Best Arduino kits for kids to buy [2020 Guide]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Arduino kits for children to buy

Arduino is gaining more and more popularity by the day, and Arduino kits for your children is the answer to how can we get more people involved in creating awesome projects with just a bunch of seemingly random components.

The concept behind all these project creation bundles is to provide you with everything you need (guides included) to develop your own version of the projects and learn a thing or two about automation, robotics, and programming while you’re at it.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

What are the best Arduino kits for children?


UNIROI UNO Starter Kit

UNIROI UNO Arduino starting kit

UNIROI UNO Starter Kit for Arduino can be the perfect gift if you want to spark your kids’ curiosity for robots and automation, as it holds everything it needs to get them started.

The bundle comes with a free set of tutorials, a UNO R3 board, a breadboard, a flame sensor, a bunch of multi-colored LEDs, an active buzzer, a button, a set of resistors, a 1 digit 7-segment display component, a set of jumper wires and an RGB LED.


  • Comes at a bargain price;
  • Package includes a CD with tutorials, library, datasheet, and installation instructions;
  • Suitable for anyone interested in Arduino;


  • The kit offers the bare minimum to create basic Arduino projects;

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REXQualis UNO Project

Starter kit for Arduino REXQualis UNO Project

REXQualis UNO Project Super Starter Kit is an Arduino starter kit that’s a bit more complex than a standard, basic one, but comes with everything you need to get your children into robotics and automation.

Compared to a basic, more limited starter kit, this one comes with more awesome stuff, including but not limited to a UNO R3 board, a breadboard, a power supply module, a joystick, a servo module, an ultrasonic sensor, an IR receiver, a temperature and humidity module, two potentiometers, an LCD module and a remote control.


  • You get a lot of awesome components at a low price;
  • You get a DVD with project guides;
  • Includes a 9V plug-in power supply;


  • Some customers complain about the breadboard’s “sloppy fit”;

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Arduino starter kit ELEGOO UNO Project

ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit is a starter Arduino project development kit that could make the perfect gift for your children. You know, if you’re completely sure that your kids would appreciate this kind of gift.

Granted, ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit is a tad more complex than its predecessors, but it’s still suitable for any Arduino enthusiast, regardless of previous experience with these projects.

The kit holds a UNO R3 controller board, a breadboard, an ultrasonic sensor, a 9V battery with DC, an LCD screen module, a temperature and humidity sensor, a remote controller, a servo motor, a joystick module, an IR receiver, a couple of buzzers and lots of other accessories.


  • Lots of components you can create your projects with;
  • A decent price, considering the amount of included components;
  • Includes more than 22 lessons you can use to get the hang of it;


  • Some customers complain that the breadboard’s holes aren’t aligned with the connectors within;

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Creation Crate 12 Electronic Projects

Creation Crate 12 Electronic Projects for Arduino

Creation Crate 12 Electronic Projects is a starter kit for Arduino enthusiasts, an ideal gift that can help your children learn about coding, basic electronic components, and their importance while building interesting projects such as mood lamps, distance detectors, a lockbox or a digital multimeter.

The package encompasses all the components needed to develop the projects mentioned above and more and includes two UNO R3 controller boards, two breadboards, various buttons, transistors, resistors, an LCD screen module, two 9V batteries, four potentiometers and a whole lot of LEDs.


  • Holds everything you need to create interesting Arduino projects;
  • Comes with a “heavy-duty” case to store components;
  • Includes video tutorials for the projects


  • A bit expensive for beginners;

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A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Kit

A&R's Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Kit for Arduino

A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Kit for Arduino is exactly what its name says. Well, maybe except that monster part, because there’s nothing monstrous about this bundle (not in a bad way, of course).

This starter kit comprises everything you need to get your children started with understanding what Arduino is all about and considering the size of this package, you’re going to make a more-than-fair point.

With components such as a UNO R3 controller board and a NANO V3 one, a Bluetooth module, an ethernet shield, an IR remote kit, an ultrasonic range sensor, a vibration sensor, a realtime clock module, protoshields, 4×4 keypads and much, much more, you’re sure to win the “Parent of the year” contest this time.


  • Comes with A LOT of components, considering the price;
  • Free access to PDF guides and tutorials;
  • Has wireless components, which are generally expensive;


  • Price might seem a bit high for an Arduino beginner;

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Bottom line on best Arduino kits for your children

If you feel like Christmas is coming too fast and you don’t have enough time to plan for the perfect gift for your children, try sparking their interest in programming, robotics, and automation with these awesome Arduino creation kits.

Whether it’s A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Kit for Arduino, REXQualis UNO Project Super Starter Kit or UNIROI UNO Starter Kit for Arduino you’re going to aim for, you simply can’t go wrong if you have even the tiniest hunch that your kid is into creating awesome stuff.