5 best antivirus applications for Windows Home Server

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  • Keeping your server safe is essential, and today we’re going to show you the best antivirus for Windows Home Server.
  • The software was discontinued years ago, but there are still antivirus applications that are fully compatible with it.
  • Home Server is based on Windows Server 2008, and usually the software that is compatible with Server 2008 will work with Home Server.
  • If you’re looking for free antivirus for Windows Home Server, be sure to check open-source entries from this guide.
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ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

  • Anti-theft support
  • Webcam protection
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  • Multi-platform support
  • Banking-level encryption
  • Low system requirements
  • Advanced anti-malware protection

An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

Keeping your system safe is important, and the same applies to Windows Server. There are many great antivirus applications for Windows Server, but in today’s guide, we’ll show you the best antivirus for Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server 2011 is based on Windows Server 2008 R2, so in theory, any antivirus software that works on Windows Server 2008 R2 should work on Windows Home Server 2011.

In this short guide we’ll show you the best Windows Home Server antivirus software that you can use, so let’s get started, shall we?

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What’s the best antivirus solution for Windows Home Server?


ESET PROTECT Advanced works with Windows Server 2008, so it should be able to handle Windows Home Server as well. The application offers a cloud-based console so you can manage your security remotely with ease.

The application also has multilayer protection, so it can detect malware before, during, and after execution. Of course, strong endpoint protection is available on a wide array of devices including computers, smartphones and VMs.

ESET PROTECT Advanced also supports full disk encryption, so it will protect you from both data breaches and data theft at all times.



Protect your Windows Home Server with multilayer protection using ESET PROTECT Advanced.

Free trialVisit website

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

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Another antivirus for Windows Home Server is Avast Business Antivirus Pro. The software offers enterprise-level security, so it will protect all of your sensitive information.

Thanks to the next-generation defense and machine-learning, the antivirus can detect any suspicious activities and unknown threats. Of course, the software has the ability for remote deployment and scheduled scans.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro is incredibly simple to use and set up, and even if you’re not an IT expert, you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

If you need easy to use and reliable antivirus for Windows Home Server, try Avast Business Antivirus Pro.

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Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

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If you need an antivirus for Windows Home Server, consider Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security. The software offers granular security control for websites and applications thus providing you with maximum safety.

Thanks to the single console, you can monitor the security on all devices in your network with ease. Regarding malware, the software offers protection against viruses, rootkits, phishing attacks, exploits, and ransomware.

As for additional features, the software has a two-way firewall with intrusion detection and prevention, so you can rest assured that your network and server are perfectly safe from unauthorized access.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is a professional antivirus software for all versions of Windows Server.

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VIPRE Endpoint Security Server

Another great antivirus for Windows Server is VIPRE Endpoint Security Server. This application offers an advanced security engine that will protect you against all types of zero-day threats and ransomware.

The software is easy to install and configure and it allows you to manage devices across your network with ease. It’s worth mentioning that the software is lightweight, so it won’t ever affect your performance.

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server uses real-time behavior monitoring and artificial intelligence, so it will detect and neutralize any suspicious activity with ease.

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server

For the best and easy to set up antivirus protection, use VIPRE Endpoint Security Server.

Free trialVisit website


Another antivirus for Windows Home Server that you might want to consider is ClamWin. This software works on all versions of Windows, and Home Server isn’t an exception.

We have to mention that this is a completely free and open-source solution, so you can use it without any restrictions. As for the features, it offers a high detection rate for both viruses and spyware.

Additional features include scheduled scans, automatic updates, standalone scanning for files, and Microsoft Outlook add-on.

Get ClamWin

Windows Home Server has been discontinued years ago antivirus companies have stopped developing new software for it. However, most of these solutions should work with it without too much hassle.

And if they don’t, then perhaps this would be a great time to consider moving to a more modern and better-maintained version of Windows Server.

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  • Low system requirements
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