5 best browsers for EPFO that protect your privacy

by Megan Moore
Megan Moore
Megan Moore
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  • Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is one of the largest social security organizations in the world.
  • Users are required to enter personal information on EPFOs portals, thus having a browser that protects privacy is vital.
  • Java is required for using Digital Signature Certificate, the browsers listed below are compatible with the latest version of Java.
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Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is a part of India’s Ministry of Labor and Employment. EPFO is one of the largest social security organizations which manages provident funds.

EPFO introduced the Universal Account Number (UAN). This feature links member ID numbers into one. Employees can use their UAN to register with the service portals.

The website hosts several services including the Employees Portal and the Pensioners’ Portal. Therefore, important to have a secure browser when accessing these portals.

What are the browser requirements for using DSC?

Users reported issues with uploading Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). To upload DSC, you must have the latest version of Java installed on your PC.

Thus, users also need to use a browser that supports Java, the browsers listed below will all work with Java. EPFO recommends using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

What are the best browsers for EPFO?


Opera is the best browser for EPFO.

Opera is one of the most secure browsers on the market. It also has a user-friendly and clean interface.

One of the biggest perks of Opera is its built-in protection features that allow for secure browsing. Thus, when entering personal information on EPFO and its portals, security is vital. Use a browser that will protect against phishing and malware.

Opera is also compatible with any operating system, users can browse on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. With cross-device adaptability, Opera can be used on smartphones and tablets.

With the Speed Dial start page, users can quickly access frequent websites they visit with just one click.

Key features of Opera:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Privacy protection features.
  • Compatible with any OS.
  • Speed Dial start page for easy access to pages.


Use Opera browser for a fast and secure experience.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome for EPFO

Google Chrome has become the default browser for many users. It is one of the fastest browsers available. Chrome is also extremely secure making it one of the best browsers for EPFO.

Chrome alerts users of any suspicious websites that might want to steal your information. With the latest technology, Chrome protects its users from malicious attacks.

Incognito mode allows users to keep their browsing data private. This feature is especially helpful for users that use a shared computer and don’t want any of their information shared.

With password management and sync, users can customize their browsing experience across all of their devices.

Key features of Google Chrome:

  • Alerts for suspicious activity
  • Incognito mode
  • Password manager
  • Sync across devices

Get Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox for EPFO.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the recommended browsers for EPFO. Not only is it fast, but it’s also secure.

Firefox has a private browsing mode that doesn’t retain any of your information so you can browse worry-free. With the Smooth Scrolling feature that can be enabled, users can quickly navigate websites with ease.

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This browser also translates websites from more than 100 languages offering an inclusive experience. Firefox also has an in-browser screenshot tool so users can save helpful information from EPFO.

Users have reported that Firefox is the best way to upload DSC without any errors.

Key features of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Offers private browsing
  • Translates more than 100 languages
  • In-browser screenshot tool
  • Frequent updates

Get Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser for EPFO.

Microsoft Edge is another browser that gives users full transparency and takes extra measures to protect data.

It’s easy to stay organized with Microsoft Edge’s multitasking features. Users can collapse or group tabs into a collection for a clean browsing experience.

Users can feel secure when entering personal information on EPFO. With adjustable levels of tracking prevention, users can change their level of security while browsing.

Microsoft Edge also makes it easy to switch to the browser by importing user information from another browser. Users can easily switch over to Microsoft Edge without the hassle of re-entering login info.

Key features of Microsoft Edge:

  • Collapse and group tabs to reduce clutter
  • Adjust levels of protection
  • Import favorties, passwords, and bookmarks from another browser
  • Cross-device syncing

Get Microsoft Edge

UR Browser

UR Browser for EPFO

UR Browser is designed for user privacy and security making it one of the best browsers for EPFO.

This browser has anti-tracking and profiling functions. These features protect users from third-party cookies and data miners.

Ninja Mode can be enabled for advanced private browsing. With this mode, no user information or data are stored, so there’s no need to clear your history.

UR Browser also has a built-in VPN for secure browsing. This feature guards user data from suspicious cyber-attacks. A VPN also allows users to browse from anywhere in the world.

Key features of UR Browser:

  • Anti-tracking features
  • Ninja Mode for private browsing
  • Built-in VPN
  • Alerts users of any viruses

Get UR Browser

We hope this list helped you decide what browser to use for EPFO. These browsers offer top-notch security and speed with a clean user interface. They are also compatible with the latest version of Java, so you can upload DSC with ease.

The portals and services on EPFO require users to provide personal information. With a browser that puts security first, you can be worry-free while filling out forms.

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