you’ll get the 100G.

Congrats on beating the game!

That’s about it when it comes to achievements for A Juggler’s Tale. There’s 500G here that is hard to miss, but hopefully, our achievement guide has helped you get the other 50%.

If you have any other questions or you need some extra steps for completing any one of these achievements, don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the section below and we’ll make sure to help you out!