Anthem’s player count: How many open-world gamers are there?

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  • Curious to know how many players are left in the awesome, massive open world that is Anthem?
  • It might be safe to say that the results will surely both shock and disappoint you at the same time.
  • Even though more than 8 million people bought and played it, less than 20 daily players remain.

You surely must have heard about Anthem by now right? yes, we’re talking about the online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts.

Since the game came out back in 2019, millions of players rushed to the fictional planet named Coda, where they assumed the role of Freelancers.

These heroic adventurers, who wear powerful exosuits, make it their job to defend humanity from the threats beyond their cities’ walls.

If you were also wondering about the game’s title, know that it refers to the Anthem of Creation, a powerful and mysterious force responsible for most of the extraordinary technology, phenomena, and threats in the world.

Wondering how many users flock to this virtual world on a monthly basis and escape their daily lives? We’re about to take a deep dive into that and find out together.

How many people bought and played Anthem?

As we’re sure you are already aware, there are a lot of MMOs out there, each better or more entertaining than the other.

Among the fan-favorite ones, we can mention Runescape, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter, and Lost Ark.

But don’t underestimate Anthem, because according to MMOPopulation, this game is actually among the best 20 MMOs out there.

Now, according to the available statistics, Anthem managed to gather quite an impressive army of gamers, peaking at 8.39 million users.

Now, even by today’s standards, that is a massive fanbase, considering that most people don’t seem that invested in these types of games anymore.

How many people still play Anthem?

We don’t know exactly what you were expecting, but the situation is pretty dramatic, as far as what is left of the Anthem gaming community.

Even though fans seemed pretty excited to play this awesome title at first, it seems that the love affair between fans and game ended as abruptly as it started.

Yes, we said that over 8 million players were recorded playing Anthem, but the present statistics will shock you, to say the least.

So, if we’re talking daily players, Anthem now has less than 20. No, that wasn’t a typo, it is what remains of the once-mighty Anthem community.

Source: MMOpopulation

The most dramatic drop in player count actually happened in the last month, when the numbers went from close to a hundred thousand to almost zero.

Apparently, the game had nothing more to offer the content-hungry fans, and everyone simply decided to abandon this virtual world in the quest to find a new, more entertaining one.

We almost forgot to mention that this is the count for the entire Anthem player base, which includes the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

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Understandable, considering that a lot of MMO enthusiasts are now playing Lost Ark a lot, and many have returned to World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion, with more to come for the upcoming one, which is called Dragonflight.

The remaining Anthem players are wondering if playing the game is even worth it in these conditions since they can’t seem to find more than 3-4 players in any given mode.

This is a sad fate for what once seemed to be a masterpiece, with everyone being ultra-excited after only watching the game’s pre-release trailer.

Things are unlikely to change for the better, but we’ll keep an eye out for any changes and let you know if the community somehow magically decided to come back.

Have you ever played Anthem? Share your experience with us in the dedicated comments section located below.

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