Best antivirus software with multiple scanning engines for Windows 10

Andrew Wafer
by Andrew Wafer
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Are you worried that your personal files are not properly secured? If you think that a single antivirus solution is not enough to protect your Windows 10 system against the daily released malware and malicious/deceptive apps, you should try another solution.

There are hybrid antivirus programs that use multiple scanning engines in order to increase the detection rate on a single scan. In this article, we will review the best antivirus with multiple scanning engines programs that can be currently used on the Windows 10 system.

Multiple scanning engines refer to complex scanning software that can detect infected files, malicious apps or security breaches by using, simultaneously, two or more third-party antivirus engines.

Thus, if you are working with important or sensitive files and programs and the security aspect is mandatory, then a regular antivirus solution might just not be enough. Each antivirus works on a dedicated engine which tries to detect potential malware files based on their own antivirus database and on the updates that are daily received.

But, there are numerous malware and scams released each day and only one team of developers can hardly cover all these online viruses in a single antivirus update – so, sometimes certain antivirus programs cannot detect infected files because of an antivirus database mismatch.

Therefore, for avoiding such unpleasant situations you should use a hybrid with multiple scanning engines – a program that will use, at the same time, during the same scan, engines from two or more antivirus platforms.

Here is the list of the best antivirus software with multiple scanning engines for Windows 10:

  • HitmanPro
  • Emsisoft
  • SecureAPlus
  • herdProtect

Antivirus programs with multiple scanning engines


Emsisoft (Recommended)

emsisoft antivirus with multiple scanning enginesEmsisoft is one of the best security tools and it’s very popular among Windows 10 users. The antivirus offers a complete PC protection for both online and offline environments. Additionally, it currently ranks high in all AV tests in term of performance, stability, usability and false-positive results which means that its scanning results are almost 100% accurate.

It has a dual-engine scanner and a special feature called Behavior Blocker. This tool allow you to be safe even when not-yet-knows signatures are threatening your system.

In term of scanning engines, Emsisoft combines only two such platforms: its own and Bitdefender’s one. Now, Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus systems that can be used for personal or business purpose so, if you are a regular user you shouldn’t feel the need for more scanning engines.

–  Get now Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the official wesbite


HitmanPro (suggested)



HitmanPro antivirus with multipe scanning enginesHitmanPro ensures 3 multiple scanning engines based on Emsisoft, Ikarus and Bitdefender. It is a fast platform that can be used without problems and without an actual installation process – it measures only 12 MB and can be run from desktop, USB Flash Driver, or through a remote storage device.

The program can remove infected Windows files and replace them with the original and safe packages. The program will not require many resources and will offer accurate results on a single scan.

You can try it for free for a 30 day trial period. The full license will cost you $24.95 for a year – you can use this license only on 1 computer. Of course, there are different pricing packages from where to choose and everything can be checked out before you buy.

    –  Get Hitman Pro from the official site.


OPSWAT (free)


opswat antivirus with multiple scanning enginesOPSWAT is a free antivirus program with multiple scanning engines that combines a configurable number of antimalware engines (from 1 to 30), while in the cloud it’s based on 42 multiple scanning engines.

The program is also light so it can successfully run on older configurations. The UI is intuitive and offers basic features for entry-level users. However, you won’t receive the same customizations options like you would if choosing HitmanPro for example.

You can learn more about this antivirus by accessing this page; from there you can also download and install OPSWAT on your Windows 10 system.


SecureAPlus (free and paid)


secureaplus antivirus with multiple scanning enginesSecureAPlus is a partially free antivirus with multiple scanning engines that combines 10 different algorithms from the most popular and powerful third-party security programs available for Windows 10. It’s partially free because you can use it one year without having to pay anything – after this period the pricing plans will start from $19.99.

SecureAPlus will scan your computer and will show individual results for each of the scanning engine that is included in its platform. Based on these results you can then choose what apps to remove or what processes to stop in order to successfully protect your data.

You can download SecureAPlus from this page.




herdprotect antivirus with multiple scanning enginesherdProtect is based on 68 scanning engines and it provides an extremely fast and smooth security solution that can work along with any other antimalware program. In that respect, it’s recommended to use herdProtect as a backup antivirus solution – this program will work great with a powerful antivirus platform such as Bitdefender or Bullguard.

herdProtect is free, easy to use and extremely fast – it won’t use resources so it can run in the background without problems. Since it’s so fast it can find malicious files, infected packages or scams in less than 60 seconds.

You can learn more about this complex antivirus solution by accessing this page – if you like it, don’t hesitate and try its features and functionality (once more, it’s 100% free).

These are the antivirus programs with multiple scanning engines that can be used on Windows 10. Choose the software that you prefer the most or test all of them before installing the right security solution for your system – as you noticed even the paid apps can be tried out for free for a limited period of time.

If you know other similar programs that can be trusted, don’t hesitate and share your experience with us and we will update this review accordingly – of course, you will receive credit for your suggestions.