5 Best Browsers for Foundry VTT to Play Tabletop RPGs Online

If you want to play online games, a dedicated gaming browser is best

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Key notes

  • Playing tabletop games online is easy, and in today's guide we're going to show you the best browser for Foundry VTT.
  • This service can be demanding on your resources, so you'll need a reliable browser to run it.
  • For best user experience, we recommend using lightweight software than won't put extra strain on your resources.
best browser for foundry vtt
True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GXOpera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer's needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:
  • CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer
  • Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly
  • Built-in sound controls and custom music
  • Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages
  • Free VPN and Ad blocker
  • Download Opera GX

In this article, we explore the best browser for Foundry VTT.

If you’re a fan of tabletop and roleplaying games, you might be familiar with Foundry Virtual Tabletop. It’s an excellent online service that allows you to play RPGs with friends online.

To ensure the best experience, you need to use a reliable browser, and while the service will work in almost any application, some might be better than others.

In today’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at the web browsers for Foundry VTT, so let’s get into it, shall we?

Also, note that for general gaming, any of these five best browsers for gaming will be a great choice, and you should use the best laptop for Foundry VTT to get the best experience.

Is Foundry VTT browser-based?

Yes, Foundry VTT is a web app that can only be accessed in a web browser; you can experience it in any modern web browser.

Remember that this web app might work better in some browsers, so we’ll help you pick the best one in this guide.

Which browser is best for foundry VTT?

Opera GX – Best for gaming

Opera GX is the world’s first gaming browser optimized for gamers. The software comes with a highly customizable interface, so you can change how your browser looks.

Like the original version of Opera, it offers integration with various messaging services, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, VK, and even Instagram and Twitter support.

However, this version has Discord integration so that you can easily organize your gaming sessions with friends, and there’s even Twitch support if you want to keep up with the latest streams.

Opera GX also has a unique GX Control feature that limits the number of resources your browser use, so you can rest assured that it won’t slow down your PC.

Key features of Opera GX:

  • Built-in adblock
  • VPN
  • GX Control for resource management
  • Discord and Twitch integration
  • Support for instant messengers

Opera GX

Run web apps and games smoothly with Opera’s world’s first gaming web browser.

UR Browser – Most lightweight

You might want to consider this software if you need a fast and reliable browser. The browser is lightweight, which makes it perfect for all types of demanding web applications.

It’s important to mention that the browser is highly customizable, so you can change how it looks and personalize it any way you want. You can also arrange your favorite websites in groups to access them quickly on your PC.

This browser is focused on privacy and security, so it can block ads and block cookies from tracking you. Of course, the built-in antivirus scanner will alert you if you try to download suspicious files.

Overall, UR Browser is a great choice if you want to protect your privacy or if you want a lightweight browser that can handle more demanding web apps such as Foundry VTT.

Key features of UR Browser:

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with tracking protection
  • Built-in VPN
  • Highly customizable
  • Built on Chromium

UR Browser

Lightweight and secure, UR Browser is the perfect choice for users who want a fast browser that doesn’t collect personal information.

Google Chrome – Best general-purpose browser

Regarding browsing, Chrome is one of the best browsers on the market, and it comes with a powerful address bar that can perform all sorts of tasks ranging from giving you weather reports to calculating or translating.

The browser is also safe with its password generator, so you’ll always have a strong and unique password to protect your online accounts. Of course, all your data is synced, so you’ll never lose your passwords or bookmarks.

Overall, it’s a reliable and secure browser, so it’s perfect for all types of web applications, and it will be a great choice for Foundry VTT, so be sure to consider it.

Key features of Google Chrome:

  • Powerful address bar
  • Tab grouping
  • Syncing across multiple devices
  • Dark mode
  • A wide array of extensions

⇒  Get Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge – Most compatible on Windows OS

Microsoft Edge went through a significant makeover, and now it runs on the Chromium engine, which makes it just as good as Google Chrome.

Thanks to the advanced tab management, you can easily organize and separate tabs into groups, which will surely come in handy while multitasking.

Microsoft Edge allows you to easily create screenshots and annotate them, which can be helpful if you’re making your custom campaign in Foundry VTT.

Overall, it’s a great browser, and it comes preinstalled with Windows 10 and 11, so be sure to give it a try.

Key features of Microsoft Edge:

  • Built on Chromium
  • Compatible with Chrome extensions
  • Comes preinstalled with Windows
  • Offers excellent protection against malware
  • Multiple productivity features

Get Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox – Best for privacy

Firefox is a well-known web browser, and it’s known for its privacy features. The software blocks the ad trackers by default, so you can rest assured that websites aren’t tracking your browsing history.

The software has a built-in password manager to generate and store unique passwords securely.

The browser is customizable, comes with multiple themes, a dark mode, and offers a highly customizable user interface.

Firefox isn’t feature-rich as other browsers, but it’s lightweight, so it’s perfect for all types of web applications.

Key features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Powerful address bar
  • Tracking cookie protection
  • Fingerprint and crypto mining protection
  • DNS over HTTPS
  • Lightweight

Get Mozilla Firefox

How do I make my Foundry VTT run better?

There are a couple of things that you can do. For example, you can try decreasing the maximum framerate to preserve resources. Shadows can also be a problem, so disabling soft shadows can help you with your performance.

The service also has a special mode called the Haste module that will stop rendering the main board unless objects move. By using this feature, you’ll reduce resource usage and improve performance, especially on low-end devices.

According to the developers, the minimum amount of RAM is 8GB, but users reported running Foundry VTT on less RAM while using fewer modules, so you might be able to run it even if you have 4GB RAM.

Foundry requirements (Source: Foundry)

For optimal experience without any performance issues, it’s recommended to have 16GB RAM.

Foundry VTT is an excellent service for all fans of tabletop roleplaying games, and unlike other services, it offers amazing graphics.

However, it’s also a bit more demanding, so you’ll need a good browser if you want to run it. If you’re looking for more similar services, you can visit our best 5 virtual tabletops article for more information. And make sure to check out the best VTT in 2022.

Which is your browser of choice for tabletop games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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