3 best automated guided vehicle software [2022 Guide]

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automated guided vehicle software

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With the advancement of technology in hardware and software department AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) has become the most promising future for the industrial sector. AGVs are currently being used in health care facilities, warehouses and even by the military for logistic purposes.

AGVs are offering more than just speed. In automation, machines can reduce human error resulting in better efficiency, reduce labour costs not only in the form of salaries but other benefits such as medical care, vocation, increment and also work tirelessly to meet the demand. AGVs are also capable of performing tasks that are otherwise considered dangerous for humans thus giving an edge over humans or keeping them safe.

AGVs being machines use a combination of hardware and software to automate tasks and navigation. AGVs are controlled using an automated guided vehicle software usually provided by the AGV manufacturer. However, if your warehouse has AGVs from different manufacturers, having software to manage all the AGVs irrespective of their manufacturer from a single dashboard offer great versatility and control.

In this article, we take a look at the best automated guided vehicle software compatible with Windows 10 computers to manage, monitor, track and control your full fleet of AGVs from a single dashboard.

Best automated guided vehicle software to reduce human error

AutoGuide’s AVINU

AutoGuide’s AVINU

AVINU (Advanced Vehicle Programming System) from AutoGuide is an AGV traffic control software to manage, monitor, track and control a full fleet of AGVs irrespective of whether the AGVs were manufactured by AutoGuide or not.

AVINU is a highly intuitive traffic control system for AGVs and can be operated by support staff without regressive training sessions. The system is capable of adding new vehicles automatically. In addition, you can set up travel paths, speeds, pickups and deliveries function using the simple drag-&-drop functionality.

Each vehicle is individually connected by an ethernet radio frequency wireless interface and offers graphical status of traffic management and current status of AGVs. The traffic controls are mapped to the facilities floor plan.

AVINU works independently without the need of any other third-party software. The functionalities of the software can be extended with additional plug-ins as needed. For précised traffic control of your AGVs, the software can be integrated with PLC (programmable logic control) systems compatible with manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and more.

The operator can further monitor every aspect of the AGV system with multiple dashboard systems for better visibility to check the vehicle status and locations, adjust cycle time monitoring periods, machines failure report and more.

Check AutoGuide’s AVINU 



The Open Transportation Control System is a vendor-independent traffic control system for AGVs. Apart from AGVs, OpenTCS also works with other non-continuous conveyors like the electric monorail and mobile assembly platforms.

OpenTCS is an open source system which means the users can use this system for free to control their fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles using a computer. It is a Java-based solution; as a result, can be used with any system with Java Runtime Environment capabilities including MS Windows, Linux and other operating systems.

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The software is accessible to both the plant operators and vehicle vendors. For plant operators, it offers customisation of communication protocols, user interfaces for evolving operational procedures and host interfaces to attach other system used in the plant.

For vehicle vendors, OpenTCS helps in the implementation of a transport system without having to develop their own in-house software saving a considerable amount of time and money. Using OpenTCS, the vendors can take an existing system and make systematic changes to the software to develop their own version of AGV traffic controller.

The project is currently being maintained and developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund Germany. More information about the source code, software structure, documentation and license can be obtained from the official website.

Download OpenTCS

BA System’s AGV Manager

BS System AGV Manager

BA System’s AGV Manager can manage a fleet of automated guided vehicles and can be implemented into all industrial, production and logistics area.

By managing the fleet of AGVs in real time, AGV manager acts like an instructor guiding the vehicles to perform various tasks, helps in navigation and alerts if any attention is required.

AGV Manager is capable of managing all the task at your production site including managing AGVs for lifting, stacking cells, packing and automated or manual storage. It can even be used for automated shipment loading.

Using this traffic management system, you can supervise your business, optimize resources, make changes to the navigations, trace AGVs in real time and analyse the operation.

Check BA System’s AVG Manager 


Understanding the feasibility of using AGVs for your business depends on a lot of factors including initial investment cost, ROI and flexibility of tasks in hand.

However, it is an undeniable fact that today’s AGVs with state of the art sensors and software combination can increase the workflow and productivity while keeping the cost low.

All the automated guided vehicle software in this list are capable of managing your fleet of AGVs irrespective of the whether the AGVs are manufactured by the same company or a third-party.

These software give complete control over the working of AGVs providing real-time data about the status, location while offering the necessary tools to modify the functioning and operation of the AGVs depending on the requirement.

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