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Most of us, especially users outside US or UK, have bumped into a video or two which isn’t available in their country. This large network which unites the global internet society still has creator-imposed limitations due to the advertisement or conflict of interests policies.

And, even though we can understand that on one side, it’s still bothersome. Luckily, there’s a way (there always is on the interwebz) to avoid this geo-restrictions and stream any video you like.

Today, we’ll show you the 3 most common ways, with focus on newbies and casual users. So, if you’re keen to avoid geo-restrictions and only need a tool to do so, look no further. The tools below should help you in your endeavors.

How to access blocked and geo-restricted YouTube videos from anywhere

  1. Use a proxy server or browser ‘VPN’ extension
  2. Give Virtual Private Network a go
  3. Use Tor browser

1: Use a proxy server or browser ‘VPN’ extension

When someone who’s not accustomed to avoiding internet limitations runs into this problem, all the chances are that they’ll look at shortcuts. And the best and the simplest ones are mostly proxies and browser extensions. With most of them, you can mimic your IP address — make it look like it originates from the supported location. They don’t require third-party software and they’re simple to use. On the other hand, most of them require registration, which can be an issue with some users. Especially the ones who are privacy-oriented.

How to use the proxy to watch restricted videos on YouTube? It’s rather simple. There are various sites which can be used to hide your IP address and replace it with the alternative one. However, the easiest way to do so is to install one of the VPN-like extensions for your browser. There’s a whole lot of solutions in this category and they’re all limited to a single browser. You can’t use it for every other application on your PC to access and watch restricted YouTube to access blocked youtube videos

You can find the lists of best proxy/VPN extensions for Chrome and Firefox respectively just below.

Even though Chrome is the undisputed leader of the browser market, Mozilla Firefox is, with recently reconfigured and more secure core, a viable solution. Opera comes with its own VPN solution. It’s indeed slow but it can come in handy to watch one or two videos. Just wait for it to load before you play it.

2: Give Virtual Private Network a go

Now, VPN is where the things get more serious. Besides the simple middleman-like manipulating of your physical IP address, Virtual Private Networks give you so much more. But, let’s concentrate on avoiding YouTube‘s geo-restrictions before we spread our focus on the broader use of VPN as a tool. Most VPNs (at least premium ones) offer a lot of servers for you to choose, with hundreds of IP addresses in various locations all around the globe. Also, the bandwidth speed and data package latency are adequate, in comparison to free VPN solutions and proxies/extensions.

Here are the advantages of using VPN over some other solutions:

  • It covers all applications on one device and multiple devices in one network (multiplatform support is also a thing).
  • It has a myriad of servers all around the globe so you can choose the one which suits you the best.
  • It’s fast and reliable and offers an encryption for maximum privacy and data protection.

However, there’s also question whether to use a free-of-charge VPN solution or a premium, subscription-based VPN. We’re strongly endorsing the latter since that’s where you get to see the real benefits of VPN. Here are some premium solutions you should try out and see for yourself:

3: Use Tor browser

Finally, if you’re not willing to spend money on circumventing geo-restrictions on YouTube, you can also use the Tor Onion Browser. This hippie browser is, in comparison to mainstream browsers, a real deal when it comes to privacy. It offers encryption and switches your IP address with the alternative one. Also, some folks use it to connect to a Dark or Deep Web, which is often construed as the core of all evil on the to access blocked youtube videos

Also, in regards to YouTube, you should have an easy time streaming any video (for some you’ll need an account, though). The configuring and using Tor Onion Browser is as simple as using any other conventional browser, with some minor tweaks. Once you download it, it should be simple to set it up and connect to the internet in a more secure manner. However, speed-wise, expect some slowdowns.

If you’re willing to give it a try, it’s an open-source project and free to use. Here’s from where to download it.

That should do it. Just in case you know an alternative way to avoid geo-restrictions on YouTube, make sure to share them with us in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.



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