Realtek HD Audio Manager headphones not working on Asus [SOLVED]

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Realtek High Definition Audio Manager is an essential component of the audio system of any standard PC, which has Realtek drivers installed. However, due to factors ranging from inappropriate configuration to outdated/corrupt/damaged audio drivers, the Realtek HD Audio Manager often stops working on Asus devices. When this happens, the Realtek HD audio manager is unable to detect headphones.

Why Realtek HD Audio Manager won’t detect headphones? Firstly, make sure to enable headphones detection on your PC. Without that option enabled, your system won’t be able to detect headphones. Furthermore, you can disable the front panel jack detection or update/reinstall audio drivers.

Read detailed instructions about the said solutions below.

How do I fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Not Detecting Headphones

  1. Enable headphones detection on your PC
  2. Disable ‘front panel jack detection’ in Realtek HD Audio Manager
  3. Update audio drivers
  4. Reinstall audio drivers

Solution 1: Enable headphones detection on your PC

If this function is disabled, there is no way the audio manager, despite its relative sophistication, would be able to detect a connected headphone or any other external audio device. To resolve this, all you have to do is to enable headphone detection on your system.

To do this, follow the step-by-step guidelines below:

  1. Connect the headphone to your PC (via the audio jack).
  2. On your screen, locate and right-click on the ‘Speaker‘ or ‘Volume‘ icon.
  3. Select Sounds on the list of options.sounds settings windows 10
  4. In the ‘Sounds’ window, go to the Playback tab (first from the left). This should display all external audio devices on your system (including the headphone).Playback devices sound settings
  5. If the headphone fails to show up, right-click on the blank space that reads “No audio devices are installed“.
  6. Check the Show Disabled Devices Your headphone should now show up.
  7. Right-click on the headphone and select Enable.
  8. Click OK to finish the process.

Once this is done, check if the error persists. If it does, you can try the next solution.

Solution 2: Disable ‘front panel jack detection’ in Realtek HD Audio Manager

realtek sound cardThere have been occasions when the ‘front panel jack detection’ function (in the audio manager) hinders headphone detection on PCs. Hence, if you are encountering this issue, ensure the panel jack detection function is disabled in your audio manager.

To disable front panel jack detection, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Locate Realtek audio manager icon on the system tray and then right-click on it.
  2. Select Sound Manager on the list of option.
  3. In the next window, navigate to the top left-hand corner of your screen, and click on the folder icon.
  4. Check the Disable front panel jack detection checkbox and click OK to apply changes.
  5. Close program and restart PC.

Check if the problem is resolved. You can do this by connecting your headphone to your PC. If the problem persists, you can try the next solution.

Solution 3: Update audio drivers

If, after trying the two basic fixes above, the Realtek HD Audio Manager is still not detecting your headphone, the problem is probably caused by an out-of-date audio driver. To resolve this, all you need to do is to log on to Realtek‘s website and update the drivers to the latest version

Follow the guidelines below to update Realtek audio drivers:

  1. Go to Realtek‘s official download site.realtek HD audio codecs software
  2. On the site’s homepage, locate and click on High Definition Audio Codecs (Software).
  3. In the next window, check the I accept the above checkbox and click Next.
  4. Go ahead to download the latest audio drivers (ensure you select the ones that are compatible with your OS version).
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Once this is done, check if the problem is resolved. If the error remains unfixed, you can try the next troubleshooting method.

Solution 4: Reinstall audio drivers

The Realtek HD Audio Manager headphone not working on Asus PCs could also be caused by a damaged or corrupt audio driver. If this is the case, you can try and reinstall the drivers.

To reinstall Realtek HD audio drivers, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the ‘Run’ dialog box: click on the Win + R
  2. In the box, type in “devmgmt.msc” and click OK or the Enter button. This will launch the Device devmgmt.msc
  3. In the Device Manager window, find and expand the Sound, video and game controllers.sound video and game controllers device manager
  4. Right-click on Realtek High Definition Audio > Uninstall.uninstall device realtek high definition audio
  5. After completing the uninstall process, navigate to the Action section, and select Scan for hardware changes.device manager scan for hardware changes
  6. Follow the command prompts to finish up the reinstallation process.
  7. Restart PC.
  8. Check if the problem is resolved.

If, after running all the troubleshooting fixes/solutions outlined above, the Realtek HD audio manager is still unable to detect headphones, the problem is probably from your PC. In this case, you can try and run the Windows troubleshooter to fix the error.


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