Age of Cavemen Review: Lead a prehistoric village on your Windows 10 device

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If you’re into strategy games, then the Age of Caveman might be up your alley. In it, your are a prehistoric village’s chief leading your tribe, training your troops, and fighting other villages.

Age of Caveman is a free-to-play strategy game in which you lead your stone age village. In order to have a successful village, you’ll need to carefully manage it and distribute resources. The main resources in this game are stone, meat, and meteorites.

age of cavemen review1

Stone is used for building while meat is used for performing actions or for training troops. Both of these resources can be produced in your village by building a Hunter’s Cave and Stone Quarry. Each of these buildings will produce a specific resource which you can collect. Since meat and stone are crucial for the development of your village, you’ll have to invest a lot of time into resource gathering.

Fortunately, resources are produced by your villagers and you’ll have to collect them from time to time. If you wish to produce more resources, we advise players to upgrade your Hunter’s Cave or Stone Quarry in order to increase your production rate.

Last on our list of resources are meteorites, the game’s premium currency. Meteorites are extremely useful because you can use them to speed up the production of your buildings, troops, and resources. You can even trade meteorites for resources, purchase chests with valuable treasures, or use them to provide shields for your village. Some buildings even require meteorites in order to construct and since meteorites are rather rare, you should spend them wisely.

You can obtain meteorites by cleaning the rocks and trees from your village, but you can also obtain them by completing certain achievements. In addition, the game rewards you if you log in on a daily basis by giving you resources which include meteorites. In case you need more meteorites, you can easily purchase them right from the game.

age of cavemen review

Managing your village isn’t that hard, but there is a constant threat available in the form of other players. Other players can invade your village and steal your resources. In order to protect everything, you’ll need to build defensive structures such as towers and walls. Each of these structures has a different use, so in order to protect your village, you’ll need to carefully plan your defense by combining different defensive structures.

Each tower comes with its range, so you’ll have to plan carefully exactly which buildings you wish to protect by placing towers next to them. It’s worth mentioning that you can move your buildings after you’ve built them in order to create the best defense for your village.

Of course, you’re able to attack other villages in order to gain resources and you can train a wide range of units ranging from Clubman to Mammoth. Each unit has a different cost and advantages, so you’ll need to pick right units in order to execute successful raids on enemy villages.

As for attacking other villages, you can play the campaign mode that works as a tutorial or you can raid other players. Since warfare is such a big part of Age of Caveman, you can form tribes with other players in order to protect one another or plan attacks.

age of cavemen review2

Age of Caveman is a visually appealing game with a beautiful user interface. If you like management and strategy games, this game might be perfect for you. Our only complaint is that the game might seem a bit complex at a time and it will take you some time before you learn how to properly run your village. In any case, Age of Caveman is a fun game so make sure that you try it out by downloading it from the Windows Store.

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un-playable game. too many bugs. Reached level 57 and uninstalled as units freezing, and loot fro raids goes vanishing as it crashes after every fight, training camps stop producing before full up, you point and click and something different happens etc, etc…. the list is a long one. Crap game, do NOT play it……