Arc browser vs. Opera GX: Which is better for you?

Opera GX is more than browser and Arc is browser which caters to modern day needs

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With the arrival of the Arc browser, people have been reconsidering their browser choices. And, due to unparalleled gaming features, people are inclined to use Opera GX. Both browsers have an intuitive interface and unique features catering to different user needs, but if you are wondering which one is for you, your search ends here!

Which browser is better: Arc vs Opera GX?

FeaturesArc Opera GX
Primary FunctionMakes browsing easier and lets you customize the space according to your needs
A web browser especially for gamers and power users
Customization OptionsThemes, icons, and layout customizationThemes and wallpapers available for exclusive customization
Dynamic FoldersLive Folders No
Search without search Engine Instant LinksNo
Offline AccessYesNo
Emulator IntegrationYesNo
Performance OptimizationBasic Focuses on efficient metadata managementAdvanced comes wit GX Control for CPU, RAM, and bandwidth management
Gaming News & DealsNoYes (integrated gaming news, deals, and release updates)
Integrated MessengersNo
Yes (supports popular messaging services)
Cross-Platform SupportWindows, macOS, Linux, and iOSWindows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS and Android
SupportYes (dedicated retro gaming community)Forums and community engagement within the browser

1. User interface and customization


  • Vertical sidebar – A unique vertical tab allows you to manage and switch between tabs efficiently. You can hide it if you want.
  • Spaces – It allows you to create separate spaces for different tasks. For example, you can create a Space for personal things and another for work-related stuff.
  • Split View – It lets you view two websites side-by-side within the same window, enhancing multitasking.
  • Customization options – You can customize the bookmark bar, tab colors, and overall theme of your browser.

Opera GX

  • Workspaces – This allows you to create separate workspaces for different tasks, such as one for work-related things and another for personal stuff.
  • Customization options – You can change the theme (Dark, Custom, and Light), wallpaper (Theme and Custom), animation, GX lights, and more.
  • Sound options – You can alter the sounds on the browser, including Tab open, Tab close, Limiters, Click, Hover, Tab Slash, and Switch.
  • Widgets and inbuilt tools – You can enable widgets like Weather, Show GX Games, Show GX Mods, and Show

With a sidebar and Spaces, the Arc browser caters to the needs of regular users who like to keep things organized. On the other hand, OperaGX has a sidebar, but for a different purpose. As for Arc’s Spaces, it has the same feature with a different name: Workspaces. Its RGB integration, cool themes, and sound options appeal more to gamers. And, with tools like adblocker and VPN, OperaGX is safer than Arc, which is the need of the hour.

2. Features


  • Live Folders – Creates dynamic folders for websites and web apps so that you get instant updates. It is currently available for GitHub but will soon be available for Google Drive and other platforms.
  • Instant Links – It eliminates the need for a search engine and efficiently finds answers to your queries without leaving the current tab.
  • Boosts – Allows you to make changes to the websites you surf.

Opera GX

  • Panic button – Triggering the panic button will hide your current session and open a new browser window. Once you are in the clear, you can press the key again to access the previous session.
  • Web modding – Allows you to customize the appearance of webpages.
  • Integrate messenger apps and chatbots—The sidebar allows you to access apps like Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Twitch, and WhatsApp directly. You can also add Chatsonic and ChatGPT to the sidebar to access the AI features.

Both browsers offer unique features that are important in one way or another. Arc lets you stay updated with the dynamic folder and Instant Links, which saves you from sifting through search results. On the other hand, Opera GX saves your browsing session from snooping eyes and lets you change the appearance of web pages.

3. Performance and speed


  • Proactive tab management – Closes all tabs except Pinned or Favorites to minimize the system resource usage.
  • Lightweight – It has been reported to run fast and provide a smooth browsing experience, especially on Mac.
  • Chromium Engine – Arc is built on a Chromium engine, which makes it compatible with Chrome extensions and ensures stable performance.

Opera GX

  • Inbuilt tools – Tools like GX Cleaner, Memory Limit, CPU Limiter, and Processor Limit ensure your browser and system stay optimized, providing a smoother browsing experience.
  • Hot Tab Killer – Closes all the resource-hogging tabs when not in use.
  • Network Limiter – It limits the bandwidth Opera GX can use, which is terrific if you are on a budget; however, you must compromise the connection speed.

Both browsers have excellent performance optimization features; in Arc, it is tab management, and in Opera GX, it is Hot Tab Killer. However, with features like Memory Limit, GX Cleaner, and others, Opera seems to

4. Privacy and security


  • Focused on privacy – Doesn’t come with an ad blocker and VPN but encourages you to use third-party extensions for better safety.
  • Data Management – Manages browsing data efficiently and also comes with an Auto archive function to keep your browser clutter-free

Opera GX

  • Inbuilt VPN – Comes with a free VPN service, which can enhance privacy and security when online.
  • Privacy protection – It blocks ads and comes with trackers to help you surf the web up to three times faster. It also includes a Crypto Wallet allowing you to make cryptocurrency transactions easily.

If you are more concerned about privacy, Opera GX is for you as it comes with a VPN, ad blocker, and Crypto Wallet. However, if being organized to maintain the workflow is essential, Arc has yet to match.

5. Cross-platform availability


  • Compatible platforms – Arc browser was introduced for macOS and iOS and is now available for Windows and Linux.
  • Sync – Arc syncs spaces and pinned tabs across compatible devices.

Opera GX

  • Multiplatform – Opera GX browser is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, iOS and Android.
  • Sync – It allows you to sync your browsing data across all compatible devices, including bookmarks, history, tabs, and settings.

With the release of the Windows version of Arc, it is now available for all popular platforms except Android. However, OperaGX is available for all platforms, including iPadOS and Android, increasing accessibility and usability across a wide range of devices.

5. User feedback and support


  • Community engagement –  Arc’s development team is highly active with its community, frequently incorporating user feedback.
  • Support – Has comprehensive tutorials and an intuitive onboarding process for new users.

Opera GX

  • Resources & support – Opera GX has FAQs, tutorials, forums, blogs, and more to help you when stuck.
  • Long-Standing Reputation – Opera has a solid user base and a long history of stable performance.

On the one hand, Arc is in the developing phase, pays attention to user feedback, and incorporates them when needed. It also has a simple onboarding process, which makes it user-friendly. On the other hand, Opera GX comes from a family of Opera, with a history of reliable performance and better user experience.

We compared all the aspects of these new browsers for you, and now you can decide which one is for you. If you like a simple interface with data management and innovative features like Live Folder and Instant Links, you should go for Arc.

However, if you want a game-like interface with tons of customization & optimization features and app integration, Opera GX is the choice.

In our opinion, when choosing between the two, the Arc browser is better to use as it focuses on what a browser should ideally be. Opera GX is a browser with many overwhelming features that are not necessarily used by every user, making it look bulky.

If you are curious how Arc browser is different from Opera and  Opera from Brave browser, we have detailed comparison guides for you.

Which browser did you choose: Arc browser vs Opera GX? Share your thoughts and views with our readers in the comments section below.

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