3 best overclocking software for Intel CPU to use in 2019

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best overclocking software for intel cpu

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Simply put, overclocking is the process of making your CPU run faster.

Overclocking is perhaps the best way to custom tune your PC by adjusting the power, core, voltage, memory settings and other values of your system for the ultimate performance of your processor, RAM and motherboard.

The good thing about overclocking is it speeds up the components, as well as your gameplay, and comes in handy with tasks like transcoding and image rendering, which are processor-intensive in nature.

There are several reasons why you may want to overclock your Intel CPU, but generally, you get the most out of it if you use your computer for tasks that are CPU-intensive as mentioned, including gaming.

While most overclockers enjoy the thrill of fooling around with their systems, pushing them to the limit, overclocking can also be dangerous as it could damage some components permanently or shorten their lives too, if something wrong happens. For this reason, it’s best to also use an overclocking testing software to make sure that your PC can handle the strain.

We checked out some of the best overclocking software for Intel CPU, and here are out top picks.

Best overclocking software for your Intel CPU computer


MSI Afterburner

best overclocking software for intel cpu

This is the world’s most popularly recognized and best overclocking software for Intel CPU, and graphics card overclocking utility that lets you fully control your graphics cards.

Afterburner provides a detailed overview of your hardware, in addition to customizing fan profiles (you can fully customize a predefined fan speed curve so as to determine cooling performance), benchmarking and video recording.

Afterburner is free of charge and can be used with graphics cards from any brand, and the best part is it makes overclocking easy for complete beginners to get the most out of their hardware’s performance.

It features GPU/shader/memory clock adjustment, adjustment of fan speed (advanced), and GPU voltage control adjustment. Its hardware monitor that forms part of its interface and effectively tracks your rig’s performance, is bespoke, plus it shows frame rates among other things during gameplay.

Other features include the triple over voltage that gives you an edge through precision control of the Core Memory and PLL voltages, in-game FPS counter with real-time info on your system’s performance in an on-screen display so you can monitor the effect of your overclocking settings while gaming.

You also get 64-bit support for such applications, custom user skins, multilingual support, Kombustor benchmarking tool based on the Furmark software to push your graphics card to its limites and test both stability and thermal performance, and predator video capture such that you can record your best performance in games or overclocking without missing a single frame.

Get MSI Afterburner


Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU)

best overclocking software for intel cpu

This is a simple Windows-based performance tuning software for newbies and pros alike, especially overclocking enthusiasts.

Intel XTU helps you overclock, monitor and stress a system, with a software interface that exposes its robust capabilities common in most platforms, plus special new features for net Intel application processors and Intel motherboards.

It is powerful, and worth the installation, what with features like graphs which chart CPU utilization, temperature, and frequency of the process, which changes with time, so you can monitor these changes.

The manual tuning tab lets you tweak your processor, graphics, voltage and memory, and the Stress Test modules let you exercise your CPU, memory and graphics to determine if the system is still stable.

Other features include the Profile options so you can save and remember specific overclocking settings, which you probably forgot about.

However, it is not advisable to use the Intel XTU for overclocking unless you actually know what you are doing, and you can accept the risks that come with it, otherwise this is one of the best overclocking software for Intel CPU that you can use.

Get Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

UPDATE: The latest Intel Extreme Tuning Utility version adds support for the next-generation Intel Core processors. So, even if you own an old computer or the latest 8th or 9th generation Intel CPU, this software can help you to optimize your overclocking settings to get the best possible results.


EVGA Precision X

best overclocking software for intel cpu

This is another free to use, and convenient overclocking software for Intel CPU, which comes with support for a maximum of 10 custom user profiles.

EVGA is one of the best overclocking software for Intel CPU today, and has become a must-get for gamers who want to up their gaming laptop and push it higher in terms of hardware performance.

However, it only works with NVidia graphics cards, unlike MSI Afterburner which works with all graphics cards from any brand, so AMD users will have to use something else. Its latest version supports Microsoft DirectX 12 API, and lets you change the clock and memory offset.

Features include a navigable interface, seamless switching between user profiles, fan speed, voltage, and much more. The latest version, the PrecisionX 16 has added features like overclocking support, functionality and full support for Microsoft Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10.

Another new feature is the EVGA LED Sync, which you can use to sync your EVGA RGB graphics card, CLC cooler or chassis with the EVGA LED Sync, built into the Precision XOC.

Benefits of using EVGA Precision X include a dynamically set independent voltage or frequency points for ultimate control, linear mode for one-click overclocking, scan mode for finding optimal voltage/frequency carve for your card, OSD interface with RGB color support, custom fan control, in-game screenshot hotkey that supports  BMP and JPG, and much more.

Get EVGA Precision X

Did your best overclocking software for Intel CPU make the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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