5+ best automated macro software [2022 Guide]

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Since everything is computerized, there’s no wonder that you want to make some adjustments.
  • Refer to our below list to find the best automated macro software. You’ll like our top choices.
  • Let's say you need to set recurrent tasks to be done automatically and need support. Macro software it's what you need.
  • Hence, making calls or doing appointments will be a piece of cake, so read the guide along to find out how. 
Automated macro software tools

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Everything we use in the 21st century is computerized when it comes to performing repetitive tasks on a Windows 10 PC. So, we know how much patience is needed to keep this process going for a long time.

We also tend to make mistakes – after all, to err is human. The need to perform repetitive tasks can arise in a wide range of situations.

For example, you need to transfer a large amount of data from spreadsheets into a database management system.

Or you need to automate common tasks like sending emails or shutting down your computer at a certain time.

If you own a large company, you need to hire a group of trained people to help you process the data, or your might even need to create an entirely new department in your company, that deals only with this issue.

Those are both bad options, but, fortunately, we have a great range of software options on the market that allow you to automate many of the repetitive processes that your company needs to stay up and running.

Let’s explore some of these options right away, in order to make an informed choice.

What are the best macro automation software tools to get?

MouseKey Recorder

Since you aren’t willing to compromise on quality, let us tell you more about what MouseKey Recorder is and how it can help you out.

Well, that’s an efficient solution if your wish is to optimize and automate all sorts of repetitive operations that are performed on a PC.

It doesn’t even matter if you are new to all these. Unlike competitor solutions, there are no complex menus to worry about. You can simply open the app and intuitively record the mouse and keyboard.

Plus, it’s no need for complicated operations to set up your macro settings, getting lost in menus or programs, and you only have to record mouse movements and keyboard strokes.

Therefore, if you need greatly intuitive software to automate processes using macros, this is the winning solution for your efficiency.

Here are some MouseKey Recorder key features that you are about to enjoy:

  • Intuitive and easy, even for inexperienced users
  • Real-time recording of both mouse and keyboard actions
  • Play speed adjustment options
  • No limit on repetitive operations automation
  • Free trial in order to give it a go and make a decision

MouseKey Recorder

This tool opens up a new world of possibilities in terms of PC automation. Eager to try it out?

Free trial Visit website


automated workflow software

Automate.io is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) platform that aims to automate repetitive workflows for anyone who needs to simplify routine tasks.

First, you have to know that you can create simple automation rules for repetitive duties concerning digital tools or apps used at work. You can integrate essential apps you use every day like Gmail or Google Sheets in your automated workflow.

On the same note, you can create more complex workflows spanning multiple online apps or services. For instance, you can set up a trigger for an operation, choose an action based on the trigger, add a delay or condition, and finally have a result.

You’re also welcome to use the next functionalities, including intuitive drag and drog interface, 200+ cloud apps connectors, data formatting, collaboration workflows for teams, and not least data security and retention controls.

Hence, the complete services provided by Automate.io will have a massive impact on business procedures or repetitive tasks, enhancing teamwork productivity right away with automation.

Above all, this integration and automation software has clear objectives to help non-tech people to simplify their everyday work matters. Therefore if you need automated workflows, you have found your spot.


No need for more browsing. You can automate your workflows efficiently with this superior iPaaS software.

Check price Visit website


Robotask allows you to automate a great range of tasks on your Windows PC. You can run applications on a schedule, check emails, back up your files either through download or upload, schedule email sending, etc.

You can use Robotask to create simple or complex tasks, depending on your needs. When it comes to the complex automation capabilities of this software, you can create IF/ELSE statements, loops, set custom variables, etc.

Robotask is equipped with a user-friendly custom interface that allows you to simply select the options you need and then allows you to edit them in any way you see fit.

You can choose from a wide range of actions designed for working with files, internet, FTP, data stats, etc.

Because of Robotask’s wide range of features, you can also create custom scripts that can be activated in certain conditions – when files are moved and copied if you get a new email, and many other cases.

One of the best features of Robotask is the fact that you can run it as a service (SaaS), allowing you to automate different tasks even if you are not logged on.

Other notable features include:

  • Shut down Windows-based on different triggers of your choosing
  • Process files and folders – copy, move, rename, delete
  • FTP and Web servers compatibility (can use uploads and downloads, etc.)
  • Automate the process of sending letters and files by e-mail
  • Network messages as winPopup’s – allows you to keep track of your team
  • You can use the tool as an alarm clock

The latest version of this app brings a series of exciting new features worth mentioning, including Excel Run Macro, SSL FTP Check file, SFTP Check file, added filter, and global variables to the Variables dialog.

The fact that Robotask offers such a wide range of features and its simple user interface makes this software one of the best options for macro automation on the market.


If you want great automated macro software, Robotask is up for the job. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Check price Visit website

Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder is a macro automation software tool that allows you to track and record the movement of your computer’s mouse, record keystrokes, and automate repetitive tasks.

You can also use this lightweight application to edit macros, organize them into folders or groups, can restore the previous position of any file if it has been moved, and stores all the recordings in an easy-to-access location.

Some of the most notable features found in Mouse Recorder Premium include:

  • Records program window names, positions, and sizes
  • Can trigger specific macros if a certain action is taken
  • Macro export compatible with PhraseExpress v14
  • Step-by-step built-in macro editor
  • Can change the playback speed of recordings
  • Pixel detection with color tolerance options
  • Smart macro optimization – automatically removes unnecessary steps
  • Can be installed on portable USB drives
  • Compatibility with HiRes (retina) displays

Macro Recorder

Create useful automation tasks using macro recording tools offered by this effective software.

Check price Visit website


The next software is a Workflow automation service created by Decisions that helps small or mid-size businesses to automate processes and strategies.

This tool is best suited for teams that need full automation for long and repetitive tasks, using visual tools and no code automation to improve time management or marketing results.

Let’s see how you can actually use this program. It is possible to achieve a multitude of professional results with graphic designed workflows, dynamic forms builder, task management platform, integration with other web services.

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Moreover, you can create complex workflows without any coding setting and build processes automation by simply adding steps to diagrams, configuring, and attaching the tasks in sequence. With over 2000 steps library it’s very intuitive to set up your workflow.

Additionally, the automation of your workflows sure includes communication elements and integrated forms in order to enhance the work processes using automated service.

Hence if you run a business yourself or often work in a team, it’s no reason you should not consider this modern automation software.

Get Workflow.com

Macro ToolWorks

Macro Toolworks is a complete package of powerful automation tools to use on Windows PCs.

You can use it to crate and record macros and allows you to play them back either in the Windows application or by the use of an Internet webpage.

This allows you to remotely control your macros from anywhere in the world. Each macro can be set up to react according to a wide range of triggers.

This includes text shortcuts, keyboard hot-keys, mouse clicks, changes to any folder or files, etc.

The macros created in this software can also emulate the use of a normal user by sending virtual Windows keys and mouse clicks, filling web forms, sending and receiving emails, extracting or inserting data into Excel files, etc.

Macro ToolWorks is available in three versions, each with different capabilities, according to different users’ needs. Each version allows a different range of macro types to be created.

Free Edition:

  • Can open multiple macro files at the same time ​ ​ ​
  • Multi-language user interface ​ ​ ​
  • Can save macros in a single file for easy access
  • Macro file encryption – helps protect your content from being easily opened ​ Integrated help into commands editor ​
  • Can search within the macro database by names, triggers, descriptions
  • Trigger button that turns on or off all macro triggers

In the Free version, you can set simple hot-keys, use macro toolbar buttons with text, set schedules for timed macros, trigger macros when Windows either starts, is shut down, etc.

You can also set trigger macros when files are created, changed in any way, or deleted. This allows you to keep on track with any changes that happen across time and correct them if needed and many other actions.

Standard Edition contains all the features of the Free Edition and adds:

  • Smart macro recorder ​ ​
  • Can import and export macros to and from XML ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Can apply password on macros ​ ​
  • Status bar ​ ​
  • Ability to disable macros and macro groups easily

With Macro ToolWorks Standard you can automate all the processes in the Free Version and you can also control key modifiers for each trigger, get notified if clipboard content has changed, or if a Windows service has changed state.

One of the best features found in the Standard version is the fact that you can set specific triggers for any applications you want.

Professional Edition features all the features found in the Standard Edition and adds:

  • Generates redistributable .EXE file that allows you to share macros with others
  • AES encryption to macro files – for important files

In the Professional Edition, Macro ToolWorks adds even more capabilities to what the Standard version can do, with features like Excel commands, XML parsing or building, etc.

Get Macro ToolWorks

Pullover’s Macro Creator

This software is a great free and light-weight macro creation software that allows you to write scripts has a built-in recorder, can record any use of your computer, and automate different tasks.

Macro Creator can be used by both experiences and beginner-level users as it offers you the choice of using the pre-set scripts or writing your own using the AutoHotkey Script.

This app can also record keystrokes, mouse movement, but also keeps control over files, windows, etc, while also adapting to the pre-selected data inputs.

Other notable features include:

  • Control commands – allows you to control windows in the background
  • Window commands – can maximize, maximize and set a wide range of window settings
  • Search for a specific image or pixel on the screen and react according to the macro’s characteristics
  • Loops – can create simple and advanced loops that allow you to easily browse through folders, text files, etc.
  • Set If Statements – can react in a specific way if an action happens
  • Auto-hotkey Expressions – can control applications like Excel, Word, etc.

Get Pullover’s Macro Creator


AutoIT is another free and easy to use software option that allows you to easily create macros, edit them to your needs, and can also automate a wide range of repetitive processes.

You can execute programs, automate keystrokes and mouse clicks, modify Windows functions, etc.

One of the best features of this program is the fact that it can automate simple text and clipboard functions, and can also be used to change registry entries.

The automation features offered by AutoIT are very easy to understand and use, and it offers a wide range of automated functions.

The AutoIt installation pack includes both x86 and x64 compatible versions and contains program files, documentation, and examples, Aut2Exe – script that allows you to convert macro tasks into standalone .exe files, and also offers a basic version of the SciTE script editor.

The standalone Auto Script Editor is also contained in the installation pack, offering a customized version of SciTE with many additional coding tools.

Get AutoIT

In this article, we explored some of the best options available on the market that allow you to automate different actions on your computer with ease, record any action performed, store data and share it easily.

More so, in case you run a business and often need automated processes you can check more business guides for your line of work to find what you need.

The options presented in this list cover the needs of both users who want high-grade professional software with tons of features, and also those who need a quick way to sort out their automation needs.

Let us know which software option you chose from this list in the comments section below.

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