Is it possible to auto-hide Address Bar in Chrome?

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For some reason unknown to us, Google Chrome doesn’t support anything similar. Back in the days, there was an Experimental feature which allowed users to hide the Address bar and unhide it by clicking on the active tab. However, we looked it up and not even the Beta variations of Google Chrome (Canary, chrome dev, or Chromium) support it anymore.

We have an alternative which legitimately hides the Address and Toolbar. However, it’s probably not what you were looking for.

How to auto-hide the Address bar in Google Chrome (sort of)

That’s indeed a bummer. Some other third-party browsers support this option but there isn’t a viable way to hide the toolbar and address bar in Chrome. At least, not in a way most of us would like to.

Now, the Fullscreen presentation (F11) hides everything but the content, but that’s hardly something users want to do. Therefore, we have only a single option if you mostly utilize the Google search engine on Google Chrome. And that falls on the Google’s PWA (Progressive Web Apps) implementation.

You can use this shortcut-like application to search Google without the Address bar. Or anything else for that matter. Your options are quite depleted, but you’ll have more space. This comes incredibly handy for smaller screens where the cluttered interface makes the user experience look like an awful abomination. It’s the definition of the ultra-white Material Design, so some people might get turned down by the neon-like brightness.

Here’s how to use Google PWA to completely remove the Address bar:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on the 3-dot menu and click More tools > Create hide address bar chrome
  4. Now you can run the Google PWA from the desktop as any other app.

If you’re a fan of this ultra-clean interface, this should be a good tip for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to hiding the Address bar solely, this won’t do you too much good. Hopefully, Google Chrome developers will hear the people out and provide us with this option in future releases.

If you’re aware of an alternative way, please be so nice to share it with us and our readers. We’ll be thankful for your effort.



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