Apple promotes its new iPad Pro as the ‘ultimate PC replacement’

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We’re used to seeing Microsoft promote its products in various anti-Apple ad campaigns, usually never failing to mention that Apple’s devices lack the kind of software in order to make them truly productive.

But with the iPad Pro’s release, many accused Apple of mimicking Microsoft’s idea of a 2-in-1 Windows device. However, this didn’t stop Apple from beating Microsoft at its own game as consumers eventually bought more iPad Pros than Surfaces. Now, Apple is back on the offensive with its newest iPad Pro.

Apple’s iPad Pro promoted as a smaller laptop alternative

Today, Apple held its special March event at which it unveiled the iPhone SE, announced a new version of the Apple TV, discounted the Apple Watch, made some remarks about its ongoing privacy battles with the US government and last but not least, also unveiled the new iPad Pro.

Before its unveiling, the original iPad Pro was heavily rumored to sport the Pro badge because of its big 12.9-inch size, presumably needed in order to differentiate the product from the rest of the iPad models. But now we’re surprised to know that Apple actually shrunk the iPad Pro’s size to just 9.7 inches, puttings it in the same category as the iPad Air.

ultimate pc replacement

At the moment, we’re not sure what exactly is Apple going to do – kill the iPad Air, keep the iPad Pro, or just leave both SKUs alone? What set the Pro apart from the rest of the iPads was the fact that it was allegedly aimed at professionals such as artists, engineers, and doctors. However, Apple is now actually promoting the new iPad Pro as “the ultimate PC replacement.”

When it comes to wordplay, Apple is a master — there’s no doubt about that. But I truly don’t see how exactly a 9.7-inch device going to be a PC replacement. Sure, it’s got a lot of power on the inside thanks to the A9X processor and a bunch of the other usual incremental improvements when it comes to weight, display, camera, etc. But as far as its comparison with a true PC goes, the new iPad Pro gets a smaller version of the Smart Keyboard, a new Lightning-powered SD card reader, and a USB camera adapter along with a four-speaker system.

ipad pro windows pc take

Storage also can be doubled to 256GB, but you’ll have to pay a premium of $1100 to enjoy it — not to mention all the accessories needed for a true PC experience. These are all the features Apple hopes make the new iPad Pro a genuine laptop replacement — a leap of logic in my book.

Apple stated that many Windows users come to the iPad Pro and compare the gaming experience on the iPad Pro with the Xbox 360, representing obvious digs on Microsoft and Windows devices. But I think we as Windows users can all agree: Apple, keep trying — keep trying hard.


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