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  • Choosing the best customizable browser will entail an analysis of all features and capabilities for each of the options, or a simple read of our guide.
  • A stable and customizable browser will contain a wide range of customization settings for users to modify UI elements, shortcuts, fonts, and more.
  • Some of the best browsers for customization boast unique browsing features that aren’t widely incorporated in alternatives.
  • The most customizable browsers are generally Chromium ones that have the biggest extension and theme repositories.
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When it comes to selecting a web browser, how customizable it is will be an important consideration for many users.

Most users prefer to utilize browsers that they can customize the look and feel of, and change in other ways, to suit their preferences.

The most customizable browsers include numerous built-in customization options that enable users to configure start pages, web page fonts, tab bars, URL address bars, appearance, themes, and even keyboard shortcuts.

Aside from built-in settings, the best customizable browsers have vast extension (or add-on) and theme repositories.

Users can add a wide variety of additional extensions to some browsers that transform their start pages and add new customization options and features to them.

What are the best customizable web browsers?


Opera best customizable browser

Opera is a Chromium browser with one of the most distinct UI designs and customization settings that put Google Chrome to shame.

Its innovative Speed Dial page includes user bookmarks in thumbnail form. Opera’s customizable sidebar is also a notable UI feature that users can add shortcuts to.

Users can tweak almost every aspect of Opera’s UI. Opera’s Settings tab includes a slew of appearance, start page, wallpaper, tab, and address bar settings.

Users can select an alternative dark mode, add their own wallpapers to the start page, change keyboard shortcuts, customize fonts, and more besides.

Another great thing about Opera is that it has two extension and theme (wallpaper) repositories.

Users can add new extensions and themes to this browser from the Opera addons and Chrome Web Store websites! Therefore, Opera is one of the very best browsers for extension and theme customization.

Other useful Opera features

  • It includes a built-in VPN
  • Users can take webpage screenshots with Opera’s Snapshot toolbars
  • This browser’s sidebar incorporates an integrated media player for YouTube
  • Opera’s mouse gestures enable users to activate tools with specific mouse movements


Opera not only offers you a great array of customization options, but also keeps you protected online with built-in VPN.


Vivaldi best customizable browser

Vivaldi is a supremely customizable browser that’s something of an Opera spin-off.

It was launched by a former Opera Software CEO who became a bit disgruntled with the loss of some of Opera’s more iconic features after it transitioned to Chromium. As such, Vivaldi shares a similar UI design to Opera.

Soon after opening the Vivaldi Settings window, you’ll realize you’re looking at one of the most customizable browsers.

That window includes a plethora of customization options for Vivaldi’s theme, appearance, tabs, start page, address bar, keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, and webpage display.

Vivaldi Settings best customizable browser

Vivaldi’s theme options are particularly impressive. This browser includes pre-defined themes, but you can set up custom ones with color palettes, theme preference settings, and contrast & saturation bars.

Vivaldi even includes a Schedule Theme to Change option to schedule theme changes with.

Vivaldi doesn’t have an exclusive repository of extensions and themes. However, its users can download all the extensions and themes at Chrome’s Web Store for this browser.

Therefore, there are a plethora of add-ons you can further customize this amazing browser with.

Other useful Vivaldi features

  • Advanced tab management options enable Vivaldi users to stack and tile tabs
  • Vivaldi users can set up custom mouse gestures
  • Its users can add browsing notes to Vivaldi’s notepad
  • The Page Actions menu in Vivaldi includes various page filter options

Get Vivaldi


Firefox best customizable browser

Mozilla Firefox is the most customizable browser that’s not based on Chromium code. This is an old, open-source browser that Mozilla gave a new lease of life with its 2017 Quantum update.

That update made Firefox a faster and more system-resource efficient browser with an enhanced web engine.

Fox includes a Customize Firefox tab from which users can drag-and-drop button options to and from the browser’s toolbar. There you can select four different default themes, change the UI’s density, and change the position of the URL address bar.

Firefox’s Options tab includes more customization settings. There you can further configure the browser’s address bar, New Tab page content, and tabs.

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The Options tab also includes extensive settings for customizing fonts and text/background color schemes for pages.

As it’s an old browser, Firefox has a very large add-on and theme repository. Mozilla’s website includes hundreds of thousands of abstract, nature, film, music, and scenery themes for Firefox.

There are also a plethora of add-ons with which you can customize Fox’s New Tab page and tabs in many ways.

Other useful Firefox features

  • It includes a Page actions menu with handy sharing options on it
  • Users can take snapshots with Firefox’s Take a screenshot tool
  • Firefox incorporates a Ctrl + Tab hotkey for cycling through tabs
  • This browser’s Picture-in-Picture mode enables users to watch videos in floating windows

⇒ Get Firefox


Microsoft Edge best customizable browser

Edge has become one of the more customizable web browsers since Microsoft converted it to Chromium code.

Now Chromium Edge has an enhanced UI design, new features, a massive extension repository, downloadable themes, a revamped New Tab page, and more customization settings.

Edge’s New Tab page is more customizable than those in Firefox and Google Chrome. Its users can select three pre-defined page layouts or set up custom ones with their own wallpapers.

Edge’s New Tab page also includes a feed users can personalize to suit their content preferences.

Edge’s Settings tab includes a Dark option that turns the whole browser black. Users can toggle toolbar buttons on or off and customize page fonts via that tab.

The Settings tab in Edge also includes a good range of site permission settings with which you can block or allow webpage content and features.

The old Edge only had a small number of extensions, but all that has changed. Now Chromium Edge users can add all the extensions in the Chrome Web Store to this browser to customize it with.

Furthermore, users can get thousands of different themes for Edge from the Chrome Web Store.

Other useful Edge features

  • Its Web capture tool enables Edge users to take page snapshots
  • The Browser Task Manager in Edge is a handy tab management utility
  • Edge’s image site permissions setting enables users to block pictures on webpages
  • This browser’s Collections tool enables users to collect text snippets and images from sites

Get Edge


Maxthon best customizable browser

Maxthon is a browser that’s growing in stature and reputedly has more than 670 million users.

This is another browser that’s jumped on the Chromium bandwagon. Maxthon has some novel features and is among the most customizable browsers for Windows.

Maxthon includes numerous tab and appearance customization options on its Settings tab. Users can select alternative dark and light themes, or even add custom ones.

Maxthon’s Settings tab also enables users to set up custom keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures.

The Direct URL settings are another good customization feature in Maxton 6. Those options enable users to set up F1-F12 hotkeys for opening webpages. Maxthon users can also set up alias keywords to open website pages without entering URLs.

Maxthon 6 is fully compatible with Google Chrome extensions and themes (Max 5 isn’t). Bear in mind that Max 6 is also a new version that’s barely out of beta at the moment.

There is currently some Maxthon 5 customization features missing in Max 6 that will likely be added with further updates.

Other useful Maxthon features

  • Maxthon’s screenshot tool enables users to capture page snapshots
  • This browser includes a Night Mode for adjusting display contrast
  • Its users can select an Auto-refresh tab option
  • The tab-grouping feature enables users to group Maxthon tabs

Get Maxthon

These are our five choices of the most customizable browsers for Windows., which can improve your online experience considerably.

The above browsers are packed to the rafters with customization settings and features with which you can configure them to suit your preferences. So, check them out!

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