If it runs code, it can just as well run malicious code. It’s not a question of what goes up must come down, but rather a matter of connecting to the Internet.

Experience taught us that whatever goes online can go down and get hacked, infected, or otherwise compromised. Here’s the number one reason for you to get an antivirus for PlayStation 4/5.

You might be skeptical and there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of parsimony. Here, at Windows Report we also like hard facts and tend to filter every piece of information instead of taking it for granted.

If you’re anything like us, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to find out exactly how your gaming sessions would benefit from deploying an antivirus for PS4 or PS5. And you should.

After all, don’t consoles come with default security measures in place? Do PlayStations get viruses at all? These are just some of the questions we shall try to answer, so keep reading.

Can my PS4 be hacked? / Can PS5 get hacked?

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It happened once, it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.

Hypothesis works with our imagination, history works with verifiable facts. What better way to show a PS4 (or a PS5, for that matter) can be hacked than by invoking an event that has already occurred?

A few years ago, a viral PSN notification bricked PS4 consoles on a large scale. Around the same time, a homoglyph attack was launched, causing PS4s to simply crash.

This simple deception technique that exploits similarities between characters in the console’s code obliged users to factory reset their PS4s and this was possible without them ever having opened the contaminated message.

So, can a PS4 get hacked? That’s solid proof that it can and it already was. Who’s to guarantee it will not happen again?

1. Sony’s built-in security

Proactive Sony designed the PS4 OS with as few potential virus entry points as possible. For instance, it does not allow you to transfer corrupted data from a compromised USB flash drive.

What’s more, you cannot land on counterfeit apps or games through pirated disks as Sony strictly controls downloads in an effort to only host legitimate, verified, and authentic sources from its store.

And let’s not forget the limited input devices that prevent viruses from penetrating your console’s system via peripherals.

You’re probably thinking everything’s covered, right? And why wouldn’t you? In theory, your console is unhackable.

But theory and practice don’t always meet eye to eye. While it may not be a computer (not in the conventional way at least), your PS4 or PS5 still has hardware components, performs memory-based tasks, and supports input devices.

And this means it can be just as exposed to viruses like any other machine. It may not allow infected USBs to spread havoc, but what about the controllers?

Does PS5 have antivirus? & Does PS4 have antivirus?

And here’s another interesting fact. Your PlayStation has native support for antivirus features, not to mention the fact that Sony itself recommends using antivirus for PlayStation 4/5 to strengthen your security.

2. The PS4/5 browser, Achilles’ heel

As regulated as software downloads may be, there are still loopholes to exploit and the PlayStation browser is one of them.

It’s generally acknowledged that PCs are prone to widespread virus infections, but we often neglect the fact that these are not the only devices that can go online.

Can a PS4 get a virus from the Internet? Without any doubt. Consoles are just as vulnerable – even though they are less susceptible to be targeted (for now)- simply because they provide online services.

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2 major takeaways:

➡ Unlike Sony (which focuses on hardware), Microsoft leverages security.
➡ Unlike the PlayStation, Xbox One has never been hacked to this day.

Even so, Microsoft’s console can still fall prey to Man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing and social engineering-based techniques, catfishing schemes, and so on.

If deploying an antivirus for your Xbox One is important, running antivirus software for PS4 or PS5 is nothing less than crucial.

Now, here’s another concern users typically have when it comes to the PS4/5 browser. Is the PS4 Internet browser safe?

It’s only as safe as you make it. As always, untrustworthy sites, sketchy links, browser-pushed suspicious notifications, and friend requests from strange or fake social media accounts are to be avoided.

If you’re part of an online gaming community, be aware of bots and be extra careful when downloading or streaming gaming content as it can link to infected servers.

3. Hijacking DNS servers

Speaking about servers, you’re (possibly) in for another big surprise. And by surprise we actually mean deception.

Hackers can intercept traffic between your console and your unsecured DNS server and alter its path to get access to your system’s updates.

It’s no more than a (worst case) scenario for now, but you can imagine the appalling implications of such a nefarious event.

4. Elitist viruses and insufficient incentivization

Profitability, specific coding, and a closed platform – here are the 3 main factors that dictate the likeliness of a widespread PlayStation virus infection and also the sentinels that allegedly keep your PS4 or PS5 from being targeted.

Let’s discuss them one by one, shall we?

– Specific coding

Like every other gaming console, PlayStations run their specific OS. While creating custom FreeBSD code is challenging, it’s also not impossible. All it takes is the right combination of technical prowess, time, and motivation.

But it does not always have to be specific OS coding. Many voices claim that viruses are elitists and PS4, respectively PS5 consoles are by default protected just because of that.

Here’s the thing: cross-platform viruses already exist and they are designed to run across multiple operating systems without too much hassle. Who’s to say a determined hacker will not concoct such a vermin to also target FreeBSD-based Orbis OS?

– Profitability

Above anything else, hackers are seasoned entrepreneurs with a keen eye for good business. Targeting devices with a greater potential to generate profit makes sense for these ROI-driven informatics villains.

While gaming consoles are not yet as profitable as broad-spectrum computers, there is still the prospect of a good payoff from compromising PlayStations.

As gaming devices grow more popular, they also attract unwanted attention. With more lucrative perspectives on the horizon and increasing outreach, PS4 and PS5 consoles are on their way to becoming high-profile targets for hackers looking to maximize their profits.

– Closed environment

Another reason for which gaming consoles are theoretically less prone to be hacked is the closed environment they run. Unlike PCs, they are not designed to perform a great array of tasks, hence they provide fewer programming capabilities.

While their rigid ecosystem makes it harder for external software developers to barge in, this does not make the consoles immune to malware, viruses, or hacking.

As shown above, the right incentives will always be enough to lure cybercriminals into uncharted territories.

Is there an antivirus for PlayStation 4?

Since unhackable devices or 100% virus-proof operating systems are no more than utopian concepts, your best bet is to deploy an antivirus for PlayStation 4/5.

If you’re wondering about third-party alternatives that can secure your precious Sony console against all things nasty, you’ve come to the right place.

Our selection includes only thoroughly tested antiviruses that will keep you safe from malware, ransomware attacks, rogues and network-targeted bots, fraud attempts, and more for a full PS4/5 virus scan.

Here’s a quick recap of the things you should hold on to before we dig in:

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Can a PS5 get a virus?YES
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Can a PS5 get malware?YES
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Does PS4 need antivirus?YES
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Can the PS4 browser get viruses?YES

ESET Internet Security

  • Multilayered protection with proactive detection
  • No interruption Gaming and Battery saving modes
  • Highly customizable scanning options
  • Advanced anti-fraud defense
  • Network Threat Detection module (firewall included)
  • There is no VPN included in the privacy suite.

If you’re after the best antivirus for PlayStation 4/5, ESET is the one solution you will not want to miss. ESET Internet Security pledges to keep you safe from all kinds of threats and not to get in your way while doing so.

We know that performance is a sensitive topic especially for gamers, and many are reluctant to deploy security software simply because it can be detrimental to their FPS and gulp down precious resources that would otherwise be pumped into gameplay, broadcasting, and streaming.

We hear you!

Do antiviruses slow down gaming? Some do, and there’s no denying it. But it’s not the case with every program in the industry – thankfully – and ESET understands gamers’ needs better than anyone.

Geared with a dedicated Gaming mode that saves up bandwidth as well as computing resources to power more juice into your gaming sessions, this antivirus software for PS4 and PS5 will allow you to unleash and enjoy the full potential of your rig.

No slowdowns and no compromises – this is ESET’s promise to you, and we can gladly confirm it delivers nothing more and nothing less than what it advertises.

Without being detrimental to your performance, ESET Internet Security manages to raise the bar and strengthen the defense lines around your gaming device with multi-faceted support.

What does this mean exactly? Unlike traditional antiviruses, ESET looks beyond vermin and malware. Its multiple layers of defense cover every single aspect of your digital experience and leave nothing at all to chance.

From privacy invaders to fraud attempts, there is no threat that can stand a chance against this legendary security suite.

It detects and instantly repels ransomware, phishing attacks, network-based exploits, snoopers, keyloggers, adware, browser-targeted campaigns, spoofed websites, and much more.

We already know that PlayStation are less susceptible to being infected with a virus when compared to the more popular PCs, but things change dramatically when fraud and hacking techniques are involved.

ESET is more vigilant and more potent than ever and it focuses on gaming-specific threats such as pirated games, infected gaming forum-based messages, and more.

Bitdefender Total Security

  • Social network, anti-phishing and anti-ransomware defense
  • Secure browser with anti-tracking capabilities
  • Mic and webcam defense
  • Small system footprint + performance optimizer
  • Dedicated Work, Movie, and Game modes
  • VPN traffic is capped at 200 MB daily usage.

Bitdefender is a giant and we dare say, its popularity is well-deserved. Unlike other security programs, this one has been around for a long time, steadily gaining our trust, and its constant self-actualization along with the innovative technologies they permanently welcome on board proves it’s here to stay.

Now, if we are to search for antivirus software for PS4 (and we are), it’s simply impossible to neglect Bitdefender Total Security’s gaming-oriented features. And there is plenty to look forward to!

Bitdefender has the best detection rates in the industry and there is no secret there. But what does that mean in terms of performance?

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You will be pleased to know that it not only delivers top-notch, impenetrable defense but also the lowest impact on your system even in full scan mode.

Having a hard time taking this statement for granted? So did we! That’s why we checked for ourselves and we can gladly confirm this tool’s small system footprint and overall discreet presence do not monopolize your resources.

Our breezy ASUS SonicMaster with 8.00 GB of RAM and 500 GB HDD (out of which 118 GB worth of files are already occupied) is your reliable witness.

Here are more features you’d probably enjoy, starting with the dedicated profiles that perfectly adapt to your needs. The big trio in our lives gets specialized modes for Game, Movie, and Work.

In fact, whenever you use an app on full screen, the silence mode automatically kicks in to halt notifications, tweak visual settings and postpone unessential operations in order to allow you to make the most of your rig uninterrupted.

The smart Battery Mode then comes into play and further adjusts your configuration to save on battery life and allow you to stay unplugged longer. Finally, the OneClick Optimizer will speed up your device and improve its overall performance.


Privacy and anti-fraud protection are quintessential to gamers since these are the 2 most vulnerable and most frequently exploited channels, closely followed by network-targeted attacks.

Bitdefender Total Security couldn’t have been the best antivirus for PlayStation 4/5 if it weren’t for some serious privacy-focused features such as video and audio protection, a VPN with anti-tracking capabilities, not to mention the proprietary file shredder and password management systems.

The smart Privacy Firewall filters your network traffic and the Wi-Fi Security Advisor makes sure you won’t ever land on an unsecured connection.

To top it all, you also get a secure browser to deploy financial operations, social network defense, and advanced anti-phishing protection to block out scammers, posers, spoofed websites, and more.

Norton 360 for Gamers

  • Advanced intrusion detection system
  • Multi-layered defense against gaming-related threats
  • Sophisticated protection against gaming-targeted exploits
  • Built-in VPN and firewall for complete privacy
  • Features such as Norton Optimizer, Cloud Backup, and SafeCam are only available on Windows.

Whether you’re looking for an antivirus for PS4, Xbox One, gaming PC, or a security program for Oculus Quest, you simply cannot go wrong with Norton 360 for Gamers.

It’s hard to beat an app that was designed by gamers for gamers and Norton caters exclusively to this special breed of users with very particular protection needs.

Of course, multi-faceted defense is well-represented, but it’s the fine-tuned features that perfectly wrap around gamers’ needs that we’re after.

And we believe Norton’s tailored protection will not only convince you it’s worth a shot but captivate you altogether.

Its specific mechanisms are designed to secure your gaming information, including anything and everything from accounts, devices, tags, and assets.

There is no shortage of antiviruses with gaming modes and boosters on the market and obviously, Norton does not fall short in this department.

But that’s just the beginning of the saga as Norton does more than minimize distractions while you’re gaming or using an app in a full-screen layout.

Here is the truly game-changing part: it adjusts its entire configuration to pump juice into your gameplay.

From optimizing resource-intensive processes and tasks to free up capacity to enhancing your CPU, Norton does it all.

Smooth graphics, boosted speed and top-notch FPS are guaranteed to propel you straight to victory and the awesome part is that you won’t have to sacrifice security or privacy on the shrine of performance.

The Dark Web Monitoring feature will keep an eye on your personal information as well as gamer tags, usernames, and email addresses associated with your gaming accounts.

More privacy-focused tools come to the rescue including a no-log VPN that repels DDoS attacks, webcam defense for safe streaming, anti-phishing, and proactive exploit protection to block fraudulent websites and zero-day attacks.

At this point, it’s only safe to say that Norton 360 for Gamers is up for the challenge and we could not be more impressed with its airtight defense designed to leverage the in-depth comprehension of gamers’ needs.

Avira Prime

  • Advanced privacy-focused suite
  • Unlimited VPN, secure browser and anti-tracker
  • Password management and device cleaner
  • Software, drivers, and privacy options updater
  • Streaming and broadcasting optimizations
  • Money-back guarantee only

Avira Prime may not be designed exclusively for gamers, but it has what it takes to secure your gaming device and allow you to make the most out of it without fussing over performance befalls.

This is one truly cross-platform program that you can use on all your devices. Not impressed yet?

You should know that you can cover up to 25 different gadgets running on different platforms with just one subscription – how about now?

Needless to say, this is a great antivirus for PS4/5 and its smart capabilities will show you exactly why. Here’s a bit of intel on Avira in a nutshell.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, shall we? Let’s talk performance.

With a dedicated device cleaner, Avira will help you remove clutter to free up both space and memory for your games.

But removing junk also has deeper implications that will be beneficial to your gameplay such as speeding up boot time and cutting down on lag. One goes up, another one must go down, right?

Avira will take it even further to automate your device optimizations and keep both software and drivers up to date.

By optimizing user and system processes, this best antivirus for PlayStation 4/5 will enhance your gameplay and allow you to get more out of your CPU.

Similar to Norton 360 for Gamers, this nifty program will check to see if your sensitive data such as passwords or account information have been leaked online or involved in a security breach.

Speaking about passwords, you’re in for a big treat thanks to the built-in password management system that allows you to generate unhackable codes for your gaming accounts.

It’s true that privacy is often related to confidential credentials, but there is more at stake. Avira gets it all too well and throws in extra privacy-focused tools to guarantee your end-to-end confidentiality.

Here’s what to expect: a truly unlimited VPN (which is a bit of a rare jewel with security bundles), a safe browser with anti-tracking and anti-adware capabilities, dedicated privacy settings optimizer, mic, and webcam shields, and more.

AVG Internet Security

  • Webcam protection and data shredder
  • Fake website shield + safe browsing
  • Advanced anti-hacking tools
  • Dedicated Do Not Disturb and Silent modes
  • Multi-device coverage and cross-platform compatibility
  • VPN feature is only available in the premium (Ultimate) edition.

AVG Internet Security boasts numerous security features designed to appease gamers’ concerns. What’s in it for you specifically?

Here’s a preview: robust ransomware protection, anti-hacking, and privacy-focused tools such as passwords and webcam defense, a customizable firewall, secure payments, and much more.

In fact, the Hacker Attacks Protection and Privacy Protection modules are 2 of the 5 major pillars on which AVG focuses in order to secure your digital experience.

Propelled by a powerful blend of heuristics and AI, this best PlayStation antivirus grants special attention to performance and this reflects throughout its entire infrastructure, all the way to scanning options.

You can trust the dedicated PUA scanner to identify potentially unwanted apps that may hide in gaming software packages while the Turbo Scan feature will skip files already vetted as safe to reduce the impact on your resources.

In some more handy tools to eradicate any distractions and allow you to enjoy your gaming sessions without interruptions.

We’re talking about the specialized Do Not Disturb and Silent modes that postpone notifications, pop-ups, scans, and updates while you engage in immersive gameplay.

The built-in web shield and link scanner further refine your experience by steering you away from all things suspicious, harmful, or untrustworthy. And here’s the great thing.

These tools only make up for the introductory part of the extensive anti-hacking suite that follows.

An enhanced, highly customizable firewall will stop hackers from accessing your network while the password and anti-ransomware shields safeguard your confidential data from theft, abusive encryption, and more.

Not useful anymore? Don’t let it linger around to tempt intruders. Rely on the native data shredder to permanently remove data you no longer need and prevent unauthorized access for good.

Did you find your antivirus for PlayStation 4/5 in here? We sure hope so. Don’t be shy to share your thoughts on this topic with us. We’re eager to know your point of view.

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