8 best antivirus software with encryption to secure your data in 2018

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Encryption is simply the application of secret codes to your sensitive files or data, such that no one else can be able to read them unless they have the key or the means to unlock the code.

An antivirus with encryption helps you protect your data and privacy of your files, as an extra measure to ensure no one else accesses or obtains your files.

In this article, we explore some of the best antivirus with encryption that you can use to protect your files and data from unauthorized access by persons other than yourself.

Best antivirus with encryption

  1. Bitdefender
  2. BullGuard
  3. Panda
  4. Avast
  5. McAfee
  6. Kaspersky
  7. Eset
  8. AVG

1. Bitdefender (recommended)

antivirus with encryption

Bitdefender delivers continuous, powerful protection against any sophisticated threats.

It features the GravityZone full disk encryption, a solution that helps companies comply with data regulations, preventing loss of sensitive information in case of device theft.

It gives simple remote management of encryption keys, plus provides centralized management for Windows BitLocker, leveraging on the native device encryption and ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

Supporting features include the GravityZone Endpoint Security HD with HyperDetect that comes with specialized local machine models and behavior analysis techniques trained to spot and detect hacking tools, malware obfuscation, and exploits.

2. BullGuard

antivirus with encryption

This antivirus offers encryption with its backup feature, from where you can set up backup profiles, then run or edit them. Encryption can be activated from the backup settings, where you can create backups for Windows default locations such as Documents, Photos, Music, Videos and Desktop folders.

It ranks highly in independent tests and incorporates innovative multi-layered defenses that block all forms of malicious threats, ensuring optimal performance.

3. Panda

antivirus with encryption

Panda antivirus with encryption lets you prevent other users from accessing your most confidential and sensitive data. With Panda, you can protect the files you want using a password, so that only you can have access to them.

It is easy to use and maintain, minimizes resource usage, gives guaranteed service availability, and constant system monitoring.

The encrypted files are easily identified as the icon changes and they have a .pwde extension.

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4. Avast

antivirus with encryption

With Avast, your files are encrypted with the standard key, unless you choose a personal key instead.

The standard default encryption ensures privacy of your files, and lets you take advantage of the variety of features and services offered for use with Avast backup.

Personal encryption offers maximum privacy but you won’t be able to use all Avast backup features and services. You get a 256- bit AES encryption key provided by you and known to you only, which can be any character, symbol or number, in any length you want.

For personal encryption, however, you have to remember your key indefinitely, or save it separately, the latter which saves it as a plain text file in your preferred location.

It however doesn’t store your key meaning you cannot use the web or mobile apps to preview, search or download files you back up directly because they cannot be decrypted for you. if you forget your key, you cannot decrypt files when restoring them.

You also cannot change your encryption type once you install the backup as the setting you used at the time of installation is permanently associated with files backed up on the computer. You can only change by uninstalling Avast, then reinstalling and selecting your preferred encryption type.

5. McAfee

antivirus with encryption

McAfee offers advanced security that protects all your devices against threats, compatibility with every operating system, and ease of use with its robust user-friendly software that is both easy to install and manage.

It provides protection such as data encryption security for online use, while building a foundation to safeguard your intellectual property, ensuring compliance by protection sensitive data whether it is on your network, storage systems, or endpoints.

It offers an integrated and comprehensive solution, with encryption, removable media and gateway protection, besides centralized monitoring and reporting, with a data-centric approach, to protect data at rest, in use or in motion.

You also get features such as advanced online banking security with a data encryption service that’s activated whenever you use online banking, enhanced security with its 255-character passphrases that are unsolvable to thieves but remembered by you, anti-phishing filter reinforcement, 24-hour data theft protection, secure digital vaults to keep your files and data locked and encrypted, and advanced antispam filter protection for your emails.

Get McAfee

6. Kaspersky

antivirus with encryption

This antivirus with encryption gives you maximum protection for your computer against online threats, keeping your internet connection, webcam, and online transactions secure, while providing backups and data encryption.

You also get to manage your identity information such as passwords, update software and delete unused apps.

Other supporting features include application control, mobile security, pre-configured security profiles, simple and intuitive cloud-based console, on-premise console with granular setup, advanced protection for workstations and file servers, mobile device and application management, and vulnerability and patch management.

7. Symantec

antivirus with encryption

This antivirus with encryption is configured to identify sensitive data, and uses a variety of advanced detection techniques to identify data in a wide range of forms.

You can identify and track the use and location of data, block flow of sensitive data, protect data in the cloud by integrating with encryption and other security technologies.

Supporting features include antiphishing, vulnerability scans, fine tuning for detection engines to optimize security status, safe browsing, and auto classification of risk levels on all endpoint apps in use or resting, and an intuitive cloud console.

It is easily deployed on premise, or in your private/hybrid/public cloud.

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8. Eset

antivirus with encryption

Besides benefits such as multi-layered security against any online or offline threats, privacy protection, safer connection and browsing, password management, Eset also offers data and folder encryption backed by three decades of innovation built and run by security enthusiasts.

It is an easy to use, one-click solution, and you benefit from product upgrades as they’re availed for continuous high level security.

Get Eset

9. AVG

antivirus with encryption

AVG’s Internet Security is an efficient program that keeps malware away from your system and devices.

It takes up less storage space, runs faster, and you can also use it on old or slow devices.

AVG comes with PC tune-up, drive encryption, plus the latest cloud-based protection feature.

Other supporting features include antispam, firewall and email protection, web browsing protection, and protection for your data and identity against theft online.

Get real time, on-demand and on-access scheduled protection to safeguard your system and devices against threats such as rootkits or any malicious links.

Has one of these antivirus with encryption caught your eye? Let us know your favorite in the comments section below.



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