5 best browsers for QuickBooks Online

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  • When it comes to online accounting, QuickBooks is the service of choice for many users.
  • It’s important to protect your data when using QuickBooks, so today we’ll show you the best and most secure browsers to use.
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best web browser for quickbooks

Managing your finances requires you to use proper service, and that service is QuickBooks for most users.

Although this service is great, you’ll need a reliable browser to use it, and in today’s article, we’ll show you the best browsers for QuickBooks.


What is the best web browser to use with QuickBooks Online?



opera browser best browser for quickbooks online

If you need a reliable web browser for QuickBooks, Opera might be the right choice for you. Opera has both malware and fraud detection features that will protect you from malicious websites.

The browser also has phishing protection, which will prevent hackers from stealing your credentials and other sensitive information. For another layer of security, there’s a built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

Another feature that can come in handy if you’re working with finances is the unit converter. This feature works with currency, time zones, and measurement units, so it will most likely be useful to you.

Opera also supports a wide array of extensions, so you can easily enhance the browser and customize it any way you want.

With its focus on security and features such as tracking and malware protection, Opera will be one of the best choices for QuickBooks or any other accounting service, so we strongly encourage you to try it out.

Notable Opera features:

  • Built-in adblocker that will speed up website loading
  • Free VPN with unlimited bandwidth
  • Malware and phishing protection
  • Ability to organize tabs into workspaces
  • A customizable home page that works with RSS feeds

Download Opera


Mozilla Firefox

firefox best browser for quickbooks online

Another great browser that can be used for accounting is Firefox. This application is open-source and made by a non-profit organization, so you can rest assured that your data won’t be sold to third-parties.

The browser comes with Advanced Tracking Protection, which will prevent websites such as Facebook from tracking you. By using this feature, Firefox will also block ads and make pages load faster.

Notable Firefox features:

  • Privacy-focused
  • Customizable user interface
  • Support for hundreds of extensions
  • Low memory usage
  • Firefox Monitor feature that lets you know if your online accounts are compromised

Download Firefox


Google Chrome

google chrome best browser for quickbooks online

Google Chrome is probably one of the most used browsers in the world, and a solid choice for accounting. The browser is optimized to work with multiple tabs, so it’s perfect or multitasking.

Google Chrome has a built-in ad blocker, and its malware detection feature will provide you with an extra layer of security. The biggest strength of Chrome are its extensions, and you can customize it with thousands of available extensions.

Notable Google Chrome features:

  • Built-in password manager
  • Available on all major platforms
  • Ability to sync your data on all devices use Chrome
  • Frequent updates
  • Malware detection

Download Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge best browser for quickbooks online

Microsoft Edge was recently revamped and it now runs on Chromium engine. In addition to the new browsing engine, Edge also got a new and sleek design.

Another new feature is the Profile feature, which will come in handy if you’re sharing your PC and browser with others.

The browser has the ability to block tracking cookies, and thanks to the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen you can easily detect malicious websites.

Notable Microsoft Edge features:

  • Support for Chrome extensions
  • 4K streaming support in Netflix
  • Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Immersive Reader feature
  • Customizable home page

Download Microsoft Edge


Brave Browser

brave browser best browser for quickbooks online

If you’re looking for a privacy-oriented browser, Brave Browser might be the right choice. This browser comes with a built-in ad blocker and tracking protection so you won’t ever have to deal with ads.

Brave Browser also has built-in Tor support that lets you surf the Web completely anonymously. Additional features include digital fingerprint protection, ability to block scrips, and a built-in password manager.

As for availability, Brave Browser is available on all major desktop and mobile platforms.

Notable Brave Browser features:

  • Privacy-oriented
  • Tor support
  • Support for Chrome extensions
  • Advanced tab management
  • Advanced cookie control

Download Brave Browser

QuickBooks is one of the best services for accounting, and it’s even better if you use it with a right browser. What browser do you use for accounting? Let us know in the comments below.

FAQ: Learn more about QuickBooks

  • Which browser is best for QuickBooks online?

While most browsers will work fine with QuickBooks, we’d have to recommend Opera as the best browser due to its security features and built-in VPN.

  • Is QuickBooks compatible with Chrome?

Yes, QuickBooks works with Google Chrome and all other major browsers.

  • Does QuickBooks online work with Internet Explorer?

It seems that QuickBooks still works with Internet Explorer 11, but due to various limitations, it would be best to use a different browser.

  • How much RAM do you need to run QuickBooks?

In order to use QuickBooks, you’ll need at least 1GB of RAM, but for optimal performance, it’s advised to have at least 2GB of RAM.