Say what? AMD has 15 security vulnerabilities, Intel got 233?

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Recently, a security researcher compared the vulnerability listings of AMD and Intel hardware. The researcher created a Reddit thread to discuss the findings.

The post highlights the surprising fact that AMD has reported only 15 security vulnerabilities until now. However, we can see a total of 233 vulnerabilities on Intel’s listing.

The findings are quite strange because both these companies are currently leading the market. Still, there is a significant difference between the number of reported security flaws.

This issue sparked a detailed discussion on Reddit and people came up with their own explanations as to why this huge difference exists.

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So, why this huge difference?

Some people believe that hackers are focusing more on Intel. Indeed, Intel has a monopoly on the consumer market and hackers may want to launch more and more attacks on Intel systems.

Therefore, the increased number of attacks lead to more reported issues.

As others have said already, I think it’s because Intel has been dominating for a long time and thus there has been MUCH more research into Intel security flaws.

Some Reddit users suggested that the architecture of AMD is more secure as compared to Intel.

All systems are tested for these vulnerabilities. Please look into some AMD white papers on speculative execution, they actually built bit checkers into the CPU for this reason. They are taking security seriously.

We can not deny the fact that Intel has a popular bounty program that encourages security researchers to find vulnerabilities in its architecture.

Maybe that is the reason why security researchers are focusing more on Intel. However, Intel has been honest about all the security issues reported until now.

The company really wants to keep its consumers’ trust and decided to be transparent about the security vulnerabilities affecting its products.



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