8 best enterprise antivirus to secure your business

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Complete end-to-end protection‎ is mandatory for large and small businesses alike.
  • If you don't know what to choose, enterprise software packages coming from BullGuard and Bitdefender are worthy of your attention.
  • Corporate end users can find plenty of other powerful solutions in this Cybersecurity section.
  • For similar business-grade security suites, take your time to visit our Antivirus Software Hub.
Enterprise antivirus to secure your business
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Antivirus security comes with a myriad of benefits not only for your home, but also for small businesses, and enterprise use.

If you don’t have an antivirus software tool for enterprise use and you desperately need one for your enterprise network, we have the best picks for you.

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The benefits of getting antivirus for your business include central management and scalability besides advanced protection for your systems.

Therefore, you need to find one that matches both your enterprise and security needs so you can enjoy enhanced performance and updated security against known and unknown threats.

A good antivirus for the enterprise should ideally protect your hardware, emails, cloud environment, IP information, and data (both yours and your clients’), therefore you have to be very particular when picking the right one for you.

Here we share the top antivirus choices for your business that come loaded with security features meant to deliver maximum protection.

What’s the best enterprise antivirus to try out?

BullGuard (recommended)

try out BullGuard

This enterprise antivirus provides industry-leading protection against all forms of threats to your business.

It has been ranked highly in independent tests and incorporates innovative multi-layered defenses that block all forms of malicious threats, ensuring your organization operates at optimal performance.

BullGuard’s multi-layered protection combines traditional signature-based protection with behavioral-based protection to guard against malware outbreaks.

One of the most striking things is its effective and pleasing design, with a simple to navigate and use dashboard interface, and clearly marked features and actions.

No less important, all BullGuard products in its comprehensive security suite are designed with your enterprise in mind.

As a quick recap, BullGuard key features include:

  • Vulnerability scanner to detect outdated software that is easily exploited by hackers
  • Powerful backup to keep your files safe in case of a system crash or computer loss
  • Intuitive features to stop unwanted apps from hijacking your browser
  • Automatic background performance optimization (PC tune-up)
  • Behavioral-based detection
  • Antispam filters


BullGuard’s security solutions provide multi-level cybersecurity for large enterprises and not only. Claim the best deal right away!
$23.99/year Visit website

Read our full BullGuard review


get Bitdefender

Your business needs continuous, powerful protection against any sophisticated threats, and Bitdefender is the right antivirus for an enterprise.

Features include layered next-generation endpoint protection against cyber threats, through which Bitdefender detects advanced persistent threats, protects your organization from ransomware and defeats exploits, and zero-day attacks.

For your infrastructure, Bitdefender protects all endpoints and features an integrated enterprise security system, with simplified security for SMB and for service providers.

The GravityZone feature – adaptive, layered endpoint security designed for cloud and virtualization – protects your enterprise from advanced targeted attacks, through its monitoring and revolutionary hypervisor introspection architecture.

Bitdefender also has the GravityZone Endpoint Security HD with HyperDetect, which is a next-generation layer that uses specialized local machine models and behavior analysis techniques trained to spot and detect hacking tools, malware obfuscation, and exploits.

It effectively blocks attacks that most traditional endpoint and next-gen antivirus defenses don’t.

You also get centralized management of security in both heterogeneous and hybrid environments, plus its performance is optimized for modern infrastructure.

This is a lightweight solution, optimized for cloud and virtualization, with centralized smart scanning that translates to 30% performance improvement, if you compare it to traditional antivirus for enterprise vendors.

World's best antivirus
bitdefender 2019 product image
  • Great price plan
  • VPN included
  • Best Windows compatibility
  • Awesome customer support


try out McAfee

McAfee has been in the computer security game for quite a while now, but it’s only getting better at what it does.

As an antivirus for enterprise software, it offers advanced security that protects all your devices against threats, compatibility with every operating system, and ease of use with its robust user-friendly software that is both easy to install and manage.

With McAfee Antivirus Plus software, you get features such as advanced online banking security with a data encryption service that’s activated whenever you use online banking.

Also, add to the list enhanced security with its 255-character passphrases that are unsolvable to thieves but remembered by you, anti-phishing filter reinforcement, 24-hour data theft protection, secure digital vaults to keep your files and data locked and encrypted, and advanced antispam filter protection for your emails.

It is simple, easy to use with a console that lets you check the security status of your devices, and comes with automatic updates for the latest threat definitions to keep your protection up to date.

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mcafee official logo
  • Protecting up to 10 devices
  • Being trusted by over 500 million people 
  • Password manager


get Panda

This is the first and only antivirus for an enterprise that combines advanced protection technologies, and detection and remediation features, to classify 100 percent of running processes on all endpoints.

Features include endpoint protection from a centralized platform, systems control, and management whether in the office or remote locations.

You also get complete fusion to protect all IT infrastructure devices including smartphones and tablets, and email security to protect against all forms of malware and spam.

A unique feature is its contextual intelligence, which the platform uses to reveal patterns of malicious behavior and generate defensive strategies to counter both known and unknown threats to your system.

Panda’s security solution is easy to use and maintain, cut on costs, and minimizes resource usage, plus you get guaranteed service availability and constant system monitoring.

Its antispam protection modules – automatic and guaranteed – adapt to the user thus maximizing efficiency and preventing false positives, while guaranteeing 100 percent spam blockage.

Recommended antivirus
panda dome
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Personal firewall
  • Device management
  • USB Protection


get Avast

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This is a simple to use antivirus for enterprise and is everything your business needs in one package as it leaves nothing to chance with its powerful antivirus, data, and identity protection.

Avast is tested and approved by the most prestigious anti-malware institute and is an award-winning antivirus security tool, with 100 percent certified protection against zero-day threats.

It is the ultimate security for your business as it protects your IP, customer data, business strategy, and everything else including your server, email, and VPN.

This antivirus performs lightning-fast analyses of unknown files in your system and is a lightweight solution that won’t slow down your business, or employees as they work, but it is heavy on the threats.

Features include full identity protection, an easy to use VPN, Webcam Shield that keeps spies and snoops off your webcam, and complete data protection.

Also, include to the list the safe deletion of confidential documents so they cannot be recovered, inbox protection, active scanning of files, URLs, and email attachments using the File Shield, Web Shield, and Email Shield tools.

It also has the Behavior Shield tool that monitors deeply rooted malware hiding inside your running programs for any suspicious activity to shut down attacks.

Other features include CyberCapture that detects unrecognized file downloads, Software Defender to update software automatically, and a browser add-on for easy and secure auto-filling of passwords in online login forums.

You also geta SecureLine VPN to make every connection private no matter the network or Wi-Fi used so as to prevent identity or data theft online.

Essential antivirus protection
avast logo official
  • Secure password manager
  • VPN
  • WebCam Shield
  • Browser Cleanup


get Kaspersky

This is a common name when it comes to antivirus security for the enterprise, and also for other support such as home and small business.

Kaspersky’s antivirus for enterprise protects the things that matter to you, while you work.

It is designed for businesses running more than 5 computers with servers and other devices. It works out of the box and has easy management from a cloud-based console, so you don’t necessarily need IT skills to use this powerful security tools.

Features include cloud endpoint security with strong protection and easy management, advanced cybersecurity for business (world-class), ready to scale protection against every type of threat your enterprise faces, whether on-premise or cloud.

You also get multi-layered protection powered by machine learning and human expertise, granular security management, secure communication and collaboration, and enhanced mobile> security and device management.

Other key features include anti-targeted attacks, hybrid cloud security, a security operations center to efficiently detect and remediate threats, and Fraud Prevention for proactive detection of cross channel fraud in real-time.

Whether you are in financial, healthcare, data center, industrial, government or telecoms enterprise, Kaspersky will sort you out.

You can also increase your awareness and knowledge of high profile targeted attacks with the comprehensive practical reporting (APT Intelligence) feature from Kaspersky Lab.

Essential for Windows
kaspersky website logo
  • Blocking ransomware, cryptolockers & more
  • Preventing cryptomining malware infections
  • Real-time protection


get Webroot

This antivirus for enterprise promises not to interrupt you as you work because it has been noted that most users find themselves staring at the computer screen while the antivirus does its thing – you won’t have to with Webroot.

It takes only 20 seconds to check your computer, which is 60 times faster than the average scan time of tested competitor products.

In addition to this super fast speed, it doesn’t take up much space so you have plenty of room for all your files and documents.

Features include identity theft protection for your usernames, account numbers, and other personal information.

You also get secure browsing with real-time antiphishing to block fake sites, lightning-fast scans with no interruptions, webcam protection from spying threats, and guaranteed satisfaction with a 70-day money-back guarantee.

Antivirus for PC Gaming
webroot official website logo
  • Full virus protection without impact on speed
  • Gameplay performance
  • Webcam protection


get F-Secure

F-Secure Antivirus for enterprise lets you do business with confidence.

It is an essential, comprehensive, and advanced tool that secures your company’s endpoints, protects your whole IT infrastructure while managing vulnerabilities proactively, and shields from all conceivable threats with expert guidance.

Features include Protection Service for Business that delivers comprehensive but flexible endpoint security for all your devices, Cloud Protection, and Rapid Detection Service that monitors your security status 24/7, alerting you of breaches within minutes with a clear action plan.

F-Secure approaches cybersecurity with a combination of the latest human expertise and continuously improves technology to comprehensively predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

You can also enhance your salesforce’s native security capabilities by mitigating risks caused by careless or malicious user behavior.

30 years of experience
f-secure official logo website
  • Winner of AV‑TEST Best Protection award 2018 
  • Ransomware protection
  • Healthy boundaries for kids’ device use

Have you settled on one of these antiviruses for enterprise, or is there one you’re currently using that you’d like to share about?

Let us know by dropping your comment in the section below.

Do keep in mind that our recommendations are suitable for all those eager to try out:

  • Enterprise antivirus solutions – Finding a truly powerful enterprise antivirus solution is challenging. BullGuard is the ultimate business antivirus package you’re looking for.
  • Enterprise-grade antivirus – When you don’t want to settle for anything less than an enterprise-grade antivirus, refer to our picks above.

FAQ: Learn more about enterprise antivirus software

  • What is the best enterprise antivirus security solution?

Business customers around the world confirm BullGuard as providing top performance and rock-solid defense for corporate infrastructure.

  • What is the best antivirus software for small business?

Owners of small businesses should know that Bitdefender is an affordably priced frontline protection software for PCs and servers.

Similar solutions may be found in this best enterprise antivirus solutions list.

  • Is free antivirus enough?

Not all free antivirus solutions can meet your requirements. However, there are indeed a few powerful antimalware companies that offer decent free antivirus solutions.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in June 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in November 2017 and was revamped and updated in October 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.