4 browsers for watching videos without buffering on PC

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  • The best browser for watching videos will load them fast and without annoying lags.
  • A browser with a video player and built-in AdBlocker is indeed a great choice. 
  • With plenty of security features like VPN, you’ll find below a browser to play online videos.
  • If you're looking to get the best browser for youtube, you can choose any from the below list.
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Browser video playback has come a long way largely thanks to the advent of HTML5 video, which has largely replaced browser plug-ins such as Flash.

Users can watch high-resolution videos on websites such as YouTube or subscribe to video-streaming services to watch movies and shows within their browsers.

The best browser for online video supports most HTML5 video and audio codecs, provides fast browsing speeds, and has plenty of extensions so that users can enhance and customize playback.

These are four of the best Windows browsers for watching videos.

What are the best browsers that I can use to watch videos?


watch videos in opera

Opera incorporates some unique video options and features that users won’t find in most alternative browsers.

It includes a video pop out that enables users to move videos out of the Opera page tabs into separate standalone frames and put them anywhere on the Windows desktop.

Turbo Mode is a similar feature for the Opera desktop browser that can save bandwidth when playing videos and speed up browsing.

Mobile versions of the browser enable users to compress videos, which reduces buffering. Additionally, Opera incorporates a 360 video player for virtual reality headsets.

The browser’s built-in ad blocker will remove ads from video website pages and their clips, which will further speed up browsing on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites.

You can find 195 extensions for YouTube in the browser’s own extension library if you enter the keyword YouTube in the add-ons search box.

If preferred, one can also add Chrome’s video extensions to Opera, as it’s based on the same Chromium engine.



Use the video pop-out feature in Opera to detach videos and stream without switching between tabs.

UR browser

watch videos without buffering

UR is one the best browsers for watching videos that you have probably never heard of. Yet, UR has been getting some rave reviews and scores highly on HTML5 video, audio, and streaming benchmarks.

This browser is great for watching videos on websites primarily because it’s based on the same Chromium engine as Chrome and Chromium-Edge.

Thus, the HTML5 support is comparable to Google’s flagship browser; and users can utilize Chrome’s video extensions to customize playback on YouTube and other websites.

UR also boasts a built-in VPN that allows you to watch location restricted content. Few other browsers can match this feature.

UR Browser

UR Browser

Use UR browser to get rid of the ads, trackers, and cookies, and enjoy a smooth video streaming experience.


watch videos in edge

Microsoft Edge is the browser included with Windows 10 that most users overlook in favor of other alternatives. Yet, Edge is certainly one of the best browsers for videos.

Edge is the only browser that currently supports all HTML 5 video and audio codecs. It’s also the only browser that can play Netflix video at a 4K resolution thanks to its PlayReady DRM tech.

The browser provides the most battery efficient video playback on laptops. Furthermore, Edge users can add Chrome’s YouTube extensions now that it’s embracing a Chromium engine.

Download Edge

Google Chrome

watch videos in chrome

Google Chrome boasts a massive user base nowadays. It generally provides the most extensive HTML5 support and incorporates the latest web technologies to ensure the best video playback.

Chrome is among the fastest browsers for streaming videos. Users can add a plethora of great YouTube video extensions to Chrome, such as Magic Actions, Turn Off the Lights, YouTube Plus, and more.

Chrome is also a good choice for streaming and users can certainly be sure all the big video-streaming services support Google’s flagship browser.

Watching Netflix movies at a high-definition resolution with the Netflix 1080p extension is among Chrome’s top features. There are numerous Netflix extensions in Chrome’s vast add-on repository.

Download Chrome

As you can see, Opera, UR, Edge, or Chrome are all great browsers for watching videos that also fully support HTML5 multimedia.

As they’re all Chromium-based browsers, they share Chrome’s repository for video websites and streaming services. So, Chromium browsers are the best for playing videos.

Which browser do you prefer? Shere with us your experience using the dedicated comments area.

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