2 best browsers for your Roku device

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Roku is a great device for multimedia, but what about web browsing? Can you have a web browser on Roku?
  • There were a couple of browsers available for Roku, but they have been removed recently.
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best browsers for Roku

Roku is a media player that works great with a wide range of streaming services. Even though Roku supports various services, the support for web browsers was always limited on Roku.

Roku has recently removed all browser apps, but what browsers were available on Roku in the first place? In today’s article, we’re going to show you what were some of the best browsers for Roku.


What were the best browsers for Roku?


Web Browser X

One of the more popular browsers for Roku was Web Browser X. This browser had a simplistic user interface and it could provide you with only the most basic features.

The application could render simple web pages, but it couldn’t handle multimedia or anything complex. As for additional features, the browser had support for bookmarks.

Web Browser X offered very limited features, but at least it could allow you to do some basic browsing.


POPRISM Web Browser

POPRISM Web Browser is another browser for Roku, but unlike the previous entry on our list, this one offered even fewer features.

This browser didn’t have support for any web standards, and most websites would render just as text, which made the browser completely unusable.

Compared to modern browsers or even early web browsers, this one was seriously lacking in the feature department, and it didn’t achieve any popularity because of it.

Roku wasn’t indented for web browsing, and these browsers brought only the most basic functionality due to Roku’s limitations.


Since these apps didn’t offer much functionality to the users, it’s no wonder that they were removed from Roku’s page. This means that if you’re a Roku user, you probably won’t see native support for web browsers anytime soon.

Are you a Roku user and did you have the chance to test these browsers? If so, share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Roku

  • Can you browse the Internet on Roku?

No, you can’t browse the Internet on Roku. There used to be browser channels available, but they were removed.

  • Does Roku have a free Web browser?

No, Roku doesn’t have a built-in web browser and there’s no ability to install a web browser on it.

  • Can you get Chrome on Roku?

Chrome isn’t available on Roku, however, the Chromecast feature should work with Roku out of the box.

  • How do I install Web browser on Roku?

Roku doesn’t have support for Web browsers and there’s no way to install a web browser on it.