The 6 best 360° USB cameras that won’t break the bank

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There is no doubt that the new wave of 360 degrees cameras has raised the bar for digital cameras. The proliferation of 360 degrees USB cameras has entered us into a new era of digital photography. Viewing of ordinary videos will soon be a thing of the past, and it will steer a vast range of cameras down the road to obsolescence. This is because just like in virtual reality, 360 degrees videos give you so much information that you get the feeling of being immersed in the action.

But how do you create 360-degree videos? You can use a standard camera, then go and stitch all the images—a common practice used to create virtual tours for real estate. Today, all you need is a 360 degrees camera to shoot immersive 360 degrees videos.

There are many 360 degrees USB cameras in the market today. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best 360 degrees USB cameras that won’t break the bank. Be sure to check out our list of the best VR backpack PCs for an amazing VR experience.

The top best 360 degrees USB cameras in the market

Ricoh Theta S

best 360 degrees USB cameras

Ricoh Theta S is one of the most affordable 360 degrees USB cameras capable of capturing high definition 3600 videos. Its simplicity of use is amazing. In fact, it has only one button that makes it extremely easy to capture and record 360 degrees videos. Its duo wide angled lenses can produce or stitch together full HD videos at 30 frames per second.

When you press the shutter button, the twin cameras simultaneously shoot the video. Each camera shoots at 180 degrees which are then stitched in camera. The 12MP sensors are each 1/2.3 inches and their output stitches together to produce a 14-megapixel image. You can stream the video via HDMI or USB (cable provided) or use the camera’s inbuilt Wi-Fi to transfer footage to your phone.

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Giroptic 360Cam


The pear-shaped Giroptic camera takes a novel approach to 360 degrees videos. It’s a waterproof and compact camera designed to produce spherical videos at the press of a button. Giroptic’s 360 degrees camera comes with three 1850 lenses and three 8MP sensors that together produce a 3600 x 3000 field of view, eliminating the need for post-production stitching. It captures videos at a 2K resolution up to 30fps or still images at 4K resolution.

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The 360cam makes it easy to share your footage via mobile devices or virtual reality devices. The full HD camera records all content to an external storage and supports up to 128GB class 10 microSD card. It has a micro USB port that you can use to transfer files and also use it for charging the device. You can also download the camera application for ease of sharing of files between devices.

VSN Mobil V.360-degree action cam


Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, the VSN Mobil 360-degree cam packs intelligent features that meet all your 360 cam requirements. First, the camera is waterproof up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. This 360 degrees cam is also dustproof, shockproof, and capable of capturing videos at 6,480 x 1,080 resolution up to 24fps. Integrated into the camera sensors are GPS, accelerometer, barometer, altimeter and a silicone cover that increases durability.

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This panoramic VR sports video camera comes with other attractive features such as dual microphones for stereo audio and time-lapse recording mode. The camera has a dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Bluetooth remote included in the package. You can even use the camera as a Wi-Fi hotspot where up to 5 people can view and stream the footage. Also in the package, you’ll find a USB 3.0 cable and wall charger, a rechargeable battery, and a microfiber storage bag.

Samsung Gear 360 degree cam


The well-priced Samsung Gear 360-degree cam does a stellar job at recording 360 degrees videos. Priced at $274, the Gear 360 is cheaper than most of its competitors. The elegantly designed camera is capable of capturing high-resolution images up to 30MP and 360 degrees videos. You can directly record from the gear 360 or use a compatible Galaxy or Note smartphone.

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This spherical camera comes with a miniature tripod attachment so you can easily position it on the ground or on a table top for professional photo capture. It features two F/2.0 fisheye lenses and dual 15MP CMOS sensors that record up to 3840 x 1920 videos at 30fps. You can easily share the footage, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. When fully charged, the Gear 360 can power through 2hrs of continuous recording. It comes with a USB cable for charging.

Allie Cam

Allie_360_degrees_usb_cameraAllie Home 360 dual lens camera gives you an extraordinary capture of your home and surrounding in 360 degrees without breaking the bank. Just activate the surveillance mode and turn your Allie camera into a perfect 360-degree security camera. Equipped with two back-to-back lenses made of glass, the 8MP camera record videos at 2048 x 2048 resolution. The cam also gives you a wealth of options such as White Balance, Noise Reduction and more to fully customize your footage.

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Once connected to your home network, Allie cam allows you to monitor live or recorded video from anywhere through its Android/iOS app. The best part is that the camera comes with built-in microphone, Bluetooth, audio compression capabilities, and a 4.7GB internal storage (expandable). The camera also comes with a USB cable for charging and a 9V AC/DC power adapter. The Allie cam is one of the best 360 degrees USB cameras and the price tag is pocket-friendly.


Bublcam_360_degrees_usb_camerasBecome a part of the spherical movement with the Bublcam. Designed to blend with the technology of the future, the Bublcam has support for HDR and time-lapse photos. Its 4 cameras are well positioned to create 360 degrees videos for VR and are fully compatible with the 3600 formats on social media. The creators kept the design simple so you won’t need an extra hand to operate it. The camera is smaller than all the other cameras we’ve discussed above, small enough to fit in your jacket pocket.

The Bublcam is equipped with four 5MP cameras, each with a 1.2mm lens. These cameras work in tandem to produce 14MP 360 degrees images. Videos are shot at two output sizes; 1080p at 30frames per second or 1440p at 15 frames per second.  There is a mini-USB port for charging the camera and has support for up to 32GB class 10 UHS 1 microSD card.


The above cameras are all capable of capturing images and recording 360 degrees videos while allowing you to easily charge and transfer files via USB cable. They are also incredibly cheap. We have other quality 360 degrees cameras such as the 360fly 4K but lacks the USB support hence did not make it to the list.

There is another category of the most powerful and advanced 360 degrees cameras for VR videos, like the Nokia OZO. However, the Nokia OZO and the rest of its kind come at an eye-watering price tag of around $60,000. Our list consists of the 360 degrees USB cameras that are not only high-performance cameras but affordable too. Feel free to comment and share.