7 of the best antivirus for slow computers

By: Daniel Segun
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Are you using a snailware? Or rather a slow PC? Today, we will be talking about ideal antivirus programs for slow computers.

Computer slowdown may be due to so many causes. It could be as a result of programs download and installation, web browsing, overloaded file folders, etc. Some antivirus security software also slows down computers. While some antivirus software’s do not slow nor affect the speed of your computer.

Antivirus software for slow computers


Bitdefender Total Security 2018

This is the Best Value for Windows PC Protection and it comes with different programs for PCs and Android mobile devices. It is very compatible with the Windows OS. This security software protects against malware on various devices and it is also very good for slow computers.

This security software can be downloaded from Bitdefender’s website.

For more information, check out our review on Bitdefender Total Security 2018.


Avast Pro Antivirus

avast pro antivirus

The Avast Pro Antivirus software is very good for slow computers and compatible with the Windows OS.

During various testing, this antivirus software had very high scores in its ability to detect, block and eradicate viruses. It can quickly detect threatening programs to your PC such as keyloggers and adware.


  • Good detection rates
  • It offers 24/7 support
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • Avast easily detects when your applications are out of date and helps you to update them.

Download Avast Pro Antivirus


Panda free antivirus software

antivirus with firewall

The Panda Antivirus free security software is very good for slow computers and compatible with the Windows OS.

It makes use of cloud processing to protect your PC thereby removing the need for heavy software updates and demanding scans.


  • Process monitor which enables you see active processes and lets you know if they are using a secure connection.
  • It scans quickly. You can perform three types of manual scan: full scan, critical scan and custom scan.
  • It also contains a handy vaccination tool that checks attached USB drives for malicious software.
  • These options are usually presented in a clear dashboard, with tiles that are movable and can be customized to suit your preferences.


  • It has removal issues.
  • It is dependent on internet connection.
  • When scanning it is usually slow.

Download Panda Antivirus


AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security software is an all in one package. It is very compatible with the Windows OS.


  • It optimizes the speed of your system very much.
  • Its operations can be tuned, including unused applications, visual effects and others.
  • Great storage zones for sensitive files.
  • It has a dashboard which enables the monitoring of devices health.
  • Great price. So many devices can be gotten with just one price.
  • It has a well integrated interface.

However, the downside of AVG Ultimate is that some security features are missing on the program. Also, its user interface is not optimized for novice PC users.

Download AVG Internet Security


Clam Antivirus (ClamAV) software


ClamAV is a free cross-platform and open-source software which is very good for slow computers.

It can effectively detect different types of malicious software, including viruses. It is mostly used on mail servers as a server-side email virus scanner. ClamAV is compatible with the Windows software.


  • It has a command-line scanner.
  • ClamAV has an automatic database updater.
  • It has a multi-threaded daemon which is scalable and runs on an anti-virus engine from a shared library.
  • It supports RAR, Zip, Bzip2, Tar, Gzip, Cabinet, OLE2, CHM, BinHex, SIS formats, mostly mail file formats, Portable Executable (PE) files and ELF executables compressed with FSG, UPX, NsPack, Petite, MEW, wwpack32, Upack and obfuscated with Y0da Cryptor and SUE.
  • ClamAV also supports various document formats, such as Microsoft Office, Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML and Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • The ClamAV virus database is frequently updated (every four hours)
  • It contains over 5,760,000 virus signatures with the daily update Virus DB number at 23040.

Download ClamAV


Avira Antivirus software

This free antivirus software is also good for slow computers and compatible with the Windows OS.

It is a user friendly antivirus program efficient for every computer user. However, it is designed to suit personal use and not for commercial or business use.


  • It offers effective antivirus protection against worms, viruses and Trojans and AntiDialer protection against expensive dialers.
  • It monitors every action executed by a user and reacts quickly when a malicious program is detected.
  • Avira Antivir uses an innovative search technology to detect viruses or malwares.
  • It offers protection such as antiRootkit protection, antiPhishing protection, and antiSpyware protection.
  • It has the QuickRemoval which eliminates viruses at the push of a button.
  • Avira Antivir has a control center for monitoring and controlling the entire program.
  • It has a central configuration which is user-friendly.

However, Avira Antivir lacks sandbox tool, firewalls and web shields; in addition, its zero day protection and behavioural shield is very poor.

Download Avira


360 Internet Security

This security software offers real-time protection to PC’s with the latest virus definition updates. It is good for slow computers and compatible with the Windows OS, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10.

360 Internet Security makes use of several engines to provide the best protection against trojans, viruses, worms and rootkits.


  • It is free.
  • It has a great interface.
  • 360 Internet Security is very easy to use.
  • It can be configured in several ways. It comes with four predefined setting: performance, security, balanced and custom.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • It offers protection for three main sections: Internet browsing, privacy and system’s vulnerabilities.
  • Speedup optimizer
  • WiFi security checker
  • It scans multiple potentially vulnerable areas such as the main applications, system’s settings, the running processes, the startup items and the system’s critical files.
  • WiFi security checker which detects if WiFi network is secure.

Download 360 Internet Security

In conclusion, the antivirus programs mentioned above are most suitable for your slow computers. Most of them have great interface, are very easy to use, free and contains several features.

However, they protect your PC against viruses and malwares. Some of them also help to clean viruses and restore infected or hidden files. You can click on the download link of the software which suits your desire the most for download.


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